Backpacker Radio 80 | Dr. Anne Baker on Post-Trail Depression

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, Badger is joined by Anne Baker.  In addition to being an experienced long-distance backpacker and gear nerd, Anne has a PhD, is a licensed therapist, scientist, and someone who has done a good deal of research on post-trail depression.  Anne breaks down precisely what is happening when someone experiences post-trail depression and offers some tips for how to avoid it or at least lessen its impact. Anne also details what 2020 NOGO thru-hikers went through this year and how their grief was tied to a loss of identity.

We close out the show with a triple crown of trails we have not yet hiked, highlight some standout day hikes in the Salt Lake City area, and give Martin his much deserved 15 seconds of fame.

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00:04:49 – QOTD: What small thing is irrationally annoying to you? 

00:06:45 – Pitch a Podcast!

00:07:00 – Intro to Anne Baker

00:07:40 – Why are you here? 

00:08:15 – Can you tell us about your educational and professional background? 

00:10:19 – Can you talk about the intersection of pain and emotion?

00:11:30 – Can you alter your perception of pain by changing your vocabulary around it? 

00:13:52 – Advice for someone with chronic lyme disease dealing with pain? 

00:16:29 – Will you walk us through the process of getting a PhD.? 

00:20:10 – Will you walk us through your backpacking resume? 

00:24:54 – Thoughts on section hiking? 

00:29:15 – Do you struggle to make a trail family when section hiking? 

00:30:49 – What is your go-to big 5 (for gear)? 

00:34:24 – Anything in the gear pipeline we should be excited about?

00:36:19 – Can you tell us about Post-Trail Depression and walk us through your approach to the project you did on it? 

00:38:15 – Can you talk about the identity aspect of post-trail depression?

00:39:40 – Did you ask how people felt about their lives before the trail?

00:40:00 – What kind of habits can you maintain to keep your trail self alive? 

00:44:43 – Will you walk us through your coined acronym “SPACE”?

00:46:00 – How would someone experience these on trail? 

01:00:08 – So a history of mental health issues didn’t translate to being more likely to suffer from post-trail depression?

01:01:58 – How does a person’s job play into their post-trail depression? 

01:05:26 – Do you have any tips to mitigate post-trail depression? 

01:08:51 – How did the pandemic influence your second article about post-trail depression (specifically how deciding whether or not to hike during the pandemic affected people)?

01:10:57 – Why don’t you like labels of mental illness? 

01:14:19 – What aspects of grief show up a lot for people who did not get to thru-hike?

01:14:48 – What common bargaining tactics showed up?

01:15:51 – Do you have any other major takeaways from your interviews with thru-hikers? 

01:17:43 – Can you talk a little bit about what was happening on social media in regards to whether or not people should thru-hike this year? 

01:20:04 – Have you noticed any difference in the hiking community now vs. when you were interviewing people in March and April? 

01:22:02 – Do you have any advice for someone who is experiencing grief due to not being able to thru-hike? 

01:25:16 – Do you have advice for people who are struggling specifically during COVID, when typical resources are not available to us?

01:27:20 – Do you meditate? 

01:28:17 – Anything else you want to touch on?

01:29:02 – Any backpacking or outdoor adventures coming up? 

01:30:08 – Where should people go to see your stuff? Anne’s articles for the trek can be found here.



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Triple Crown of Trails We Haven’t Hiked

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