Hello Everybody! My name is Jordan and I am 29 years old. I am currently planning my first (full length) Thru-hike, and will begin sometime in March 2017! This is just the beginning. I intend to complete the triple crown and then move toward advanced mountaineering. My current goals are to summit Everest and own an adventure related business by the time I am 40! I am the definition of "free spirit". I have lived in almost every state on the eastern seaboard! I was born in StateCollege, PA and raised in Londonderry, VT. I'll admit, I was a spoiled ski resort brat. Anyway, now I have developed this strange urge to walk up mountains? I Don't know... sounds kind of silly when I actually think about it. This is not my first appearance on the AT. Some of you may have seen me and my Siberian Husky back in 2015 as we hiked from Damascus, VA - Roanoke, VA (Hiking under the trail names "Vermont and Mukluk"). I have also completed all of PA and All of VT! "I don't expect anybody to care about my dreams, I just want to be the one who inspires you to follow you own" - Vermont