Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Cookware Collection Review

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Sea to Summit.

As a thru-hiker, I’ve spent years dialing in my ultralight gear arsenal. Yet upgrading my backcountry cookware has never been a priority. I usually opt for a small pot and stove (I’m not quite on the cold soak train yet) and eat directly out of Ziplock bags in true hiker trash fashion. 

However, now that I’ve experienced the upgrade that is the Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Cookware collection, it’s tough to imagine going back to anything less than the luxuries of this collapsible kitchen set. 

Featuring products like a collapsible, nesting five-piece cook set, using the Frontier line felt like playing with a set of Russian nesting dolls. Each component revealed something smaller, more compact, and incredibly convenient, making packing for camping and backpacking trips a breeze.

The collapsible, lightweight, and packable Frontier line offers a solution for those who need to optimize space without sacrificing functionality.

This spring, I reviewed multiple aspects of this ultralight kitchen collection: a five-piece nesting cook set, a standalone frying pan and pot, a collapsible kettle and pour over, and a cutlery set.

egg scramble in yellow collapsible sea to summit frontier collection pot with long handle spoon

Intended Use

The Frontier Ultralight camp kitchen line caters to those who demand high performance from their gear without skimping on weight and space efficiency, particularly on more luxury items for a camp kitchen setup.

As a weight-conscious backpacker, every ounce truly counts, and Sea to Summit delivers with its innovative design and durable construction. Collapsibility is the name of this game, but never at the expense of each product’s quality.

Circumstance of Review

I utilized this cookware set on multiple days of camping in Moab, where I frequently whipped up hearty dinners around the campfire, quick breakfasts on the go, and, of course, my morning coffee. I also packed the Frontier set for quicker cooking endeavors, such as backcountry ski objectives, full days at the crag, or virtually anytime I needed a kitchen away from home.

Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Collapsible One Pot Cook Set – (5 Piece)

Photo Credit: Sea to Summit

At a Glance

MSRP: $179.95
Size: 2.2L pot, 2 medium bowls, and 2 cups (ideal for a two-person set)
Weight: 18.6 oz
Materials: EU food-grade silicone and hard-anodized aluminum

What I Loved

  • Unbelievably packable
  • Color-coded so you can keep track of dishes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pot handle can be removed for storage
  • Premium materials
  • Perfect size
  • Graduated mugs for easy volume measurements

Split between two people, you’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive cookware set that stows away as easily as this one does. This five-piece cook set includes everything you’d need for a meal for two, with two color-coded plates and mugs and an ergonomic design for comfortable use. 

The pot itself features a removable Click-Safe handle that can be reversed to either store the lid shut when not being used, or for secure handling when actively cooking. Simply click and rotate the handle into place to start cooking, or pack away.

The pot also features the best of this collection’s materials: hard-anodized aluminum to boil water quickly due to the rapid heat transfer, and silicone rubber that collapses for easy packing.

The compact bowls and mugs were the perfect size for a camp meal, whether it was enjoying a plate of scrambled eggs to get me going each morning, or a bowl of nachos after a long day of walking.

I also loved making my pour-over coffee directly into the collapsible mug each morning. The mugs are graduated on the inner part of the silicone, so I never had to second-guess how much water to add to meals, especially when it came to backpacking meals that require exact measurements.

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Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight 8″ Pan

sausages frying in sea to summit frontier pan on blue camp stove


MSRP: $69.95
Size: 8 inches (diameter)
Weight: 13 oz
Materials: Hard-anodized aluminum alloy

What I Loved

  • Compact yet functional
  • Quick heat transfer
  • Durable
  • Non-stick and easy to clean
  • Handle can be removed for storage

Don’t let its compact size fool you — eight inches is plenty of cooking space to fill a hungry stomach on trail. The hard-anodized aluminum construction ensures quick heat transfer, making that wait time between cooking and eating much more tolerable. Plus, the durability of the material ensures this pan will last many lifetimes, no matter how hard your thru-hike is on your gear. 

The ceramic non-stick coating made for a painless clean-up, especially when I only had access to cold water. Cleaning is my least-favorite camp chore, but it was a breeze with to the Frontier Ultralight 8″ Pan.

The removable, signature Click-Safe handle also added to its versatility, allowing for secure handling and easy storage; flipping flapjacks or sautéing veggies for taco night was never easier.

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Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Pot

sea to summit frontier ultralight pot on cut stump with lid attached to pot rim by yellow clip


MSRP: $74.95
Size: 1.3L, 2L, or 3L
Weight: 7.5 oz (1.3L), 9 oz (2L), or 10.7 (3L)
Materials: Hard-anodized aluminum alloy

What I Loved

  • Three sizes
  • Rapid boil
  • Durable
  • Non-stick and easy to clean
  • Strainer holes in pot lid
  • Protective silicone grip (so you don’t burn yourself)
  • Lid clips to side of pot

Available in three sizes, the Frontier Ultralight Pot once again uses hard-anodized aluminum alloy to decrease water boiling time and increase durability. I was able to bring two cups of water to a rolling boil in just over four minutes.

The ceramic non-stick coating makes clean-ups simple, and I was especially impressed with the clever strainer holes in the pot lid. You know what sounds like a nightmare? Dumping an entire pot of perfectly-cooked pasta into the dirt because my pot didn’t have a strainer readily available. This feature on the Frontier pot was thus a welcome addition.

Plus, I didn’t have to worry about burning my hands with the scalding water, as the pot’s cover has a silicone grip to hold on to while dumping excess contents. 

The pot has a wide enough base to easily scoop and turn food, and even includes the LidKeep feature that cleverly allows users to clip the lid to the rim of the pot for a hands-free experience when stirring or seasoning.

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Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Collapsible Kettle


MSRP: $69.95
Size: 1.1L
Weight: 7.1 oz
Materials: EU food-grade silicone and hard-anodized aluminum

What I Loved

  • Can double as a small cook pot
  • Rapid boil
  • Silicone rubber provides just the right amount of insulation
  • Reinforced dual handles
  • Collapsible Pour Over fits inside

Is a separate kettle an essential kitchen cookware item? Perhaps not. But, am I convinced my coffee tasted astronomically better each morning when poured from the Frontier Ultralight Collapsible Kettle? Yes. Guilty as charged.

If that’s not enough to convince you, Sea to Summit conveniently designed this compact and lightweight kettle to be the ultimate space-saver. Whether it’s tea for two or a meal for one, this was a happy addition to my morning breakfast ritual. The wide rim makes the kettle an ideal small cook pot as well.

Though the base of the kettle is made of anodized aluminum for quick boil times, which typically took about 5 minutes for 2 cups of water, the body is constructed of EU food-grade silicone rubber to avoid hot spots when handling the kettle. It even served as a fantastic hand-warmer on cold mornings, where the rubber provided just enough insulation to keep the heat from scalding my hands. 

The kettle also features dual handles with reinforced nylon for better control when pouring. Due to its collapsible nature, you can even compactly stow the Sea to Summit Collapsible Pour Over (see below) for safe and convenient keeping.

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Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Collapsible Pour Over


MSRP: $34.95
Size: 1 serving of coffee (30 grams)
Weight: 2 oz
Materials: Silicone, Stainless Steel, and Polypropylene

What I Loved

  • Makes great coffee!
  • Folds flat
  • Super-fine stainless steel mesh
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces single-use plastics from instant coffee
  • Fits a wide variety of mugs/bottles

As a coffee connoisseur, I reveled in putting my backcountry barista skills to the test with this user-friendly, compact collapsible pour over.

The low profile fold-flat design makes it impressively packable, while the super-fine stainless steel mesh ensures a smooth brewing experience; the mesh kept the coffee grounds out while letting all the caffeinated goodness flow through. 

For clean-up, I was able to easily pour water through and dump, which was a great way to reduce single-use plastics from the instant coffee packets I typically tote with me. Instead, I just ground up beans before I left home and then added them to the pour over each morning.

The design of the pour over was incredibly convenient, with a mount base that fit most mugs and wide-mouth bottle rims. I put this to the test, and seamlessly brewed directly into my Nalgenes, cups, and Sea to Summit collapsible mug.

Whether I was enjoying a cup of joe in the backcountry or reducing my single-use plastics, this pour-over delivered on both taste and sustainability while hardly taking up any space in my pack (and neatly tucked inside the Sea to Summit Collapsible Kettle).

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Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Cutlery Set – Long Handle Spoon & Spork

tongs formed of sea to summit frontier spoon and spork connected by rounded adapter being used to pluck strawberries and blueberries out of a container


MSRP: $29.95
Size: Long handled spoon, long handled spork & adapter attachment
Weight: 1.1 oz
Materials: Aluminum and Polypropylene

What I Loved

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stackable
  • Spork + spoon + adapter = ultralight tongs!
  • Long handle for freeze-dried backpacking meals

Rounding out the Frontier collection is the Ultralight Cutlery Set, featuring a long-handled spoon, spork, and adapter attachment. Made from hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and polypropylene, these utensils are lightweight yet durable, and I never had to worry about them getting too hot when mixing food or stirring boiling water.

The stackable design allows for space-saving storage, while the adapter attachment adds versatility to your outdoor dining experience for an all-in-one tong set. I felt so bougie serving up pasta and salad to my friends around the campfire with these tongs, which easily transformed back into individual utensils when needed.

If you hate sticking your hands halfway into a backpacking meal just to scoop out food, the long handle of the spoon and spork will be your best friend.

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Overall Value

I look forward to upgrading some of my kitchen assets for these ultralight Frontier line pieces (the kettle is my new favorite necessity). The light weight, packability, and performance Sea to Summit offers with these products may be a luxury for some, but they are guaranteed to deliver on convenience and reliability and are sure to up your cooking game on your next weekend backpacking trip or camping getaway. 

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Sea to Summit. The Frontier UL Cookware products were donated for purpose of review.

Featured image: Graphic design by Zack Goldmann.

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