Backpacker Radio #137 | Andrew Skurka 3.0

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, Andrew Skurka returns!  Again.  In studio.  Not that you need any convincing to continue listening, but this chat starts normal and devolves into Chaunce tricking him into saying that he’ll do sexual things a bug.  We also talk about the new normal of backpacking in the West, we learn about the Skurka Scholarship, and we get a detailed overview of the backcountry bidet butt cleaning technique.  This one has it all.

We do a triple crown of reality tv shows, share the sad news of the passing of a beloved PCT trail angel, and give a last call for our internship application. 

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Interview with Andrew Skurka 

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:41 – QOTD: What is everyone binging on Netflix right now? 

00:12:24 – Reminders: Internship opportunity 

00:14:16 – Introducing Andrew Skurka 

00:14:57 – What has changed for you since 2021? 

00:17:20 – How many minutes a mile do you average?

00:17:58 – How does your passion for running compare to your thru-hiking?

00:19:18 – What does your off season look like? 

00:19:50 – Are you wrecked after one of these marathons?

00:21:05 – How many miles are you averaging a week? 

00:21:42 – How do you break up your miles throughout the week? 

00:22:23 – Why do you prefer road running?

00:22:58 – Has running dulled your excitement for long distance hiking? 

00:25:51 – Do you use the van on guiding trips? 

00:27:00 – The Guiding Business 

00:28:52 – Is there a limit to your trips? 

00:30:37 – What makes a good guide? 

00:31:40 – What becomes stressful during the trips? 

00:33:11 – What happened in 2014? 

00:36:42 – Tell us about the guiding services you offer 

00:37:30 – What’s the most difficult aspect of a guiding business?

00:38:27 – What does the Olympic Mountains trip have that others don’t? 

00:41:21 – What factors do you take into account for trip cancellations? 

00:42:54 – Do you think forest closures will becomes more and more common? 

00:44:50 – Do you think strict fire-starting rules will be put into place? 

00:45:40 – How do you feel about the condition of the West? 

00:47:00 – Where are you house hunting? 

00:49:42 – What’s your advice for CDT and PCT SOBOs?

00:51:45 – Do you think hikers need to strengthen snow skills? 

00:52:24 – Which of your new trips are you most excited about? 

00:53:11 – What do you look for when you scout out a new trip? 

00:53:48 – Do you plan bailouts? 

00:54:19 – What are the deadlines for applying for your trips? 

00:54:45 – How many applications do you commonly receive? 

00:55:36 – Do you use waitlists?

00:57:17 – How do you weed out applicants? 

00:59:50 – Guide Hiring 

01:02:21- What got you interested in birding? 

01:04:32 – Skurka Scholarship 

01:05:43 – Diversity of guiding trips 

01:09:13 – Skurka Scholarship deadline – Feb 21st 

01:10:48 – Thoughts on gear innovation 

01:16:30 – What are your thoughts on inReach Mini 2? 

01:22:22 – What other categories have innovation opportunities? 

01:24:26 – What’s your least favorite flying insect? 

01:25:24 – Fuck, Marry, Kill: Insect version 

01:27:36 – Anything else gear-related?

01:29:45 – State of content-websites 

01:32:26 – How do affiliate links? 

01:34:45 – What’s the future of content websites? 

01:36:49 – Voicemail Listener Questions – Backcountry bidet etiquette 

01:46:59 – Listener Question – High Sierra in a high snow year

01:47:18 – Listener Question – High route development

01:48:38 – Listener Question – Who does Skurka follow in the outdoor space? 

01:50:48 – Find Andrew Skurka: 


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Triple Crown of reality tv shows 

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