It May Be Heavy, but It’s a Piece of Home

On the PCT, you meet people from all different walks of life. Different ages, different personalities, from different places, and with different reasons for hiking the trail. Meeting so many unique souls with just one thing in common is one of my favorite aspects of the trail. I asked people I met what they were carrying as a luxury item. By this, I meant, “What do you carry that isn’t necessary for survival, but you feel you need and want?” This has been a fun and interesting way to get to know people of the PCT. Below I listed trail names with their luxury item and why they are carrying it. Surprisingly, no two have been the same. Read on to see what people carry with them from their past, less nomadic life.

Boomerang: Ukulele

“It’s an outlet to use whenever I need it.  Where I came from I was really unhappy. It allows me to have space to be really honest with myself to either hold onto a memory or let go.”

Stevo the Cheeso: Converse as Hiking Shoes

“Because they make me look cool. I just gotta stick with what I’ve been doing. I’ve been wearing them all my life. I don’t want to be a professional hiker. I wanna be a professional cheeso.”

Blueberry: Coffee Cup

“I really enjoy the ritual of morning coffee. It lets me bring a piece of home on the trail. Also I’m a slave to caffeine.”

Puff: Birkenstocks as Camp Shoes

“They are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned. I know they’re heavy and don’t dry but I love them.”

Angel Baby: Hair Oil

“It makes my hair soft. When I didn’t have it the hotel shampoos made my hair so dry and frizzy I couldn’t even braid it.”

McGiver: Two Notebooks

“I’m funding this trip by writing poetry. I post my poetry on Patreon. I don’t want to run out of space to write.”

Buffalo: Six bottles of lotion

“My mom keeps sending me them. I’m afraid of running out of sunscreen so I keep buying more.”

The Worst and Harg’d: Our huge tent

“We share it and it’s awesome. I can stand up and put my pants on and it fits four people.”

Nova: 30-pack of earplugs

“I’m a super light sleeper and wear them at home every night. I’m afraid of losing them and then I can give them to other people and be a hero.”

Hard Time: Friday Hawaiian shirt

“I wanted to have a Hawaiian shirt in the beginning but I was too fat so I just wore a different shirt for awhile but kept both. Now I only wear it on Fridays.”

Avatar: toy llama named Shlauma

“It was the last night before I left town and there were llama chimes on the wine glasses at my going-away party so I brought it.”

Toes: small horseshoe

“My sister gave it to me; she always makes me something small to take on my trips.”
To be continued…

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  • Gideon : Jul 13th

    I live here in the San Joaquin valley of central California. I have hiked a lot of places when I’ve traveled. You’re doing what I would like to do. What I’m planning to do.. I found your blog because I’m researching various parts of the trail for an adventure I’d like to have with my sons.
    Keep up the good work young lady. You ask unique questions and approach things honestly and simply. It’s refreshing. I look forward to seeing you accomplish your goals. Celebrate the little things and never give up.
    The happiest trails are ahead of you and you’ll get there one step, one breath and one wonder at a time..

    • Taylor Sienkiewicz : Aug 8th

      You’re going to have a blast with your sons, that’s amazing!
      Thank you so much for your feedback and support.


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