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It’s about that time again!

Welcome to our weekly roundup where we carefully select and showcase the most impressive, hilarious, and all around epic photos taken on the Pacific Crest Trail. Use the hashtag #trekthePCT, #PacificCrestTrail or #PCT for your chance to be featured!

Here are few of our favorite photos from the week 7/22/18- 7/29/18  for your viewing pleasure.



Day 110: 3:30am my alarm rang. At 4am I was back on trail ? it was the first time, that i left that early alone. In the morning it’s very silent in the forest. Every time you hear a stick break or a bush that rashles, you consider if this is something dangerous and threatening. One time I had to stop, because a rattlesnake was crossing the path. I observed her slowly rolling to the other side of the trail without even noticing me. Funny moment. Two snakes in two days!! Awesome ? other than that nothing else happened. It was wonderful having that nighthike to myself. After 5 miles it started getting brighter and I looked for a good breakfast spot. I found a nice big rock where I enjoyed a break with the company of a little lizard ? After my breakfast I entered the Trinity Alps wilderness- and yes, it resembled the alps a lot. The most similar thing was the sound, because there were cows with bells around their neck. I was surprised how green the forest was- so deeply green, that i felt as if I was in a rainforest. The views from the mountain rim over the landscape showed me a beautiful mountain scenery and as a treat I could still see Mt Shasta in the distance ☺️ it was really a wonderful trail today. So many perfect moments- every time i walked around a corner, I saw a new perfect scenery- so many amazing flowers and different colored rocks, so many trees, which were sitting right on the perfect places, and so many glittering lakes in the valleys. Sometimes there was a little stream or a creek and miraculously nowhere mosquitoes! I could just sit there and soak my feet without being annoyed. I really enjoyed that day. In the afternoon there were clouds all over the sky and so I also found it easy to hike and that’s why I easily did 25 miles. I camped on a beautiful mountain ridge with a perfect view. The only thing that was making me nervous was the thunder in the air and that I was pretty exposed up there. But i wasn’t at the top of the mountain and there were also trees around me. So i decided to stay. Pants was joining me for dinner, but (..) #pct #pacificcresttrail #pctig #pct2018 #hikertrash #california #outdoor #trekthepct #adventure #backpacking

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When things get weird on the #pct #pct2018 #pctsobo

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The trail changes us in unexpected ways.. My Mountain Man/Goat ❤

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Un singe en été.

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Danielle and I are obviously back home right now, and I just wanted to say this: to everyone who got off trail for whatever reason, we deserve to be proud of our experiences. To those of us who got seriously injured, our adventure isn’t over, just paused. There seems to be a sense of shame that floats around the hikers that need to get off trail, as if hiking hundreds or thousands of miles isn’t good enough, since we didn’t get to Canada. We need to stop this notion. We are a community that literally supports each other when we are shit out of luck in the middle of the woods, yet we become harsh to each other and ourselves on the internet. We all fall in love with the trail, and the majority of us don’t finish the trail in the ideal or perfect straight shot. #pctclassof2018 will have a spot in my heart forever, and I somehow emotionally attached to every single one of you I met. #pctclassof2018, I love ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #honestthruhike #trekthepct (shoutout to Wine Troll for setting up this iconic shot) @hikinghomo

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Day 171 (PCT Day 69): 38 Miles Climbed up through mosquito hell to meet the Three Finger Jack before descending to the base of Jefferson with a beautiful sunset to boot. . Day 172 (PCT Day 70): 37 Miles Early morning push around Jefferson with the most climbing Oregon has thrown at me so far. Cresting the hill into Mt. Hood Wilderness provided some of the best views on trail so far. . Day 173 (PCT Day 71): 33 Miles Another hard day of climbing made exponentially better by the Timberline Lodge Breakfast Buffet. My body is starting to break down but a new state should be good motivation to push hard the last two weeks. . Day 174 (PCT Day 72): 30 Miles Washington baby…Washington . #thetrek #trekthepct #mountains #hiking #trekking #outdoors #adventure #hike #backpacking #landscape #camping #nature #outdoorlife #greatoutdoors #lifeofadventure #nobo #thruhike #hikertrash #getoutside #thruhiking #pctthruhike #pct #mexicotocanada #pct2018 #triplecrown #calendartriplecrown @pacificcrest.trail @hikingthepct @natgeotravel @outsidemagazine @gossamergear @bestmadeco

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Washington has been a wild ride. The mountains have started to taper off into Appalachia style wooded hills. The views have been neat but in very different ways. We set out from Trout Lake on the 24th and took our time getting to the border. It was some nice forest walking with some nice people. Not much happened but we had a good time. I’m also passing a lot of northbounders everyday now but it’s nothing compared to what I’m going to see in a few weeks. It’s the end of the beginning for the sobos, but the beginning of the end for the nobos. Now I’m sitting on the Washington side of the Bridge of the Gods. Me and Grasshopper are waiting for Baram, Hans and Franz, Wanderlost, Gimli, and Brandon (now Suhengja) so we can all cross together (Starter crossed yesterday), since most of us may not be together anymore when we all hit Oregon at different times. But Zach and Jill just told me and Grasshopper that Alpine Pat is planning on starting Oregon on the same day as us! So more wild mountaineering stories to come! It’s been good, it’s going to be good . . . #pct #pacificcresttrail #trekthepct #pctsobo #pctsobo2018 #pct2018 #pctig #thruhiking #hikertrash #takelessdomore #ultralight #pctwashington #washington #latechishere #oregon #columbiarivergorge #bridgeofthegods #cascadelocks

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