3 1/2 Weeks to go!

I’m just comfortable like this!

I am sitting here at an amazing resort in Turtle Bay, Hawaii thinking about my upcoming trek on the PCT in April. Where I’ll be basically do whatever is opposite than what I’m doing here. Like shower, dine at fabulous resort restaurants, drink Kona coffee that’s been delivered by my request the previous night to arrive to me no later than 6:30 am and sit in the delightful sun while watching and listening to the waves crash on the North shore.

People reading are probably wondering what’s wrong with me, well…A lot, but we won’t go there, just yet. Thats my humor. I’m funny, right?

I would just say that I’m drawn to things that gnaw at me. It’s the not so subtle noise that has always been there that I must do this thing, and I must do this thing soon. I think, that if I don’t do it, I will let myself down or somehow fail myself. I know too that once something gets in my head that it’s not always attached to a negative, it can also just be a thought of “You have to do this now, because it’s going to be such an amazing life changing event”.

That was true of my summits of Mt. Whitney. Each time I submitted, regardless of if I had done it before, each time, it was a life changing event. I love that.

I really didn’t plan on blogging until I got on trail and had something cool to say about the actual trail but I just thought I’d introduce myself and break the ice. I am after all, high on Kona coffee, and I just ordered my sleeping pad from REI that’s been delivered to my house in San Diego. how exciting to sleep on the ground right? At least the R rating for the pad is 4.5 so I’m stoked.

Until next time!


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  • Jackie Cipriani : Mar 28th

    Love your bio!
    It saddens me that I really didn’t know any of this and I worked with you. My bad. I was always a stressed out mess at work and just trying to get through the day & really didn’t get to know my co-workers. My loss.

    Seriously, your fitness accomplishments are extremely impressive. Your mindset is amazing. You’re also very funny!

    PCT is no joke. I read a few books on PCT and AT hikers because it’s so mind boggling to me that people are this tough to not only hike these challenging routes but then tent camp in the wilderness!!??

    Hiking is hard period. Then not having access to daily showers, bathrooms, lovely meals??

    You’re so baddass! I’m cheering for you every step of the way and looking forward to hear all about it.

    Inspiring and beyond! Go Joy!

    • Joy Morrison : Apr 2nd

      I didn’t see this until last night and I’m learning how to blog and navigate here. The comments went straight to my email, I love that!

      I wanted to definitely respond here and say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made me cry (I’m not crying you’re crying) I don’t get this nor ever have gotten this type of cheerleading and love from my own family!

      I don’t know what stresses you had had personally, I just know that you’ve always been such a wonderful person and friend to myself and others. I always tell Dr. T what a girls girl you are. I hope we can get to know each other better and you and Dan are definitely coming to our wedding next year. I want to see you when I get back from the trail Jackie! I love you!


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