Rebecca Lynn Ellis

Hi, My name is Becca (trail name TBD) ☺ I love meeting people who radiate positivity and find the joy in small things- and hope to also show up as that person each day! I believe in souls, karma, and free will. My favourite flowers are sunflowers and daisies. Sentiocentrism is important to me, which is why I seek to exclude all forms of animal exploitation from my life (big vegan energy?). My favourite foods are burritos and avocado rolls. Feel free to place bets on whether I will get sick of oatmeal or noodles first on the trail (I’m still not sure). My longest hike before the CDT was only 7 days (210 km) long. I made fun of trekking poles before I used them, which was my first mistake… If you are reading this on “The Trek” you have probably already (correctly) assumed that I will be hiking the Continental Divide Trail in 2024! I will be travelling NOBO and look forward to sharing my adventures with you here.


Northbound Continental Divide 2024: How it Began

Northbound Continental Divide 2024: How it Began

Inspiration      On a crispy autumn day at the end of September 2013, I finish my trek to the Morisset library on the University of Ottawa campus.

Dec 28, 2023 : Rebecca Lynn Ellis