Day 39 – 46

Day 39 Pt 2

Had to pack and leave Tendoy kinda suddenly as Brock, Hannah, and Pierre returned with our ride to Lemhi pass. Our driver, Ronny, waited for a bit while we ran around and packed quickly. A short while later, we were headed up the pass wondering if the car would make it up the steep sections with 5 people inside.

Last minute group camp picture.

At the pass we ran into Field Trip, who I hadn’t met prior. We leapfrogged a bit for this section of trail chatting about hiking, d&d, and critical role.

Above the clouds? Well, smoke.

The hiking was mostly thru pretty meadows, and the air quality improved as we gained elevation. In classic cdt fashion, it was also *really* steep. Nominally, it was on a road but parts of it were steep and damaged enough that I’m not sure how it’d be driven, even on an atv.

Warning: trail may be steeper than it appears in photos

Anyhow, short day Into Leadore tomorrow. Unusual to have such a short stretch.

Day 40 Into Leadore

We had a ride into leadore scheduled at 11:30. 12 miles left to hike in. Pretty easy trail, too. I got there at 10:45 and Ronny was already there dropping off Platinum. After a fast and bumpy ride we were in Leadore and immediately went to the depot for lunch.

Always nice when you can see your ride when walking down the pass.

Good milkshake despite the flavor getting mixed up. The rest of the food was ok. Pretty easily the least vegetarian friendly restaurant on trail thus far, though.

Bear tried, and was successful at, the local

Snagged the last room at the Mustang inn and proceeded to veg out for the remainder of the day aside from shower/laundry.

Day 41 Out of Leadore

For the first night in a bed in ages I didn’t sleep all that well. Oh well. Packed up at 7:30 to the tune of ‘I’m going to walk 500 miles…’. Seemed like a good idea at the time. 8 hours later walking with the song stuck in my head, not as much.

New to the area: these somewhat alarming looking signs

Another fast, bumpy, and somewhat frantically loaded ride and we were back at Bannock pass. Hit the trail at 10. And proceeded to hike 25 miles due to the spacing of water and decent camp spots.

Last view of the fire.

Long day on an exposed ridge with some *very* steep climbs and descents. I miss the PCT horse grading. Very tired.

First windy ridge with the new kilt. Showing a bit more leg than the old kilt.

Also, the first actual summit of the trail and the first foray over 10k.

First mountain summit picture. Not as grumpy as I seemed to appear.


Just beat the sunset.

Day 42

Felt a bit fatigued starting today. Though, after yesterday, I’m not shocked.

Da bear(s). At an appropriate distance but without time to zoom.

Today, I had more getting lost and wayfinding than the rest of the trip combined thus far.

Back to single track. And blowdowns.

Mostly due to a section on the ridge where the trail just… wasn’t. It was helpful occasionally seeing Quickdraw and Field Trip off in the distance, though.

The Continuously Disappearing Trail


Field Trip and Quickdraw found some fossils dating from Montanadaho being under water.

Sometimes, you find out that you’ve been drinking bone broth.

Made it through that and back down to the land of 4×4 roads and cows, in any case.

Napping in a cow pasture

Pierre, Hana, and Brock (now Pump Sack Daddy, I guess? Curious if that sticks) I think took a short cut that knocks off a few miles. I stayed on the main route so they’re, I think, a bit ahead of me on trail now. First night solo camping in awhile, in any case.

Day 43

When the overnight smoke rolls in…

Productive day. Though I woke up to smoke in the early morning. First use of the n95 I’ve been carrying around for the purpose. Sleeping with it was fine and it’d help with the pm 2.5 particulate from the fire. Later I woke up to rain and waited it out. Didn’t hit the trail until almost 8 as a result.

Sunrise from bed.

I saw very few people all day. A handful of Nobo cdt hikers and a few weekenders. I didn’t see another SOBO hiker until running into Quickdraw late in the day. It was especially odd going across Bannack pass – you can see for a couple miles in both directions for much of that section.

I do not foresee shade today.

Anyhow, a good day overall. One more long ish day tomorrow before an easy day into Lima. The Nero (Nearly zero day) will be nice. Getting close to the end of Montadaho!

It’s a trap!


The many cattle gates of the CDT

Day 44

The word for the day is…. moo. Also, long ish turned into the longest day thus far. Nominally 24.9 miles but easily over that after taking into account creative navigational choices.

Cameling up before the ridge. Some water sources are less glamorous than others.


Climbing up the ridge.


The real signs of the CDT. ‘Water, over here’

Barbed wire was a significant hazard today. Especially towards the end as Quickdraw and I were trying to get off the ridge before (a very pretty) sunset.

Watch your feet.

The trail paralleled a barbed wire fence so in addition to the potential for holes and sliding there were also sections of barbed wire strewn across the trail every so often.

Sunset picture while racing down the ridge.

We did get to camp before it got completely dark though.

You shall not pass!

Camping at a trailhead with an easy eight mile hike into Lima, which is good. However, the ground is *really* compacted and it’s windy. Most of the stakes have dubious purchase so the main thing keeping the tent in place is…. me. First time using the tent without the vestibule as once the wind picked up it immediately collapsed.

Day 45 – Into Lima!

Sometimes you just camp right by the sign.

We got to start fairly late for the road walk into Lima.  A vaguely downhill road walk through many, many cows.  Most of whom just want to stare at me.  Or run from me, even if I try to reassure them that I’m a vegetarian. 

Not the most interesting hiking but we knocked it out and found the shuttle driver, Monty, was early and waiting when we got to the road.  Which was much appreciated.  It was cold and I was antipating doing jumping jack’s under I-15.

The best tea and hot chocolate in Lima.

Immediately went to the diner prior to getting settled at the motel / rv park.  The motel was full so I ended up camping out back.  Being in my tent in the rain was satisfying.

The town diner!

Day 46 – Zero in Lima 

Decided late yesterday once I realized a room was available today and how much cheaper Lima is relative to the next few towns.  Also, it’s going to rain all day.  And probably tomorrow, but an opportune zero 

Not a lot to do today aside from finishing this blog post, eating, and watching tv.  I don’t watch much TV off trail but for whatever reason it’s pretty novel on trail.

Hail the victorious dead!

Next update should hopefully be from Wyoming!

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