Day 51 – 53 – Into Wyoming

Short update before the Teton alternate.   I may or may not be able to post from Jackson so the next update may be 10-12 days away.

Day 51

Pretty calm, slow day after yesterday. Felt weird sleeping on the porch in clear view of the arriving morning staff. But the tent was absolutely soaked and caked in mud, sooo.

Just a bit of mud.

By the time I hosed off the tent, set it out to dry, and got resupply shopping done, it was 12:00 or 1:00. Some of the resort staff seemed annoyed, though after yesterday I can’t say I care over much.

Taking over the porch.

Crossed a branch of the Snake River this afternoon, which led to thinking that I could get a tube and float my way back to Portland.

Where one finds a dinosaur thou shalt ride the dinosaur.

The actual hiking was a road walk. Varying from highway, to paved road, to a rather nice packed dirt road.

Forests composed of trees all the same age look odd to me. Also, our road out of Island Park. Vast improvement over Anaconda.

Last night in Idaho!

Day 52


Food for the day: two packages of pop tarts, a box of fig Newtons, one bag of gummy bears, and a knorr Alfredo side with a 1/4 lb of extra cheese added plus some textured veggie protein (tvp). The latter is a new addition since Lima and I really like it. Easy way to add some texture and protein. And it’s easy to add to anything to absorb excess water. Avoids having Mac and cheese soup or having to drain pasta or rice.

New obstacle: large berms every 100 yards or so. Hiking equivalent of a speed bump, I guess.

Only hiked 18 relatively flat miles today so perhaps it’s a positive energy balance on the day. Not really sure. In Leadore a couple hundred miles back, I was able to weigh myself for the first time since East Glacier. Apparently, I’m losing about three pounds per week. Though I expect that to level off at some point. Anyhow, aiming to get to Old Faithful tomorrow in time for the breakfast buffet.

The many signs of the CDT

The hiking today was mostly a green tunnel. Also, it is, by far, the flattest trail I’ve seen since starting the CDT.

Not a hill to be seen.









This sign was not for me.

New shoes, hopefully, at old faithful. And if I’m lucky a new water filter because the current one has gotten really, really slow. Will see if cleaning it helps significantly. It didn’t seem to before but it’s downright maddening to use now.

Day 53 – All the people

The hot spring to represent all hot springs.

Early start to the day in order to get down to old faithful in time for the ever-important breakfast buffet. Managed that pretty easily and still fit in some sightseeing at the geysers / thermal springs.

Early morning hiking issue: some pools are just giant fog clouds.


One doesn’t walk past Old Faithful village without stopping to watch it with 500 of their closest friends.

Afterward, there were various ‘town’ chores. Most of which were without issue, but it was a long time before I found Wi-Fi, which I needed to check shipment statuses. During which I discovered that the replacement pole section went to the wrong PO in Yellowstone. The single poling continues…. at least it’s easy to forward to Jackson.

Yellowstone lodge. After a month and a half of seeing very few people this was mildly overwhelming.

Anyhow, provided my shoes show up, tomorrow I’ll start the Teton alternate. I’ll be off the official trail for ten days or so. Unlike the other alternates, this will be harder and longer than the trail it’s replacing.

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