PCT: Timberline Lodge to Trout Lake

We hiked all of Oregon (and I’m catching up on posting)! And man was the Eagle Creek alternate through Tunnel Falls  into Cascade Locks a scenic end to the state. As soon as we got close to Washington, we finally had blue skies despite the fires lurking further North. Getting close to Canada!

Day 118: Timberline Lodge to Creek, 11.67 miles

Sink laundry is really the only way to truly comprehend how dirty your socks are…

It was incredibly smoky as we left the lodge. We couldn’t even see Mt Hood, which was very close.

We took an alternate that brought us to the magical Ramona Falls.  It was so beautiful and the water was tasty.

Despite the smoke, we had a lovely green campsite by a creek.

Day 119: Creek to Creek, 23.2 miles

We had a pretty heads down hiking day as we got closer to the state border. It was chilly and very smoky, obscuring supposed views along the trail.  These types of days are saved by podcasts and audiobooks.

We took the Eagle Creek alternate because it would take us past Tunnel Falls the next day on our way into Cascade Locks. This alternate started with nearly 2k ft descent within the first <2 miles! RIP our knees.

We camped in a partial burn area next to a creek.

Day 120: Creek to Cascade Locks

The Eagle Creek canyon was absolutely gorgeous. We were treated to little waterfalls and pools on the way to Tunnel Falls.

This massive waterfall has a tunnel blasted into the rock behind it. The trail was really narrow and I was very thankful for the metal rope along the rock wall.

We eventually made our way into Cascade Locks, meaning we hiked all of Oregon!

We took a zero and took the bus over to Walmart for resupply.

You gotta love thru hiking for letting you eat absolute trash while losing weight.

Day 122: Cascade Locks to Camp, 10ish miles

After a zero to resupply, we finally dragged ourselves out of town and over the Bridge of the Gods into Washington.  When I tell you that this bridge was the sketchiest part of trail so far, I am not lying.

We climbed steeply with lots of water in our packs to dry camp. First night in Washington!

Day 123: Camp to Trout Creek, 22.5 miles

I didn’t really take any pictures this day. There was lots of up and down and general heads down hiking in trees. I also had lots of lows with each climb.

We camped by the creek just before the sun set.

Day 124: Trout Creek to Cowboy Magic, 21.23 miles

As we crossed a bridge over Panther Creek, we found an origami crane!

We began having views of Mt. Adams throughout the day.

The smoke in the air made for a pretty sunset. As we pulled into the campground, we were greeted by Cowboy and his family doing trail magic. They made us dinner and we talked with them for awhile. We caught them on the last night of their week of trail magic!

Day 125: Cowboy Magic to Creek, 20.85 miles

My blood sugar was really high all night and into the morning. It continued as we began hiking, which is not normal, so I finally gave in and changed my pod early. This pod had somehow peeled out even with layers of leukotape and an over patch.

My feet were very painful throughout the day. This would start a trend of increasing pain that I’m still currently trying to figure out and which may end my hike a bit early.

We camped by a creek and barely made it before dark because I was going so slow with the foot pain. At least the mushrooms were cool!

Day 126: Creek to Trout Lake, 10.5 miles

I hobbled and limped my way to the highway where we got a ride into Trout Lake.

We camped that night behind the general store and I enjoyed the menagerie of animals who were eager for cuddles. One of the cats, Fluffy, even walked into my tent in the morning.

Day 127: Trout Lake to Creek, 1 mile

We headed out the next evening back to trail in the bed of a truck. We hiked a mile to a campground and I quickly tried to seal all my tent seams with glue since it had leaked badly in the last rain. Just as I finished it started raining and proceeded to rain all night. We saw that there was a big storm coming the next day…

Day 128: Creek to Trout Lake, 1 mile

…so after sitting through rain well into the morning, we went back to the highway and rode back into Trout Lake to wait out the storm!

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