Gear Review: Arc’teryx Remige Hoody

Lightweight hiking hoodies just might be one of my favorite pieces of gear. Rather than constantly slathering on sunscreen and still getting sunburned, I can now protect my arms, neck, and ears from the sun’s harmful rays without doing a thing. Moisture wicking and breathable, the Arc’teryx Remige hoody is ideal for hiking adventures under the intense sun and varied weather conditions typical in the mountains. 

Arc’teryx Remige At-a-Glance

Weight: Women’s 4.6 ounces, men’s 5.6 ounces
UPF Rating: 50
Fabric: Thalden polyester
MSRP: $89

Intended Use

This lightweight hoody is best used for hiking and trekking adventures in the Mountain West. While it is lightweight and breathable, it is not lightweight enough to be comfortable on the desert floor, or in consistently hot or humid conditions. Rather, this hoody is ideal for cool mornings, warm days, and during long stretches of exposure above the treeline. 

Circumstance of Review

I live in the desert, surrounded by mountains, so naturally I tested this shirt in a variety of conditions. The terrain here provides versatile opportunities for testing gear. From the desert floor to elevations over 10,000 feet, I was able to try the hoody in a huge range of temperature conditions, all under some intense sun. I also put the hoody to the test on some off-trail adventures involving some heavy-duty—and prickly—bushwhacking.


Technical Features: Synthetic fabric is lightweight, moisture wicking, and provides a sun protection rating of 50 UPF. 

Fit: Loose fit with gusseted underarms and a low-profile hood. The cut is less flattering than some of the other hoodies I own, but the loose fit makes it more comfortable. Size down for a tighter fit and slightly shorter sleeves. 

Sleeves: Long-sleeves with hidden thumb loop. As a long-limbed person, I appreciate that the sleeves are long enough for me. 


The Remige Hoody is loose-fitting and comfortable, and (perhaps my favorite feature) the sleeves are super long. While the shirt is true-to-size for a loose fit, if you are petite or are looking for something a little more form-fitting you might consider sizing down.  The hood stays up well on its own, despite not having a drawstring or button. The flat seams are comfortable under a pack. This is a great daily-wear shirt for hiking or backpacking adventures.

Sun Hoody Details

As mentioned above, this sun hoody is great for variable conditions, but not intended for intense heat or humidity. The Remige  becomes a little too warm for comfort once temperatures are consistently over about 85F. However, temperatures that high are not common at high altitudes. Therefore, this shirt is best suited to mountain conditions: cool to warm weather with potential for sudden changes such as wind and rain. There are other hoody products better suited to desert hiking.

Remige Hoody Pros

Durability: I really abused this shirt with some heavy-duty bushwhacking. Even after hiking through some dense Catclaw thickets, the shirt resisted snags and tears. It still looks brand new!

Long Sleeves/ Thumb Loop: As a tall person, “long” sleeves frequently do not cover my wrists. Thumb holes are useless if they pull the sleeves out so tight that they hurt my thumbs—this is a real issue with my Patagonia Tropic Comfort Hoody. The Arc’teryx Remige actually has long sleeves, and the thumb loops are placed so perfectly my thumbs slide right in without even trying. These little details make a big difference in long-term comfort. 

Hood: While the hood has no buttons or drawstrings to hold it up, it stays up quite well on its own. It is low profile enough to not obstruct my vision, and paired with a hat or visor, provides excellent sun protection for my face as well as my neck and ears. The fact that the hood stays up without needing to be cinched down makes it more breathable around my head as well.

Sun Protection: I burn easily, and it’s nice to not have to worry about carrying or running out of sunscreen, especially at altitude where the sun’s rays are more intense.

Remige Hoody Cons

Loose Fit: Let’s be honest, the cut isn’t particularly flattering if that’s something you’re going for. As mentioned above, sizing down may help. Then again, the loose fit keeps things breathable and comfortable, and comfort trumps fashion on the trail, in my opinion. 

Breathability: Given how lightweight it is, I’m surprised the shirt isn’t more breathable. I own heavier sun hoodies that are more breathable and therefore more comfortable in hot conditions. 

Price: At $89, the Remige is one of the most expensive sun hoodies out there. 

Overall / Value

I doubt anyone associates Arc’teryx with low prices. Arc’teryx is, however, associated with quality, innovation, and a lifetime warranty. The Arc’teryx Remige Hoody is expensive. With that being said, this is a well-made, super light, and surprisingly durable product that performs as intended and is built to last. If you wait for a coupon from REI or Backcountry, you could save 20%.

Comparable Items

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$55, 5.2 ounces

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$85, 8.6 ounces

Disclosure: This product was donated for purpose of review

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Comments 2

  • U : Aug 22nd

    Hi Megan, thank you for this differentiated review. I just received the mens version of the item on sale and need to decide if I will keep it or not. Though already owning some Arcteryx products and being very pleased with them, this one to me has a somehow odd cut.
    In their product description Arcteryx meantions that it is made for climbing (so proberly for higher elevations) but also for hiking and trekking (which could could be done pretty much everywhere). In this regard it is helpful to learn about the temperature and humidity limitations. For me living in a german low mountain range it doesn’t seem to be ideal.
    In your review you metioned twice that you own (even thicker) sun hoodies with more breatheabilty. Could you please tell me which products you are talking about? It would also be interesting, if the product was designed to be worn in daily life.
    Best regards and keep healthy and enjoy nature
    Gregor (who apologizes for his bad english)

  • Megan McGowan : Aug 22nd

    Hi Gregor-

    The most breathable sun hoody I have is the Tidal Tee from Columbia PFG. Downsides are the fit is very boxy and the logo is obnoxious on the sleeve.

    The follow up is the Patagonia Tropic Hoody. This one has the nicest fit, although I find the sleeves could be a touch longer. It’s not quite as breathable as the Columbia but it is much more flattering if you are thinking about everyday wear.

    I’ll be testing another hoody from Outdoor Research in the coming months, so stay tuned!



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