Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation Quilt Review

If only I could travel back in time and smack myself upside the head for ever thinking I “sleep too cold” for a quilt. Because now that I’ve gotten a taste of the freedom that quilts provide, I’m never going back. 

Enlightened Equipment is known for its Revelation quilt. According to The Trek’s 2019 Appalachian Trail Survey, Enlightened Equipment was the most popular brand for sleeping bags or quilts, with the Revelation coming in first ahead of the lighter Enigma in second.

And now, it’s even better. The new Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation retains all of the popular features of the Revelation, with a twist. A head hole in the middle of the quilt allows the hiker to wear it as a poncho. This means saving weight on a puffy and being able to turn yourself into an adorable marshmallow while inhaling food at camp.


Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation Specs 

The Rev-HOLE-ation is entirely customizable. Here are the specs for the quilt I use, but weight and price will fluctuate depending on different fill, sizing, and temperature options. 

MSRP: $370.00

Weight: 25.79 ounces 

Fill: 850-fill duck down

Temperature: 20°F

Size: Long/Wide 

Here is the range of available specs to choose from (price and weight are dependent upon these factors):

Fill: 850-fill duck down or 950-fill goose down

Temperature: 0°F – 50°F

Size: Short/Regular, Regular/Regular, Regular/Wide, Long/Wide

How I Chose to Customize My Quilt

Temperature rating: I already have a heavy 0° bag, so I wanted a quilt that was lighter and with more versatility. Many thru-hikers opt for 20° bags when hiking during the normal season. 

Sizing: If Enlightened Equipment made a long/regular, that would be my pick. I really wanted a long because I am such a restless sleeper. I’m 5 feet, 10 inches, but EE advises to add an extra four inches to your height if you move around a lot. To get the long length, I also had to choose the wide width. It’s definitely more than I need, but when the straps are properly secured the draft is eliminated. 

Colors: This was my favorite part of choosing my quilt. Normally, bags and quilts are offered in just two or three color options. Enlightened Equipment lets you pick out both the inside and outside colors. Major style points.

If you can’t tell, I’m extremely happy with my purple cape.

Circumstances of Review 

This quilt (and I) have been blessed with a variety of weather conditions in a short amount of time. Though I wasn’t able to get out for any subfreezing nights, I got a pretty good idea of the temperatures I could push in the Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation. Our first spin together was a three-night trip in the High Sierra, with nighttime temperatures ranging between 35 and 45.  Given the fact that I was completely comfortable at 35° both inside and outside my tent using the quilt, I would surmise that the 20° rating holds true. I would feel confident pushing this quilt another 10-15 degrees colder with proper base layers. I also had plenty of chances to sleep with the Rev-HOLE-ation in the desert, including several toasty (85˚) nights. It should be noted I paired it with a 4.0 R-value sleeping pad.

Cow-person camping on a Southern California mountaintop.

Notable Features 

Style points indeed

Strap system: For colder nights, the quilt comes with a strap system to turn yourself into a full cocoon. There are buckles on each side of the quilt that connect around the bottom of your sleeping pad. When properly secured, it rivals the snug-ness of a mummy sleeping bag. 

Adjustable foo box: Arguably the most crucial feature. The footbox is fully unzippable, which turns the quilt into a blanket for warmer nights. When it’s cold, the footbox can be zipped and fully enclosed to keep your feet from freezing.  

The footbox is also on the longer side, which I like.

Omni-sealed head hole: This is what gives the Rev-HOLE-ation its name. In the middle of the quilt, there’s a slit that can be fully sealed or fully opened. When you pop your head through, you’re magically wearing a poncho. This saves weight on a puffy jacket and gives you even more style points. 

The Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation’s eponymous head hole.

Cinching top: The top of the quilt has a drawcord and snap-able collar. This allows you to control the amount of draft let in. 

Storage options: The quilt comes with two stuff sacks, the strapping system, and a large storage sack. This not only saved me from buying a stuff sack, but it also gave me an extra food bag. Win-win-win.  


My quilt packed into the smaller stuff sack. 1.5-liter water bottle for scale.

Warmth: In the High Sierra, pairing the Rev-HOLE-ation as a poncho with my Melanzana fleece was perfect—I don’t remember shivering once. At night, I was able to sleep with the rain fly off because of how warm the quilt kept me.

Weight: Quilts are engineered to save weight. I thought this would mean sacrificing comfort and warmth, but I found this just as cozy (if not more) than the sleeping bag I used on the JMT. Plus, Enlightened Equipment made this new model in part to ditch the puffy. 

Replaces puffy: Before my Sierra trip, I contemplated packing a puffy just in case. But I decided to put my faith in the quilt and I am so happy I did. Not once did I wish I had an extra layer with me. Though the weight I saved from ditching this layer was easily made up for with the amount of canned wine I brought, I’m stoked to know that using the Rev-HOLE-ation as a poncho at camp will save me from fretting over which jacket to choose from in the future.

Comfort: I seriously sleep with it on my bed to cuddle with during these hot summer months because it is so plushy. The loft has held extremely well, despite being shoved into the smallest stuff sack possible many times already this summer. 

Packability: When I use the smaller stuff sack, this quilt packs down smaller than my sleeping pad. 

Temperature versatility: For one quilt to take anywhere, the Rev-HOLE-ation is unbeatable. I really like how it ranges from being a blanket (when unzipped) to a cocoon (when strapped around a sleeping pad).

This quilt is my go-to for warm weather despite its 20˚ warmth rating. I camped in the Alabama Hills one 85° night, and miraculously didn’t sweat all over my tent. I fully unzipped my quilt and let my legs and arms hang out. On another toasty desert night, my boyfriend and I were both able to fit under the quilt together.

Style: Thru-hikers are not typically the most fashionable bunch, but I really really, really like the way this quilt looks. I pull it out pretty much every morning to snuggle up with coffee. The customizable options allow you to make your quilt exactly the way you want it, which for me means purple. 


Price: This quilt is on the upper-echelon of pricing. However, it is worth noting that this could save you investing in a puffy. 

Turnaround time: For a custom quilt, the estimated turnaround is 6-8 weeks. This makes it much more difficult to buy it on a whim for a backpacking trip next week.  

850-fill quality:  The 850-fill power option (which is cheaper) is duck down. Only the 950 option uses goose down, which typically has more loft. Read more about the differences here

Sizing: This is a small and very personal gripe, but I wish there was a long/regular sizing option. I love having the extra length to move around, but the wide is too much for me alone. On a particularly hot night, I was able to fit in another person next to me. This was fun and cozy, but unnecessary for a solo trip. 

You can’t turn yourself into a burrower: For cold nights, I highly recommend bringing a quality beanie and scarf. In a typical mummy sleeping bag, you can fully enclose your head and burrow yourself in your warmth. A quilt will always leave your head exposed.  

Overall Value 

I highly recommend this quilt for anyone willing to invest in a quality piece of gear. Though there are cheaper options, the weight, comfort, warmth, and versatility of the Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation make me that much more excited to sleep outside.  

Shop the Enlightened Equipment Rev-Hole-Ation Here

Comparable Products 

For comparison’s sake, I’ve chosen the long/wide specs for the following quilts and bags. This most accurately reflects price and weight differences compared to my customizations on the Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation.  

Jacks R Better Sierra Sniveller 20° 

MSRP: $249.95 – $259.95

Weight: 24 – 26 ounces

Fill Power: 800-fill down

*note: this is the only other quilt with a head hole I could find

Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20° 

MSRP: $335.00

Weight: 25.5 ounces

Fill Power: 850- or 900-fill down

Katabatic Flex 22

MSRP: $350.00

Weight: 26.3 – 27.6 ounces

Fill Power: 850- or 900-fill down

REI Co-op Magma Trail Quilt 30

MSRP: $339.00

Weight: 20 ounces

Fill Power:  850-fill down

Sea to Summit Flame 25 Sleeping Bag

MSRP: $499.00

Weight: 27 ounces

Fill Power: 850-fill down 

This item was donated for the purpose of review. 

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  • Todd : Sep 7th

    I’m a little confused. You say in the section on customizing your quilt you couldn’t get a long quilt without also getting the wide width. But on their web site for ordering custom quilts you can order any combination of length and width. And in the list of comparable quilts, you missed Underground Quilts (UGQ). Veryuch comparable.

    • Katie Kommer : Sep 7th

      Hi Todd – thanks for your attention to detail on my post, I love engaging with readers 🙂 I initially attempted to get a long/regular quilt and they reached out to me directly to let me know that they were not currently carrying that combination. I sure hope they’ve changed that – the more variety the better! There’s so many comparable quilts and bags it was hard to narrow it down – kudos for you to being plugged in on the gear scene!

  • Surya : Apr 3rd

    You said: “I really wanted a long because I am such a restless sleeper. I’m 5 feet, 10 inches, but EE advises to add an extra four inches to your height if you move around a lot.”

    May be the sizing guide has changed since you wrote this post, but currently what I see is that if you are a restless sleeper, you should add 4″ – 5″ inches to your girth, not your height. The height addition is only suggested for back sleepers.

  • Jamie : Nov 16th

    My son purchased this bag (20 degree) and I had purchased an HG Econ 20 degree. He always thought he slept colder than me while I was always toasty in my HG, he was always chilly in his EE quilt at 35 degrees. He borrowed mine on a trip and said my HG was so much warmer! I told him there was something wrong with his quilt and he proceeded to hold it up and shine a flashlight thru it. Wow! it was amazingly evident that there were empty spots of down in various areas!
    He called EE and they told him to wash it etc. etc. He did exactly as he was told and the same situation occurred. He then contacted EE and they said send the quilt back to them. It has been a while now and he has heard nothing…… I suspect the same will happen to him that has happened to others with the same situation….NOTHING! Actually they said they would redistribute the down…. what down there wasnt enough to distribute!!
    These quilts are on the higher end and EE says they have a lifetime warranty! really??? Word of advice, do not purchase anything from this company, go to Hammock Gear they are great to deal with and stand behind their product.


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