Oregon Resupply Review

Once I arrived In Seiad Valley I was struck with the realization that I knew absolutely nothing about Oregon and I was about to attempt the 2 week challenge…

Needless to say I did some crash course research and sent some boxes to myself in an attempt to make it easy to resupply and move quickly.

Crossing my fingers I planned this right in the couple hours I had:////

I couldn’t find too many great recourses on all of this information so I hope this can be helpful for anyone trying to understand the resupply situation!!!

The “2 week challenge” is attempting to get across Oregon in 2 weeks… I’ll explain more in my Oregon post coming soon. BUT this meant hitching to town was extra time that I didn’t have so sending boxes made the most sense to me in this case.

Overview of potential OR resupply places and mileage

Places in bold are stops that I made. Keep in mind my goal was to go fast and make it easy for myself to keep moving. I talked to many hikers that absolutely loved Bend, so if I were to do it again I would stop there!

Ashland (mile 1719)

Hyatt Lake (mile 1742)

Fish Lake (mile 1773)

Manzama Village at Crater Lake (mile 1821)

Shelter Cove (mile 1907)

Elk Lake (mile 1952)

Sisters/Bend (mile 1983)

Big Lake Youth Camp (mile 1995)

Olallie Lake (mile 2045)

Government Camp (mile 2086)

Timberline lodge (mile 2097)

Cascade Locks (mile 2147)

I didn’t stop at all of these places so I will only discuss the places I went. I am by no means saying my resupply strategy was perfect BUT I was never in trouble and I was well fed and felt like it all worked adequately for me.

It was relatively inexpensive here in OR and I never spent money on lodging while in which was AWESOME! I also never had to hitch and stayed on trail for those 2 weeks without having to stray far from trail to get what I needed.

Mileage Breakdown from Ashland to The Bridge Of The Gods

Day 1: 31 (mm 1720-1751)

Day 2: 31 (mm 1751-1782)

Day 3: 41 (mm 1782-1822) Crater Lake

Day 4: 18 (1820-1850) Rim Trail alternate

Day 5: 32 (1850- 1879)

Day 6: 27 (1879- 1911) Shelter Cove

Day 7: 37 (1911-1948)

Day 8: 32 (1948- 1980)

Day 9: 20 (1980-2000) Big Lake Youth Camp

Day 10: 31 (2000-2031)

Day 11: 36 (2031-2063) Olallie Lake

Day 12: 32 (2067- 2099) Timberline Lodge

Day 13: 18 (2099-2117)

Day 14: 32 (2117- 2149) Bridge Of The Gods

Places I stopped and Resupplied

1. Ashland

Check out the second hand gear shop!!!!

This was where I split off from my trail family and began the 2 week challenge.

Ashland is incredible and I enjoyed spending the 4th of July here. Tons of big store resupply options and lodging. I stayed at the Ashland Commons for only $25 (laundry, showers, kitchen, and bed). Absolutely go to Ashland!!!!

I planned for 3 days of food to get to Crater Lake. This was an 102 mile stretch and my mileage was 31, 31, and 41 to get to Manzama Village in Crater Lake National Park.

2. Crater Lake/Manzama Village

Friends who give you half their pizza<3

I stayed the night here at the campground which lets PCT hikers stay for free. The resort was upscale and food was expensive but I would recommend getting a meal at Crater Lake.

Getting from the village to Crater Lake there is a shuttle that runs at 9, 10, and 11 AM! Highly recommend!!!

The Village had a camp store and a gift shop. I did a full resupply here and the hiker box was fully stocked which was great too. Not a TON of options but totally doable to do a full resupply.

I resupplied for 3 days leaving from Crater Lake. It was 91 miles and I did 30 (technically 18 on the Rim Alternate), 32, and 32 (with a “hero” in and out of Shelter Cove).

3. Shelter Cove

For sure stop in here even if it’s only for a soda! Great staff and pretty view of the lake.

Shelter Cove was a very hiker friendly place. They have a PCT tarp with chargers, a hiker box, and picnic tables to hang out. They have a great restaurant (the pizza is giant and a good amount for the price) and a solid resupply. You could do a full resupply here.

I sent a box with breakfast, lunch, and dinner and filled in the gaps at the store which was not outrageously expensive.

I resupplied for about 2 days for 52 miles to Big Lake Youth Camp. I did more miles that night after I stopped in at Shelter cove with the days remaining I did 37, 32, and then the remaining 20 into Big Lake Youth Camp.

4. Big Lake Youth Camp

An example of an acceptable portion of food for a thru hiker.

THIS PLACE WAS THE BOMB! I was blown away by this place and their kindness and hospitality to hikers.

They have laundry, showers, meals you can join the campers for, food in the fridge, hiker box, camp store, and a whole room for resupply packages. They also let hikers stay on the property overnight! Absolutely stop here!!!!

My family sent me a care package here so I got that for my resupply for this next stretch. They are the best trail angels I could ever ask for;)

I resupplied for the next stretch to Timberline lodge where my next package was. I did a couple miles this night out of the camp and then a 31, a 36 (stopped in at Olallie Lake), and a 32 into Timberline Lodge.

5. Olallie Lake

After an exposed stretch through a burn scar this was such a pleasant stop in the middle of my day for a soda.

This place had a camp store that had a great amount of resupply options. You could totally do a full resupply here if needed! This would be a good option to resupply at if you don’t want to send a package to Timberline Lodge.

6. Timberline Lodge

Happy, full, and not wanting to move.

The longgggg awaited Timberline Lodge. I pushed it to camp in some trees right near the lodge so I could have quick access to the legendary breakfast buffet in the morning. After a WINDY and freezing night I was so happy to just stroll into the lodge for the complimentary coffee bar (it was divine;) Needless to say… the breakfast did not disappoint. $30 for the buffet so make sure you get your moneys worth;)

I sent a package here for the last couple days leading into Cascade Locks. They do charge $5 for holding the package but they don’t really have any resupply options besides a couple snacks in the gift shop. I would recommend a package here.

It is only 50 miles to the border from here so I hiked out 18 miles that afternoon, and did the remaining miles the next day to the border!!!!! ABSOLUTELY take the alternate on the way to Cascade Locks so you can experience Tunnel Falls… it was absolutely stunning!

7. Cascade Locks (WASHINGTON!)

See ya later OR!!!!!

I hope this can be a helpful recourse for anyone out there! Good luck and enjoy this beautiful state!!!!!!

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