Becoming the 2nd Woman to Complete the ECT

ECT Day 322

Day 322: 2 miles

This morning I wound up sleeping in until 9am. We only had 2 miles to go so there really wasn’t any rush. Once I did get up I got packed and we got ready to leave. I can’t believe that only 2 miles stand in between me and the completion of the eastern continental trail.

Key lime pie for breakfast this morning.

Trucker and I outside of margaritaville.

We walked over to the monument and it felt so surreal. Today is the hottest day of the whole week! I was sweating on the brief walk over. It made me glad that the weather had been overcast for the last few days. Before getting to the monument we stopped at the Twisted Rooster. I wanted to pack out a beer or something to do a sockey. Similar to a shoey, but where you drink beer out of your sock.

Tagging the southernmost point at key west. I officially completed the entire ECT!

There was a massive line when we got to the monument. But I walked right up to touch it. I couldn’t wait. After I touched the monument we got in line to wait. I didn’t want to push past people to get photos taken. We took a ton of pictures there and then I did my sockey.

At the southernmost point at key west.

Last year hiking the PCT we ended the hike by doing a Darren sockeyer. You take your sock off, put it in a cup, pour beer in the cup, plunge it to soak in the sock flavor, then drink! Then before you’re done you squeeze the remaining beer out of your sock and into your mouth. In true thru hiker fashion that’s how I ended my hike. Just how I ended the pct last year too.

Trucker and I at the southern terminus in key west.

It was a whirlwind at the terminus. I took pictures and touched the monument. It was surreal. Everything happened so fast and it was over in the blink of an eye. I took a shot of fireball to celebrate Sweet Pea and Boosted who I hiked with for 1700-2100 miles this year on the AT. To this day they are the two hikers that I’ve walked the most miles with.

Hugging the monument. The end of a 5,530 mile journey!

I stood in line twice to get double photos. Then Trucker and I took an Uber down the road to an enterprise car rental place. He’s hoping to drive north to start the Natchez Tres after this. He is going to drive me off the keys hopefully. Then Tripod is going to pick me up! Hopefully we will be surprising Fresh Ground and the NOBO FT hikers later on today. I’d love to see more hikers before I head home.

Last night somehow we walked past this marker and missed it. So today after finishing we came back to the 1 mile marker.

A sticker on the 1 mile marker “All things are possible if you believe.”

Sitting in the enterprise car rental I was in daze. I can’t believe that this hike is over. I’m the 2nd woman in history to hike the entire ECT from key west to Newfoundland. It took me 10 and a half months to walk here. I walked 5,530 miles that I recorded. Never I’m my live did I think that I would hike so far previously.

On our drive off the keys we stopped at the same coffee shop that we went to the other day. I got a delicious iced dirty chai latte and a danish.

Trucker and I drove all the way up the keys in his rental car. The route which had taken us days to walk only took hours to drive. It was crazy to blow past the mile markers which had taken us so long to pass on foot. After a couple hours of driving we got back into the Homestead area. Tripod had gotten into town and decided to just wait for us to get to him. Trucker had to go north no matter what so it didn’t make sense for Tripod to drive down and Trucker to drive up.

Taking a photo with a reflective mirror on the street.

Trucker and Tripod handed me off in the parking lot like the child of divorced parents. I said goodbye to Trucker and thanked him for everything. I feel so lucky that he came out to finish my hike with me. We said goodbye and then I packed my things into Tripods car. Then Tripod and I still had to drive hours north to get back around Okeechobee.

It took all evening to drive back to Okeechobee. I had forgotten how long it took to walk! We got into Clewiston around 5:30pm and stopped off for dinner. I got rice, beans, and sweet plantains which are my favorite. We sat in there and ate before continuing to drive. There was still another hour to go before we would find all the Florida trail hikers and Fresh Ground.

The final map section of the entire eastern continental trail. A 5,530 mile adventure of a lifetime.

It turns out a huge group of hikers was staying at a campground near Okeechobee. Fresh Ground paid for some tent sites and also a couple small cabins. When we got there a ton of hikers were at the bar drinking. Everyone clapped when I headed inside which was so cute. A whole mob of hikers was there! Nana Man, Gas Monkey, Reboot, Sprinkle, Woods, Caboose, Lost and Found, and a couple others. As the evening went on I saw Amelia Airheart and Learning Curve.

All of us hung out at the bar for ages. I called Fresh Ground and he came by too. It was so much fun seeing everybody again. We all laughed and shared stories. It was an incredible night.

Once the bar closed down we all went back to one of the cabins. We hung around outside for hours. Eventually someone came over and told us to quiet down. So we all piled into one of the cabins. Tripod, Nana Man, Gas Monkey and I all slept on the kitchen floor of one of the cabins. We stayed up so late with the giggles. It was such a great last day on trail.

I’m going to spend the next day or so hanging out with this northbound bubble of Florida trail hikers and Fresh Ground. I think that will be a lovely way to finish out this journey.

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  • Dee : Jan 13th

    Way to go Pegleg. You are such an inspiration and an excellent role model of stamina, fortitude, and bravery. Congratulations 🎊

    • Scott M : Jan 15th

      Congrats Peg Leg!

    • Tess : Jan 17th

      Ahhh that sounds amazing!! Congrats girl! You made it!!! 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉 soak in all the laughs and love ❤️ I pray for many blessings come your way

    • Marcelyn Cohune : Jan 17th

      Why is she called pegleg?

  • Walter Bigelow : Jan 13th

    Huge Congrats PegLeg. It’s been an amazing journey, and a real treat following along! Thank you for bringing all of us along with you!!

  • Nikki : Jan 13th


    • Mike OTuel : Jan 13th

      Peg Leg, amazing journey that I follow ed most of the way! Inspirational and information, it’s an amazing transformational journey of all seasons in vast and varying settings! From sea to peak, your guiding spirit, effervescent personality, tenacious resilience is recorded for all to admire and perpetual ly enjoy. Keep on striding forward! 2 Spirits

  • John "Tercius" Rutkowski : Jan 13th

    Well done, I started reading your posts which randomly appeared on your first day of the Bama walk.

    I was in Clewiston for business in December, what a coincidence

    I start my journey and posting in April, “Walk of the Penguins” Camino Portuguese.

    A mere stroll compared to your journey.

    Rest and heal up. Long walks are a drug, time for a break.

  • Steve : Jan 13th

    Well done. I have been reading your posts since the beginning. Thank you for taking time from your hike to post your progress. You are an inspiration!!!

  • Rem : Jan 13th

    Well done. Cant believe you hiked the whole ECT and that I hung around to read the whole thing. Inspiring. Well done!!!

  • Chris : Jan 13th

    Congratulations on a great finish! What an amazing feat to accomplish,.. you rock!

  • Abby : Jan 13th

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I’ve really loved reading all your posts from the beginning to now!

  • Herdy : Jan 13th

    WOW !what accomplishments and grand journey Peg Leg.

  • Gregory G Anderson : Jan 13th

    thank you for sharing such inspiration in your detailed and comprehensive posts!

  • Smoke : Jan 13th

    Thank you so much for posting, I broke my back in feb. you have brought me on a magical tour since

  • Flash : Jan 13th

    THE 2nd woman to finish the ECT and THE first to write about it. Amazing!!! All of us who have followed your journey from the first post will be going through withdrawal now that you are finished. Please let us all know how you are doing post trail as it will be a big adjustment. Just like on the trail think about making it through the next minute and don’t think too far ahead. Look for the little joys in your day and appreciate them. Take care and congratulations, Badass!

  • thetentman : Jan 13th


    And thank you.


  • Phyllis : Jan 13th

    Congratulations on your hike completion! Proud and happy for you. You are truly an inspiration! I’m so glad you had good people to hike with and the positive experiences you had.

  • Leah Love : Jan 13th

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! An inspiring accomplishment – hiking the ECT AND blogging about each day. Thank you for taking all us readers along. It’s been a wonderful journey to follow.

    I’m in Northern Colorado and would love to provide any trail magic or assistance you need as you hike thru on your CDT adventure. ✨

  • Ed-in-TolEDo : Jan 13th

    Nice to read about your last day on the trail, I look forward to reading about your future adventures.

    Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

  • David O. : Jan 13th

    Amen, Peg Leg, and well done.

    The Road goes ever on and on,
    Down from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    And I must follow, if I can,
    Pursuing it with eager feet,
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say.

    • Dana N McDorman : Jan 14th

      Beautiful …..

  • Lisa : Jan 13th

    Your adventure was like reading a good book, that you never want to end! I am sad for me, happy for you. Please keep us all updated on what comes next, although this hike will be hard to beat! You are an amazing woman, & I thoroughly enjoyed following your blogs.

  • Rick : Jan 13th

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I really enjoyed following you and the rest of the crew on your adventure. I always looked forward to reading what was happening on your trip.

  • Paul W : Jan 13th

    Congratulations PegLeg! Key Weat is probably the best place to end the ECT.

  • Saro : Jan 13th

    Amazing, Peg Leg! Congratulations 🎉

  • Kevin M O'Connor : Jan 13th

    Congrats Peggy! I’ve been reading your posts since NH. Seeing you continue on after Katahdin was an inspiration. Such an adventure!

  • THE BEAR : Jan 13th

    I meet you briefly on the long trail & A T in Vermont I was SOBO and Flip -flop out H P W V in the Vermont Mud ……..Fabulous

  • Angel R : Jan 13th

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your adventure. You made us feel we were walking right there with you. What a privilege it was to meet you and Trucker. You are truly awesome.

  • joy : Jan 13th

    congratulations pegleg!! so happy for you! an amazing adventure to show what we’re capable of. thank you for letting us tag along 💙💙

  • Candace : Jan 13th

    Congratulations Pegleg! I’ve enjoyed your blogs and look forward to your future adventures! Good luck!

  • Flor MCCULLOUGH : Jan 13th

    Congratulations Peggy, you are such a an inspiration. I have enjoyed reading all your posts. Thank you so very much for taking us with you. I hope you will blog again on your next expedition.

  • Joseph Child : Jan 13th

    Congratulations Pegleg! Your posts through Trek have been a great distraction from current event posts that are less than inspiring & break from my daily routine. I’ve been following you since about Virginia. Curious what you’ll do next. 😋

  • niKoLs : Jan 13th

    I know this is like my 4th time commenting on your journey since New Brunswick, but wow! Congratulations 🎉! Wishing you the best, You’ve got the whole world in your hands, go get em! Did I say (maybe in all my comments) your an “INSPIRATION”

  • hump1954 : Jan 13th

    Pegleg , great going I have enjoyed reading about your travels from Pinhoti to Key West. You are a brave young woman to tackle such an endeavor. I’m really going to miss reading your blog it has been very interesting. If you can sign in and keep us all in your future travels.

  • Ellen R : Jan 13th

    Congratulations! I am happy for you, but selfishly sad for us readers as following your adventures has been loads of fun.
    Happy future trails to you, wherever they may take you!☘️

  • hump1954 : Jan 13th

    Pegleg , great going I have enjoyed reading about your travels from Pinhoti to Key West. You are a brave young woman to tackle such an endeavor. I’m really going to miss reading your blog it has been very interesting. If you can sign in and keep us all in your future travels.Thanks for taking me along

  • Anne : Jan 13th

    Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed following along with your entire hike and really appreciated your detailed posts. Good luck in the next chapter of your life!

  • John : Jan 13th

    I’m so glad you had company throughout your travels through the swamps…
    The celebration with your friends will be remembered rather than the trek itself, great idea.
    Congratulations from Kentucky

  • Colleen Weber : Jan 13th


  • Mary Olien : Jan 13th

    Congratulations! I’ve been following you for a few thousand miles, and have enjoyed and learned from your journal. All the best for the next phase as you plan your next adventure. Thanks! Mary

  • Karen from Maine : Jan 13th

    CONGRATULATIONS hardly seems adequate for this EXTRAORDINARY feat ! You have earned so many blue ribbons for the things you have done it would pave all the streets in my town. But, I have to tell you that you are beyond brave for drinking the sock beer cause I’d be more afraid of getting some horrible ‘God only knows” what disease from that stunt, than everything else you have survived on your trek. You are amazing in your tenacity and I await your next adventure. You are a SUPER HERO in your own right!
    A fan from Maine !

  • Marilyn : Jan 13th

    Congratulations. So awesome. I’ve followed you from almost the begining and it’s been a great adventure. Stay strong. You’re meant for great things.

  • Paul Mick : Jan 14th

    Long time fan, first time commentor! From day 1 to now, I am so happy for you. I have wild dreams to be like you but for the foreseeable future, day hikes will have to suffice. And those are rare at this point as i work two jobs to pay for the next trip. I was able to read your posts while I drove from Michigan to California in 2023 with my camper in tow for 4 months with my wife. Hiked a good amount along the west coast national parks and mountains (i touched the PCT a few times) and then into Glacier, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. You and fellow thru hikers inspired that trip, so I thank you and them for that. Congratulations! You f$%@ing rock!

  • Jim : Jan 14th

    You are truly a superwoman! Most mortal humans couldn’t do half what you did. I’m really going to miss your frequent updates! I so enjoyed reading them. I’m curious about one thing, though. Did you go into the Southern Terminus water?

  • Spike : Jan 14th

    i haven’t followed you from the beginning but I did go back and read everything. I must say that your pain tolerance must be off the scale because you dealt with so much and you didn’t let it slow you down. I’m truly amazed and in awe of your ability to do that. 5530 miles in less than a year? That’s crazy miles in an amazingly short time.

    All I can really say is congratulations and I so look forward to whatever comes next. Please share?!?!?

  • Bobo the Hobo : Jan 14th

    Congratulations! Thank you for keeping it positive. This is why I followed you from Day 1.
    P. S.
    Your Cross Pen set is in the mail.

    • Richard Showers : Jan 14th

      Wow. Truly inspiring. Sounds like a dream come true from the outside looking in but to truly have the grits to keep just going and going the way you has really inspired me as I’m prepping for my first big thru-hike in years. Starting on the Pinhotti (no stopping point in mind) heading south here in a few weeks. Thank you for your posts. Look forward to hearing more.

  • Chet : Jan 14th

    Congratulations!! You are amazing and have shared your truly beautiful happy smile with us for many months. I’ve looked forward to reading your posts and I am inspired by you also. Old Boomer here that could feel young and dream of yesterday and tomorrow following along. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. I think you have even bigger things that you will be doing in the future. I know it! Peace.

  • Lizabeth : Jan 14th

    Congratulations! I have been reading your posts since the first day. I’m going to miss them until you start hiking again. What a great achievement. Have a few more key lime pies before you leave the area!

  • Randi : Jan 14th

    Congratulations to you on your epic adventure and successful journey! Time to take some time enjoying spontaneous hikes, and maybe writing a book? Loved following your journey! You are a true inspiration!!!

  • Al : Jan 14th

    I’ve been following your adventure since before you crossed into Canada. Congratulations and I count to hear more about your hikes

  • Ed : Jan 14th

    Congratulations! I’ve followed along since day one and will truly miss your posts. So sorry that I did not recognize you as we passed on the AT South of Pearisburg, VA. Please do some follow up posts on post trail adjustments.

    Such an accomplishment, again, congratulations!

  • Old Man Paul : Jan 14th

    As you know I’ve been following you on your Trek. Congratulations 🎉👏. I’m going to miss you and your posts. God Bless and may our Good Lord and your Guardian Angel never leave your side. Trucker is one awesome companion too.

  • FlyBoy : Jan 14th

    Congratulations! Such a journey, such an accomplishment. I enjoyed your blog posts. Thank you for taking me along on your journey.

  • Mike : Jan 14th

    Way to go, Peg Leg! Congratulations on completing the distance, but much more for sticking to it when it got hard. As others have said, I’m happy for you, but sad for me as I have enjoyed reading your perspective on your adventures. Keep us updated on where you go next, both on and off the trail.

  • Vince : Jan 14th

    Well done Chica! Fair winds and following seas.
    Vince aka The Dude, SOBO, LASH, A/T, ’16, ’17, ’18 and beyond.
    Good luck in your future hikes.

  • Mom 🩵 Shawn Blagden 🩵 : Jan 14th

    Congratulations Madison 🌟 Peg Leg 🌟 my thru hiking superstar and very humble daughter 💫 YOU DID IT 🙏🤩🙏 what an honor to hear/read your joy, your passion and dedication as you followed your dream and walked the entire East Coast 🤯 I love you dearly 💛 and can’t wait to see you soon 😘🤗😘

    • Lish : Jan 17th

      You also deserve big kudos for raising such an amazing woman. Seriously she has enriched so many lives for the last ten months that it boggles the mind and opens the heart. Big gratitude to your daughter for making this year and last magical and sparkly.

  • Lunker : Jan 14th

    CONGRATS!! I’ve been reading your blog and enjoying every word, photo, story and key lime pie bite! Your talk of finishing on the hottest day is ironic cause it is the coldest air mass in Minnesota in over a year(currently -5 with -25 wind chill). Thanks for bringing us on trail with you! A couple beautiful trails in northern Minnesota(Border Route Trail & Superior Hiking Trail) if you make it this far north! Keep enjoying living the dream!
    ✌🏻 Lunker

  • M. H : Jan 14th

    Peg! Thanks for allowing me to share your journey from Bama to Canada to Key West! I’m sorry that my daily Trek reading will be without your input, but look forward to your next adventure or “Life” update! Always keep that positive attitude and it will make your future endeavors easier as your days progress toward whatever you choose to accomplish. Congrats on this wonderful achievement and do take the time to enjoy some much-deserved quality re-entry into regular living. Peace….

  • Flint : Jan 14th

    Way to go!
    I really enjoyed following your post. You have a great writing style. Good luck in all your future adventures

  • DEB : Jan 14th

    WOW! I am all choked up reading this! YOU ARE AMAZING! Great job & wishing you wonderful adventures yet to be imagined!

  • James Craig : Jan 14th

    Congratulations peg leg I’ve enjoyed reading your blog you are a very inspiring young woman I’ve laughed and cried reading about your journey What a wonderful Accomplishment enjoy your time off can’t wait to see your next adventure thank you for taking us along

  • Kpw : Jan 14th

    Congratulations. I’ve been following you since Connecticut. Quite a feat on your feet. Take a bow young Lady.

  • Nimblewill : Jan 14th

    Peg Leg,
    So proud of you; I know what you just pulled off. Congratulations!

  • Pastelholic : Jan 14th

    Congratulations PegLeg! Your journey has been so inspiring to so many of us. Every now and then I would think, wow, PegLeg is walking to the next campsite, and I would look for your posts the next day. I would always read your updates, really down to earth and upbeat. It’s so nice you found a community of like minded people to embrace all along your trip.
    The transition to the next thing has started. Hope you continue to enjoy your achievement and keep on keeping’ on.
    -I’m a woman, so I’m very glad you had Trucker and other friends looking out for you.
    -Which tasted worse, the sockey or the Florida penny water?
    I hope if you do some other hiking excursion, you will blog here at The Trek.

  • Kevin Moran : Jan 14th

    Years ago a friend bet me a hundred dollars that I couldn’t run a marathon, back then my only running was to stay in shape to pitch in high school and college and I only ran 21 miles in training but I was able to complete the marathon in an Oprah line time of 5 hours. I still thought it was pretty bad ass to finish, but you peg leg are the bull goose Looney of bad ass people, I’ll drink a beer through your sock any day

  • Brendan Boyle : Jan 14th

    Congrats to you Pegleg! I’ve followed your posts and am impressed. As a man who is probably as old or older than you dad I’m 61, I would be so proud of my bad ass daughter. You are also a very talented writer as well. Your future is so brite!

  • David Odell : Jan 14th

    Congratulations on finishing your journey. Enjoyed your excellent journal. David Odell AT71 PCT72 CDT77

  • Alex : Jan 14th

    Hey Pegleg!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your progress and stumbled across you about 3/4 of the way through your AT journey. Congratulations! It was so fun watching history be made over the past couple of week and reading your blogs. Best of luck and looking forward to following your next one!

  • Jon Shaffer : Jan 14th

    Congrats!!!! 🎉

    I really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Best wishes for the future.

  • Linda : Jan 14th

    I enjoyed Pegleg’s adventures until she described the sockey. If I understood that correctly, how disgusting! Who started that abhorrent tradition? Couldn’t somebody come up with a more dignified, inspiring way to end such an achievement. No, I think I’ll suck on a dirty sock! ;P

  • Jeff Greene : Jan 14th

    Congratulations! What an epic journey. Thank you so much for keeping the rest of us informed and entertained along the very, very long way!

  • The Adventurer : Jan 15th

    Congratulations from Croatia (Europe).

  • Kristine : Jan 15th

    It’s been great to follow along with you on your hike.

  • Bluewhale : Jan 15th

    I humbly stand in awe. Well done!

  • Pcs : Jan 15th

    Congrats on completing The Long Walk!
    No weed on the FT, eh?

  • Gingerbreadman : Jan 15th

    Really you should have jumped off the end, swam to the Bahamas & been the 1st to thru hike the Caribbean! But as Warren Doyle said as he stopped to eat a slice of bread between 2 slices of bread on theAT9: NOTHING…he ate his bread sandwich & went on without a word! My one brush with AT fame crushed! Maybe I’ll see Gramma Gatewood’s Ghost hovering over her canvas shoes & shoulder sack at HF someday. Perhaps ur leg bandage & key lime pie plate will be in the ECT museum someday. Bon voyage…go take a cruise & sit on ur butt a bit!

  • Jane : Jan 15th

    Congratulations! Since following the complete east coast tour, I certainly will miss you! Good luck to transitioning to a different life…for a little while. Looking forward to your next adventure.

  • Springfever : Jan 15th

    Question: Who w as the first women to complete the ECT?

    • Lish : Jan 17th

      Her name is Sparkle and you can meet her in the past Peg leg blogs of the IAT portion- Aug to Oct.

  • Keith : Jan 16th

    Congrats on finishing the ECT! I have enjoyed reading your blogs and living vicariously through you during the hike. I wish you many more adventures and look forward to seeing future blogs from you next adventure.

  • Nancy Tilton : Jan 16th

    I’m so happy for you and sad for me not having your posts to read anymore! I looked forward to every one. Thanks for sharing your journey. Now that we are all so invested in your life, can you post some updates from time to time?? 🤣 Wishing you the best on your next endeavors.

  • Linda : Jan 16th

    CONGRATULATIONS! My husband has been following your blogs ever since you were in Nova Scotia! We used to hike quite a lot & have done a lot of the AT, but nothing like you. Now you can conquer that trail that runs East & West, & the Continental Divide trail out west. Good luck in your future! 💚

  • Denis Couture : Jan 16th

    Congratulations Madison aka Peg Leg! I’ve been following you since NC or so! Happy that you made it safe to the end! You did have me worried a few times but you overcame. I think that you should consider a career as a US Park Ranger. With your background you could continue your love of the forest and trails and get a sizeable paycheck!

  • Mailyn c guedez : Jan 16th

    Just wow!! Congrats.. way to go. What an inspiration to others.

  • Lish : Jan 17th

    Made me cry. And want pie. And laugh out loud at the custody switch. So much gratitude to you for bringing us along on your epic adventure. Trucker truly wins so many hearts for being a fantastic friend. All of your tramilies have restored faith in humankind. You be quite an amazing woman who has kept me so very enraptured with your spirit and attitude. Congratulations and may all your future endeavors be filled with ease and laughter!

  • Alicia C Davis : Jan 18th

    It must be nice to have the luxury of not working for a living and hiking for months on end. For most of us, no matter how raw the call to roam is, we can’t. And really. This copy-catting of the Burner set with the made up trail names. At this point, what was once a respite for the common human from the grind of daily life has turned into, once again, a playground for the rich and unencumbered. With silly made up names. I hope to all the gods of rock and timber that someone has the guts to make the hike with their actual name. I would, but I have bills to pay and a child to raise and no trust fund to back me. Yeesh. What would John Muir say(y’all probably don’t even know who he is). Ugh

  • Gio D : Jan 22nd

    I’ve put off reading this final blog post until just now because I didn’t want the vicarious adventure to end!

    Congratulations for your incredible achievement!

    Thank you so much for bringing so many people like myself along for the ride.


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