Continental Divide Starting Gear List

This is the one where I talk about all of the shit that I put in my backpack. 🎒 (As one does!) I will note that this is my first thru-hike, so I am still very much learning about what works best for me!

This took me forever to decide on everything, and I’m hoping that I made the right choices- but soon we will find out! Worst thing that could happen is that a bunch of my stuff really doesn’t work and I switch things out as I go. My hopes and dreams for this gear list is for it to keep me warm and comfy, while feeling like I have a giant helium balloon floating my backpack off of my shoulders on a calm day… (Everyone’s seen this, right?)

One thing that I think is really funny with these gear list templates, is that they don’t include a “bathroom” category (or at least the “don’t forget the spoon” app didn’t). Like, “excuse me, but my shit shovel deserves more respect than that!”
So out of respect for the poop scoop, we will start with the bathroom section of my list.

Deuce of Spades Trowel 0.58 oz
Wooden Toothbrush 0.32 oz
Mini Nail Clippers 0.64 oz
Chapstick, SPF, moisturizer, toilet paper, baby wipes, toothpaste

Passport, Drivers License, bank card, 2 credit cards in ziplock 1.92 oz
Glasses Case, Cloth, Sunglasses 2.88 oz
Umbrella (Gossamer Gear) 6.3 oz
Carabiner 0.8 oz
Carebear 0.96 oz

CNOC Water Bag 2.8 oz
Sawyer Squeeze 3.0 oz
Water Bottles (empty) 2.24 oz

Sfork (Sea to Summit) 0.48 oz
Titanium Pot (Toaks 750ml) 3.6 oz
Stove Not carrying right away
Lighter, Fuel, Food.. Consumable

X Mid Pro 2P Tent 1.14 lbs

Gorilla 50 UL Backpack (Small) Gossamer Gear 1.53 lbs
Pack Liner 1.06 oz

6 Port Charging Block 1.92 oz
Black USB to C cord 0.64 oz
Corded Earphones 0.48 oz
Fenix Headlamp 2.88 oz
iPhone 15 Pro +Case 8.16 oz
Garmin Inreach 4.0 oz
Kindle Oasis +Case 8.48 oz
Nitecore 20000 Battery 11.36 oz
Apple Phone Cord 0.64 oz
USB to C Cord 0.48 oz
USB to Micro Cord 0.32 oz

Lamina Eco AF Bag Mountain Hardware 2.4 lbs
Wedge Sleeping Bag Expander 4.48 oz
Z Lite Sol Thermarest trimmed 7.04 oz
Thermarest Neo Air Uberlite 12.48 oz

Packed Clothing
Bra 1.92 oz
Brown Shirt MEC 4.0 oz
Eva Birkenstock Sandals 6.56 oz
Salomon Hiking Gloves 1.12 oz
Under Armour Pants 6.56 oz
Laundry Dress 4.32 oz
PJ Bottoms / Top 5.76 oz / 3.36 oz
Underwear 0.64 oz / 0.48oz
Small Men’s R1 Hoody 11.52 oz
Socks (wrightsock) 0.96 oz
Storm 10 Jacket 8.48 oz
Injinji Toe Socks 0.96 oz
Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody 8.48 oz

Worn Weight
Trekking Poles 1.07 lbs
Bra 1.06oz, Gaiters 0.96oz, Lulu shorts 4oz, Socks 1.12oz, Sun Hoody 5.42 oz, Altra Superior 5 Shoes 15.84 oz, Underwear 0.48 oz, Buff 1.44oz

Total packed weight: 14.8 lb

There are things that I will be “bouncing” up the trail (sending forward by mail). In the above gear list there are things that I’m not even carrying all the time if it isn’t necessary until the next town, so it seems to be an ever-evolving list.
I am really grateful that I was able to find all of the things that I needed for this trail over the past couple years. I’ve had a lot of luck finding things that work for me based on what others have suggested online- especially from those who also avoid the same materials that I do (like wool and down).
I’m excited to learn which of these things remain with me in my backpack for the entirety of the trail, and hope to compare my list then!
… and yes, in case you were wondering, Funshine Bear is coming with me.

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