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2014 appalachian trail thru-hikers


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Collages courtesy of the immensely talented Sara Douma.

This page is dedicated to all those who plan to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2014.  Information includes a list of 2014 AT blogs, thru-hiker marketplace, gear lists, and more. If there is anything that I have overlooked, or that you would like to see included on this page, please e-mail me at

Check out the Appalachian Trail 2013 and Appalachian Trail 2015 pages too.

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If you’re thinking of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2014, or will be following closely the thru-hike of a loved one, you should check out Appalachian Trials.  It’s the only resource to help hikers with the mental/emotional portion of thru-hiking the AT – the most difficult aspect of the trail.

Completed 2014 Thru-Hikers!

Check out the list of 2014 Appalachian Trail thru-hikers!!

List of 2014 Appalachian Trail Blogs

If you are planning on thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2014 and would like your blog included on this list, please e-mail me at theGoodBadgergmailcom.

Appalachian Trials Blog

A Fork in the Road

A Girl, A Trail, And One Crazy Adventure

Arthur Santore Tovar Hikes the AT

Aquaman and Tricks

Boots to Birks

Bowman’s Writing Nook

Curiosity Thrills This Cat

Earthman Hikes the AT

Endless Footpath

FIMBY: A Family Adventure on the AT

Following Chance

Hanging on the Trail


Just Bumming Around

LAF on the AT

Lost on the AT

Mike Osborne’s Thru-Hike

ME>GA Spirit quest

Mr. Nayt Takes a Walk

Mr. Toad and Penguin

My AT Adventures

My Hike, 2014


Nothing Ventured

On the trail


Post War Hike

Preying Jaws

the proud land

Rob Plods


slowly hiking

That AT Blog

The Trail Beckons

TimeOut Adventures

Trail Mix and Dirty Underwear

Turtle Crawls NoBo

Valley Girl

Walk 4 Heroes

Walking with Wired

Wandering Welders

The Wild Outsiders

Zuhause im wald

Thru-Hiker Partner Marketplace

Either leave a comment at the bottom of this page or Tweet with the hashtag “#AT2014thruhiker” to be listed below.


Also check out the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers Class of 2014 Facebook Page to find others who are leaving the same time as you!

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Recommended Books

Appalachian Trials

AWOL’s AT Guide

A Walk in the Woods

How to Hike the AT

(Non AT related)

A New Earth (Audiobook)

Appalachian Trail Hostels

(From South to North)

The Blueberry Patch in Hiawassee, GA

Serenity Chalet (two miles out of the NOC)

Aquone Hostel in Nantahala Forest, NC

The Cabin in the Woods at Stecoah Gap, NC 143

Standing Bear Farm at Green Corner Rd, TN

Elmer’s Sunnybank Inn in Hot Springs, NC

Uncle Johnny’s Nolichucky Hostel in Erwin, TN

Mountain Harbour B&B in Roan Mountain, TN

Woodshole Hostel at Sugar Run Gap, VA

Bears Den Hostel & Trail Center in Bears Den Rocks, VA

Brook Falls Farm, in Middleville, NJ

Green Mountain House in Manchester Center, VT

White Mountain Lodge & Hostel in Gorham, NH

E-mail me at [email protected] to be listed here (please include a link to your hostel)

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Gear

This section is dedicated to helping you find the right gear including tips on how to save money.

Check out our extensive Gear page, full of reviews, advice, and hacks.

For great thru-hiking gear tips, I recommend checking out The Dusty Camel’s gear page.

Steep and Cheap offers one great gear item per day at a large discount.

The Clymb also has some awesome daily gear deals.

If you live near an REI, definitely check out their Garage Sales.  You won’t find better deals anywhere.

*NOTE* REI has implemented a one-year return rule on all items.  Still a terrific store, which I shop at almost exclusively, but something to consider for those who shop purely for the terms of service.

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