Enlightened Equipment Revelation Review

There are few things I hate more than being cold in the backcountry. When I first started backpacking, I prioritized price over everything else and suffered a sleepless, miserable November night in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

After this, I decided to live by the phrase “buy once, cry once” and invested in a proper backpacking quilt. I strongly advocate for hikers to prioritize the quality of their sleep system — but with so many good options out there, it’s hard to narrow down your choice.

This winter, I tested out the Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt. It’s a tried-and-true ultralight option, but is it worth the hefty price tag? Let’s find out.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation At-a-Glance

I ended up finding this quilt warm, comfortable, and large enough to accommodate my side sleeping habits.

MSRP: $345*
Weight: 22.32 oz
Fill: 850-fill Duck Down
Temperature Rating: 20°F
Size: Regular/Regular

*The quilt is highly customizable, and the price ranges from $260-$560 depending on temperature rating, size, and added features.

Circumstances of Review

The quilt joined me for several snowy nights up in Winter Park, Colorado. I tested the warmth and comfort both in a tent and while sleeping in my car. I wanted to get a feel for the accuracy of the temperature rating of the quilt, as well as if the size and fit prevented drafts of freezing air.

Intended Use

Quilts are an ultralight option for backpackers, with the design relying on thermal efficiency studies showing compressed down to be a poor insulator. Quilts remove the bottom portion of a sleeping bag (the part that you compress as you lay on) and rely instead on your sleeping pad to insulate the underside of your body.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation: Materials and Features

At the end of the day, the ultralight backpacking quilt is a fairly dialed piece of gear. The main differentiators between brands stem from the small features and materials that can end up making a large impact for the user. I’ve listed below the main features for the Revelation, and have also indicated if this is a feature shared by few, some, or most comparable quilts.


1) Continuous U-Shaped Baffles (Few)

Baffles are sewn-in structures that work to keep the down inside your quilt from shifting around and creating cold spots. The Revelation’s vertical baffles around the body of the quilt prevent down from shifting to the sides, while the horizontal baffles around the footbox keep the down well-lofted and distributed around your feet.

While several comparable quilts utilize a perpendicular baffle design along the body and the footbox, the Revelation is the only quilt I know of employing continuous U-shaped baffles. Enlightened Equipment proposes that the continuous baffles give the down more room to loft which, in turn, keeps you warmer.

Enlightened Equipment’s continuous baffles (top) compared to the non-continuous perpendicular baffles from a Hammock Gear quilt (bottom).

2) Zipper, Footbox Cinch Cord, and Neck Cinch Cord (Most)

These three features come fairly standard in most quilts —though a traditional sewn footbox is still a common alternative to the zipper-and-cinch design found in the Revelation.The Enigma, for instance, is the Revelation’s closed-footbox counterpart from Enlightened.

The zipper and footbox cinch cord combination allows you to create the traditional closed footbox you’d find in most sleeping bags, while offering you the flexibility to unzip the quilt to use as a blanket in warmer environments. The cord around the neck gives you the ability to draw closed the top of the quilt in cooler environments, preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from entering.

The biggest variation between brands comes from the length of the zipper, which affects the size of the footbox you are able to create. The Enlightened Equipment Revelation has a 20-inch zipper, which spans just over a quarter of a Regular sized quilt’s length.

enlightened equipment revelation

The footbox cinches shut completely, eliminating the pesky footbox draft that I’ve seen before with quilts.

3) Elastic Pad Attachment System (Some)

At no additional cost, Enlightened Equipment includes a pad attachment system with the quilt, which helps you connect your quilt to your sleeping pad and prevents shifting during the night. While I personally don’t find this attachment necessary, it’s an excellent addition for restless sleepers or hikers looking for ways to cut down on drafts in the night.

Most other comparable quilts also offer some version of a pad attachment system, but these systems can vary from company to company.


1) 850fp Grey Duck Down and 950fp Grey Goose Down (Few)

The down fill is arguably the most important part of a quilt, as this is the driving factor behind insulation and warmth on the trail. The Revelation does differentiate itself here. While most comparable quilts offer an 850fp duck down option, Enlightened Equipment’s 950 pure Goose Down offering stands out.

All down used by Enlightened Equipment is ethically sourced from an RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified supplier, a certification that ensures the down and feathers used in the product come from ducks and geese that have been treated humanely and not subjected to unnecessary harm or mistreatment.

Choosing 950fp over 850fp, regardless of whether it’s duck or goose down, allows your quilt to trap more air pockets per ounce. In a quilt, this means you can keep your temperature rating the same while using fewer ounces of down. For the purposes of this review, please remember that I am using an 850-fill duck down quilt.

2) Ultralight Nylon Fabric with a DWR Finish. Available in 7D, 10D, or 20D fabric (Some)

Fabric treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is more able to repel water and prevent saturation when exposed to moisture. While this doesn’t make the quilt waterproof, the down is more likely to stay dry when exposed to small amounts of water, such as the condensation in your tent overnight.

10D fabric emphasizes weight savings and breathability, while being slightly less durable and wind resistant than 20D fabric. The 7D fabric is the lightest and most breathable of the three but has reduced durability as a result.

Color Customization Suggestions

As someone who becomes paralyzed with indecision in the face of choice, I’ve put together some color combination ideas to help jumpstart your creativity. Enjoy.

The Superhero

Using a combo of the Navy and Red 10D fabric, you could sleep in a quilt reminiscent of Spiderman’s iconic suit. Similarly, the Forest and Purple 10D fabrics will leave you with an Incredible Hulk-esque sleeping setup. Choose your favorite superhero color combination, and have fun with it.

The White Blazer Risk Taker

White Blaze 10D inner fabric and White Blaze 10D outer fabric is a very bold move, but imagine the flex if you’re actually able to keep this quilt clean. This bold choice screams “I live on the edge.”

The Sea Foam

There are certainly plenty of various color options if you’re a fan of the color blue. Using Midnight Blue 7D, Navy 10D, Robin Egg Blue 10D, or Aegean 20D, you can create a two-toned quilt that looks like a wave breaking onto land.

The Mullet

A Black 10D exterior gives you peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness, as well as making you look like a practical and straight-forward hiker of mystery. Pair that with a bold interior color, like Yellow 10D or Robin Egg Blue 10D, and suddenly your quilt is more business in the front, party in the back.

What I Loved: Enlightened Equipment Revelation Pros


I sleep cold, and tend to reach for sleeping bags rated for temperatures about 10 degrees colder than the temperatures I expect to encounter. On my trip with this quilt, the recorded low of the evening was 27°F. I found this 20-degree bag to be true to the temperature rating, and stayed warm throughout the night.

The quilt was wide enough to snap closed under me and prevent drafts of cold air without making me feel claustrophobic or restricted. The U-shaped baffles kept the down well spread, and I did not notice any cool spots or uninsulated sections in the morning.

enlightened equipment revelation

I was very pleased to discover I can sleep on my side and the quilt will roll with me without letting in any cold air.

I did take the quilt out a second time with the recorded low temperature of 12°F and did find myself a little chilly. But to be fair, the quilt is rated to 20°F! My final verdict is that the quilt is appropriately rated, but I did not find it to be suitable for temperatures below the listed rating. This is not a knock on the quilt, and I do tend to sleep cold.

I do not think you will be able to find a quilt of the same caliber as the Revelation at a significantly cheaper price point. For its warmth alone, it is worth the price.

Color Options

One of my favorite stand-out features of the Revelation is the large pool of colors from which to pick. I think we can all agree that this feature is pretty cool. No need for more notes.

Next-to-Skin Comfort

One thing I really liked was the inner fabric. The inner nylon has a taffeta finish, meaning the grid pattern from ripstop nylon is removed, leading to a softer, silkier feel. This is not advertised on their website, so I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort of the fabric.

Customizable Insulation

I love the ability to customize the down, with goose down being slightly lighter and softer than duck down. Both are durable, warm, and long-lasting, but having the option is nice for those trying everything to lower their pack weight.

Nobody’s Perfect: Enlightened Equipment Revelation Cons

At the end of the day, a backpacking quilt’s job is to keep you warm, safe, and comfortable in the backcountry. The Revelation did exactly this. I have no qualms with recommending this quilt, and it is a fantastic option for thru-hikers and weekend warriors alike.

However, when recommending you spend such a large chunk of change on a piece of gear, I want to be very transparent about the ways in which I found the quilt lacking. As I said earlier, the differences between ultralight quilts come down to the small details. Most of my gripes with the Revelation stem not from the performance itself, but from missing features I have seen with other brands.

Missing Draft Collar

A draft collar is a tube around the neck of the quilt that helps prevent drafts, insulate, and maintain a cozy environment. Enlightened does offer the option to add a draft collar for an additional $20, but considering the already-steep price of the base quilt, I would have liked to see that be included as a feature. Other brands, such as Hammock Gear and Katabatic, do include this horizontal collar as a part of their base pricing.

There is the option to snap the quilt underneath you to prevent drafts, and to cinch the quilt around your neck to keep the warm air in.

No Overfill Option

Overfill in a quilt refers to additional insulation added beyond the standard amount. Companies often offer overfill options to increase the warmth of the quilt without significantly increasing its weight. It’s an amazing option if you’re looking for a temperature rating between two choices, as the extra insulation can enhance the quilt’s ability to keep you warm in colder conditions. It would be nice to see this offered as a customization option for the Revelation.

Stock Quilts Sewn Overseas

The vast majority of the work done to Enlightened Equipment quilts happens in Winona, Minnesota. However, the sewing of the stock quilts happens overseas before heading to Minnesota to be filled and have the finishing touches added. If you live in the US and prioritize gear made domestically, this is something to be aware of. If you purchase a custom quilt, they are still made 100 percent locally.

U-Shaped Baffles Are … Meh?

In my opinion, I did not find the continuous baffles any warmer than the non-continuous, perpendicular baffles of other brands. They are plenty warm, I just personally don’t believe this is as large a differentiator as I had expected.

Over time, this shape may extend the quilt’s lifespan by preventing lost loft and down shifting. I haven’t had the quilt long enough to be able to see how it performs long-term.

enlightened equipment revelation

I love the little snap that goes right behind my neck that does act as a pseudo-draft collar.

Final Thoughts on Quilt Value

Having tested it, I understand why this quilt is popular among thru-hikers. In terms of warmth, comfort, and versatility, it performs incredibly well, while offering plenty of customization options. If you so choose, you could stop your search for a backpacking quilt here and probably be incredibly happy with your purchase.

TLDR: Pros & Cons


  1. Warm/accurate temperature rating
  2. Many color options
  3. Silky taffeta interior
  4. Option to upgrade to 950fp goose down


  1. Draft collar costs extra
  2. Down is not water resistant
  3. Stock Quilts are not sewn in the USA
  4. No overfill option

Would I Recommend This Quilt?

Warm, comfortable, and stylish!

Yes. And, no.


It’s a wonderful quilt. It’s just not the only good option out there.

The quilt is worth the price, as it kept me warm in the backcountry, which is where I place most of the value of a quilt. However, I am slightly confused by the Revelation’s cult following among thru-hikers. While it is a fantastic quilt, it is neither warmer, lighter, nor cheaper than comparable quilts by other cottage companies.

If you have a personal preference for the Revelation, go for it! it’s a wonderful choice that meets all the requirements of a quilt. The Revelation is well-made and offers a good temperature rating, but its distinguishing features may not justify the higher price compared to similar options.

The short answer is this: I do not recommend the Enlightened Equipment Revelation if a comparable quilt is on sale for a better price. If all the quilts are currently full-price, the Revelation is a great choice. I am thrilled to have mine and anticipate bringing it along with me for many future adventures.

Shop The Enlightened Equipment Revelation

Comparable Quilts

I looked at quilts from other companies to see how the Enlightened Equipment Revelation stacked up. Here are the three quilts I find to be most comparable to the Revelation:

Specifications: 20˚ Quilt, 850fp Duck Down, Regular Width, Regular Length, 10D Interior and Exterior Fabric

Enlightened Equipment Revelation

  • Weight: 22.32 oz
  • Price: $345

Hammock Gear Burrow

  • Weight: 20.55 oz
  • Price: $325

UGQ Bandit

  • Weight: 22.27 oz
  • Price: $334

Katabatic Gear Flex 22° Quilt

  • Weight: 23.90 oz
  • Price: $359

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The Revelation Quilt was donated for the purpose of review.

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