Hello CCT ( California Coastal Trail) I’m back!!! And I am in Bigfoot country .

Quote for the day – it changed through the day, but ended up being: You got this girl!!!

Big foot Country

When I was younger I used to read weekly magazine. (1970’s, yes I’m old. But I am getting some great AARP discounts on this trip hahaha) My mom said I read an article about Big Foot and from that day on I was a believer. I even got my family to believe for a day or so. No sightings yet, but I did hear some interesting noises.

Redwood here I come Enders Beach to Damnation Creek

Beautiful just beautiful!!! The redwoods are incredible!!!

Switchbacks, we don’t need no freaking switchbacks.

Years ago I used to teach English in South Korea. Hiking is very different there. First, there are no switchbacks. You just go straight up. Second, here in California when we finish a hike we drink water and eat a granola bar. Nope, not in Korea. They drink Soju, beer… it’s a party!!! My point is the first mile or so of this hike is basically uphill. They might say it’s a switchback but it is up up up a little jog to the right then up up up and a little jog to the left. But doable!!! I felt like the mileage on the sign were a little off.

Cute wildlife sightings

Coastal Trail to False Klamath cove.

Another unbelievable hike. Trick number one. When you cross 101 the trail is not there. Do not panic. (As I did, not!!! Well just a little) Go North up the highway a little bit. You will see a sign saying Aubrey F Liermann Gove. It does not say Coastal Trail. It does show up on iPhone maps though.

Trick number 2. This trail is beautiful and very elf like, but it is overgrown in many areas and there are quite a few dead trees you have to find a way around. The picture below shows the overgrowth. Ya, where is that trail?

Stinging Nettles are still stinging.

When I was younger I used to work with the girl scouts and we always told the girls about stinging nettles. I forgot what they looked like, but my legs are still stinging. Almost impossible to avoid because of so much overgrown. However with the rains we just had I get it!!!


Yurok loop to trees of mystery

This was definitely the easiest part of today’s hike. All in all about 22 miles.

I saw snakes, I saw snakes!!!

All and all a great hike!!!

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Comments 3

  • Esperanza Avina : Jun 15th

    I love all your pictures. It’s so beautiful and peaceful there. It looks like Baby Huey could come in handy there! Art says to be safe and stay hydrated.

    • Seashell : Jun 17th

      Avina, that is so funny that you said that. Every time I see a white jeep I look to see if it says Baby Huey on it. Hahaha that is so funny. Yes, baby Huey would love this trip. There is still time come with me and Baby Huey!!! Miss ya!!!

  • Danielle : Sep 18th

    Amazing journey that you went on! I stumbled on your page because I google “Aubrey F. Liermann Grove because my son and I hiked it last year and couldn’t find it this year! This was our absolute favorite. Is there anyway you have coordinates for this? I tried looking up Coastal Trail, but it came up with the one right on the coast.


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