Backpacker Radio #208 | Alina “Abstract” Drufovka on Creating Trail-Themed Art, Exploring Her Latina-Jewish Heritage, and Meeting Her Partner on Trail

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Alina Drufovka aka Abstract. In addition to being a thru-hiker and adventurer, you’re likely already familiar with the name Abstract because of her incredible and unique outdoor-themed artwork. We learn all about Alina’s transformation from thru-hiker to now full-time artist, her time on the AT, PCT, and Israel National Trail, her current gig as an Ambassadors on the Get Outside Tour where she travels the country in a van alongside her boyfriend, attending outdoor events, leading clinics, and overall spreading joy to the people. Abstract is nothing but good vibes and this is a spirited interview that will elicit smiles.

We wrap the show with a chat about why cell phones don’t appear in dreams (or do they?), a story about a PCT hiker who was bit by a rattlesnake, a triple crown of people who are probably serial killers, and more!

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Interview with Alina “Abstract” Drufovka

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:01 – QOTD: Have cell phones ever appeared in your dreams?

00:09:55 – Reminders: Is it or is it not Rachel’s birthday?

00:13:25 – Introducing Alina

00:14:20 – Tell us about hiking the AT 1.5 times

00:17:20 – We Love Love!

00:22:16 – Discussion about being half Colombian, half Jewish

00:24:52 – How did your love blossom along the trail?

00:26:10 – How did you learn about the AT at age 13?

00:27:57 – What was it like retracing your steps two years after being injured?

00:28:40 – Tell us about the St. Patty’s party trail magic

00:34:00 – Does your mom fit the stereotype of a nervous Jewish mom?

00:37:40 – What are the cornerstones of your grandma’s book?

00:41:10 – What was it like to get past the point where you got off trail the first time?

00:43:10 – Discussion about expressing interest in someone without being creepy

00:44:22 – What’s the story behind the Wonder Woman outfit?

00:46:15 – At what point did art intersect with thru-hiking?

00:48:00 – Discussion about Abstract’s art style

00:51:28 – Tell us about hiking the Israel National Trail in 2018

00:54:35 – What are towns like on the Israel National Trail?

00:55:44 – Discussion about making Aliyah and Birthright

00:58:02 – Did you feel safe on the Israel National Trail?

00:59:50 – What advice do you have for people interested in the Israel National Trail?

01:02:30 – Interlude: Rachel’s birthday!

01:05:15 – Tell us about the PCT in 2019

01:08:24 – What was it like to live in Colombia?

01:10:30 – What were the biggest differences between Colombia and Israel?

01:11:15 – How did you turn your art into a business?

01:15:45 – Tell us about the Embark program

01:16:27 – Have you experienced imposter syndrome?

01:19:57 – How do you decide when to release something new and price your art?

01:20:55 – What’s been your biggest business challenge?

01:22:53 – How do you deal with having your designs ripped off?

01:28:21 – What’s your inspiration for a new painting these days?

01:29:29 – What is the Get Outside tour?

01:33:58 – How many events will you attend?

01:35:01 – Did you get to customize the van?

01:38:40 – What events are coming up on the tour?

01:39:40 – Fuck Marry Kill: Appalachian Trail, Pacific Trail, Israel National Trail

01:40:10 – What piece of art are you most proud of?

01:41:31 – Describe your art to the listeners

01:43:30 – Where can people follow you?

01:44:14 – Tell us about living on a commune

01:50:37 – Are you interested in polyamory?

01:51:30 – If you could bring an aspect of commune life into your regular life, what would it be?


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