Gear Review: CW-X Revolution Tights & Versatx Running Bra

CW-X Revolution Compression Tights
MSRP: $200

CWX Revolution Tights
When I first squeezed myself into these next-level running tights, I felt like a high school kid getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari without knowing how to drive. That’s a slight exaggeration, but these CW-X compression tights are so high-tech and fancy that I felt like I should explain to my coworkers that really, I was just going out for a lunch-time run and I didn’t plan to run into the next state doing 7-minute miles. Basically, these tights go beyond your normal running attire, as CW-X has engineered a line of endurance apparel that boasts the unique function of supporting muscles and joints as you work the hell out of them. The pants have a specialized support web built into the fabric, which eases pressure on your joints and muscles, and each product line focuses on something different. The Revolution Tights are built with a seamless support web (different from other CW-X offerings, which have extra material stitched into the garments). This makes the Revolution the lightest and most appealing option for endurance athletes looking for a good weight-to-functionality ratio. For endurance running or hiking, the support web stabilizes your knee to reduce shock absorption, and the rest of the webbing mimics sport-taping techniques, applying the concept to muscles before they get injured. Seems smart, right? For long-distance hiking, these are a smart choice, as they will help reduce both muscle fatigue and joint stress. Be sure to check the sizing chart though, as they are very, very tight. (Kind of a necessity with compression). When you first struggle into them, be aware that they’re supposed to go on like that. Once you’ve wiggled into them they’ll feel just dandy.

CW-X Versatx Running Bra
MSRP: $55

CWX versatx bra
Things that are not fun: descending a hill/mountain/anywhere, and having your ample chest hit you in the chin with each jolting stride. For those not familiar with this annoying anatomical feature, consider yourself lucky. But for those who are tired of layering sports bras to get enough support, check this one out. Like the pants, the CW-X Vertatx bra is made to support you, and it will keep them down. No more neck strain, no more holding yourself in place while you bounce down the trail. The price might make you cringe, but having a sports bra that actually does its job can be tough to find, and this burly bra will last long enough to make it worth every penny. The straps are wide so they don’t cut into your shoulders, and the bra evenly distributes the weight of its passengers. This bra is for functionality, not sex appeal, so don’t expect to go vamping through the woods. If that’s what you’re going for, let me direct you to a certain pink-colored store at your local mall.

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  • Kestrelchick : Apr 30th

    HI and thanks SO much for your posts – I was trying to find a way to ask a question about a piece of gear you used on your thru-hike – was curious your thoughts on the Nemo Dagger 3 – I am not finding tons online about others who have used it on the trail – my 13 year old son and I are planning a 2017 thru-hike and we have been going crazy trying to figure out what tent will work for us – we don’t want to be right up on top of each other – and still have room for our gear without worrying about water leaks or rubbing up against the side of a wet tent because we are crammed into a 50″ wide tent…would love to hear your opinions

    • Maggie : May 1st

      Hi there, and thanks for reaching out. Rocky and I had the same thought during our thru, with needing more space. We started out in a 2-person tent, which really should be called a one-person-plus-gear tent. Switching to the 3-person made the six months SO much more bearable, and the Dagger 3p was incredible spacious. The tent is super easy to set up, all of the poles are in one unit, so you can pop it together in a minute. The fly has large vestibules, which was great if our stuff was wet and we didn’t want it in the tent. But since the space was so large inside, we could fit all of our gear, plus ourselves easily. It is sturdy, never leaked, and didn’t rip. The downside to this tent is that it’s a little heavy for a thru-hike, 4.6 pounds I think? If you and your son split the weight however, that’s just over 2lbs per person which isn’t bad.

      There are lighter options out there (ZPacks makes a UL 3-person tarp tent) but those will run around 700$ and are more work to set up, as they aren’t freestanding. I would hike with this tent again, for how easy it was to set up, how roomy, and just overall comfort. A thru-hike is a long time to be out there, and the extra space was totally worth it. If you have further gear questions, my email is [email protected].


  • Cheri : Oct 24th

    Maggie, about the sports bra, does it feel restrictive at all? I need some support but find most that offer support are so restrictive that they are not comfortable to wear for days on end.

    • maggie : Oct 24th

      Hi Cheri-
      This bra is incredibly supportive but also restrictive. If you need the support from this bra, I would recommend sizing up on the band size. I wear it for running, but I wouldn’t take it on an extended hike. Honestly, for my thru-hike, I went to TJ Maxx and bought a few $10-15 sports bras, and tried wearing them for a few days in a row each. I took the most comfortable one with me (I think it was a very basic Nike bra) and it was great! The bouncing on a thru-hike is less intense than running. Let me know if you have more questions! -Maggie


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