Lily Matilda

I will be joining the Appalachian Trail class of 2020! I am an aspiring thru-hiker, as well as a minimalist and aspiring Skoolie dweller! I run a small arts related website with a few of my friends, because art and community are essentials in my life. I'm also a native Mainah (that's how it's really spelled), so anyone going NOBO can just follow me home!


Why I’m Hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2020

Why I’m Hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2020

Suddenly, in the midst of this loss, I realized I hadn’t been using my time wisely—a realization not uncommon amongst aspiring thru-hikers. I had lived for so many years just trying to recover from my past that I hadn’t done enough to invest in my future. I lived my life afraid of losing, afraid that time would run out and the people I loved would continue to leave. I realized, after losing someone I avoided so I wouldn’t have to lose him, that I was catering to my fear.

Oct 28, 2019 : Lily Matilda