Nina Mundy

Alright there. Mi nombre es Nina and apart from planning my epic 2015 NOBO journey, I enjoy doing outdoorsy kinda stuff but living in a HUGE city, that's seldom enjoyed now days. You'll often find me lurking in the darkest corners of most book/comic stores around the city, hissing at anyone bold enough to ruin my personal reading times. I'm orignally from England and have dwelled on the East Coast for quite a while now and it's about time for me to venture somewhere else. One of the reasons I've decided to Hike the A.T, along with my ballsy Cousin from back home.


Reasons to hike the A.T

Reasons to hike the A.T

We all have our own reasons, divorce, job loss, retirement, just out of college, a thrilling challenge to get you into tip top shape etc. These are

Dec 15, 2014 : Nina Mundy