Backpacker Radio #171 | Sarah Dramis on Triple Crowning, Healing Her Back Injury, Strength Training, and VIP Nannying

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, brought to you by Minus33, we are joined by Sarah Dramis. Sarah is a triple crowner turned ultrarunner, a fitness coach, former VIP travel family manager and nanny, and the survivor of a serious back injury resulting in several broken vertebrae. We go deep on Sarah’s backpacking career, including some of the standout highs and lows from each of her backpacking trips, we do a fuck marry kill on the triple crown trails, we learn about Sarah’s passion for strength training and fitness in general, her failed attempt at the Colorado Trail FKT, and much more.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of rainy day activities, we hear from a fan of the show who was viciously lied to by Chaunce, and we chat about some of our favorite trail meals.

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Interview with Sarah Dramis

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:46 – QOTD: What is your favorite trail meal?

00:06:57 – Reminders: Support the Partnership for the National Trails System, apply to join the Trek, and support us by subscribing wherever you listen!

00:09:17 – Introducing Sarah

00:09:57 – How’d you get your trail name?

00:10:30 – What’s the backpacking scene like in Hawaii?

00:11:50 – What put the PCT on your radar?

00:13:05 – Tell us about breaking your back.

00:16:36 – Discussion about the rod in Sarah’s back.

00:20:00 – How did the rod protect you when you got hit by a car?

00:22:06 – What was it like transitioning to long-distance hiking?

00:23:35 – How did you know how to train your body?

00:24:50 – How much was strength training a part of your routine before thru-hiking?

00:27:23 – How did thru-hiking change your wiring?

00:28:50 – Where does fearless Sarah come from?

00:30:00 – Tell us about getting frostbite and hypothermia.

00:34:58 – Tell us about doing the Colorado Trail in 2016.

00:36:48 – Was there any challenge to thru-hiking with your best friend?

00:39:50 – Tell us about the Annapurna Circuit.

00:43:35 – Was the person you did the circuit with a love interest?

00:45:00 – Tell us about the Appalachian Trail.

00:47:58 – Are you more of a solo hiker or a group hiker?

00:49:28 – Tell us about rain on the AT.

00:53:42 – What’d you do in 2018?

00:55:00 – What makes a family VIP?

00:59:12 – How much free time did you have while nannying?

01:00:30 – Tell us about the CDT in 2019.

01:02:58 – How did the CDT snow compare to the AT rain?

01:08:10 – How is it seeing 4 grizzlies in one day?

01:10:21 – What were your emotions when finishing the trail?

01:11:17 – Tell us about getting into ultrarunning. 

01:14:30 – Fuck Marry Kill: the triple crown trails

01:15:47 – Tell us about the CT FKT attempt.

01:23:59 – Do you have more FKT aspirations?

01:25:03 – What are your song recommendations for climbs, running, and trail?

01:31:43 – Are there training differences between backpacking and running?

01:35:00 – Tell us about your diet and your thoughts on nutrition.

01:41:56 – Chaunce’s drink

01:48:10 – Tell us about your plans for a homestead.

01:50:22 – Discussion about animals as food vs. pets

01:52:24 – Chaunce’s chicken story

01:53:51 – How could someone get involved in your fitness coaching or follow your adventures?

01:56:38 – Anything else you want to share?


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Triple Crown of rainy day activities

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