Eeland Stribling aka the “Black Steve Irwin” on Fly Fishing, Stand Up Comedy, and Wildlife Biology (BPR #248)

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Eeland Stribling. Eeland, who’s known as the “Black Steve Iriwn” and “The Fliest Fisherman” is a wildlife biologist, educator, standup comedian, and the host of “Comedians on the Fly.” We dive deep into the world of standup comedy, including the various hazing routines, what it’s like to eat shit during an open mic, how things change as you climb the ranks, the process of crafting a joke, and more. Eeland also educates us with some fun facts about black bears and mountain lions and gives us a thorough primer on how to get started with fly fishing. This chat was both fun and informative, you will not be disappointed. 

We wrap the show with five word sentences that are guaranteed to start a fight, the triple crown of shows to fall asleep to, and we have more details of our live podcast in Denver. The link to get tickets is in the show notes. Taking a pause here to give you time to snag yours. 

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Interview with Eeland Stribling

Time stamps & Questions

00:03:42 – Reminders: Get tickets to our live show in Denver on April 23!

00:04:44 – Introducing Eeland

00:05:37 – What got you into comedy?

00:09:15 – How would you describe your style of comedy?

00:14:18 – What is the easiest animal to make fun of?

00:15:45 – Tell us about your experience as a nuisance animal technician

00:18:58 – Tell us about tranquilizing and relocating bears

00:22:08 – What was the smartest bear encounter you had?

00:25:40 – How did your mountain lion work compare to that with bears?

00:28:00 – Is there an area that’s notorious for problematic bears?

00:33:31 – Are there notable comedians you’ve opened for?

00:38:05 – What is it like to hang out with comics in the green room?

00:43:20 – What’s the best advice other comedians have given you?

00:46:55 – Tell us about how you write jokes

00:48:55 – What’s it like when jokes bomb?

00:53:00 – How does a set hit with some crowds and not with others?

00:58:04 – Can you read us the most recent lines in your notebook?

01:02:17 – How frequently are you improvising on stage with new bits?

01:04:45 – When are your upcoming shows in April?

01:06:04 – Tell us about your show, Comedians on the Fly

01:09:20 –  How did you get into fly fishing?

01:12:37 – Tell us about your phone incident while saltwater fishing

01:15:55 – How do you know what flies are needed for certain areas?

01:18:00 – Are you reluctant to share your favorite tips or places?

01:23:56 – How much of fly fishing is skill vs. knowledge vs. luck?

01:27:30 – Discussion about paralells between comedy and fishing

01:31:40 – Can you talk to us about Brown Folks Fishing and why their work matters?

01:34:30 – Kumo Question: If you could live in any era of history, what would you pick?

01:37:18 – What do you recommend for someone who wants to get started in fly fishing?

01:46:06 – Do you exclusively do catch and release?

01:52:00 – Discussion about protecting released fish

01:54:00 – Where can people find you?


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