“What the Bejeeezus Should We Send You, Em?!”

  • I’ve been asked this question more times than I have fingers(only 9 but who’s counting?), so I figured it was time to blog about it. First off I’d like to start with how grateful I am to be surrounded by such a loving group of people supporting me and the development of my hike. Thank you all, sincerely for being so cool and interested in supporting me following my dreams. Ya’ll rock harder than the AT through Pennsylvania

The big question people keep asking is about drops. What the heck can people send me and where? I think I will cover the where just by personal inquiry – simply send me a message and I can get you my next few addresses for stops for food drop pick ups. Or you can contact my mama, she’s offered to send my food drops out, so she knows where I’ll be headed and when. God bless her.

As for what to send – I’m again lucky to be surrounded by people in my life that support my wellness lifestyle. The question from these supporters has been what can they send that I’ll be able to enjoy or utilize while on the trail? Sooooo I’ve promised to deliver a little guide on Em’s drop friendly protocol to help the lovely supporters out. Here ya go, folks!

These aren’t all healthy foods, but they fit under Em’s enjoyable and allergy friendly protocol which is most important. I think balance is key, and I definitely won’t be eating these things every day, but if I’m gonna treat, this is what I’ll eat!


Enjoy Life Dairy Free Chocolate Chips – I eat these with my weekly peanut butter stipend like Lindsey Lohan ate her oreos dipped in peanut butter on the parent trap – except I use a spoon

Justin Nut Butter packets – I especially love the vanilla flavored ones

Trader Joe’s box of coconut oil packets

Trader Joe’s plain olive oil  potato chips (serious fav guilty pleasure, plus extra salt and carbs are needed while hiking right!?) or just any plain potato chips that have few ingredients and use coconut oil or avocado oil or olive oil instead of hydrogenated ones. I have a seriously unhealthy potato chip obsession

Beanito bean chips – I love the black bean and pinto bean ones

Lundberg Rice Chips- I love the Pico de Gallo or fiesta something flavor

Cliff Bar fruit ropes or plain fruit leathers

Food bars with dates, greens, and without soy/dairy/gluten

Raw Revolution spirulina date bars, cashew, chocolate peanut butter, and all other flavor bars

Nature’s Path Qia Bars- Chocolate peanut butter bars or anything by them

Vega food bars – I will eat anything by vega (you can find them in health food store food bar aisle)

Kale chips

Raw nuts/mixes

Nutritional yeast

Dried herbs/seasoning to cook with – surprise me with your fav

Dried mango without additives

Snapea Crisps – regular flavored

Surf Sweet’s gummy bears, gummy worms, and jelly beans

YumEarth Gummy Bears are also a favorite

Annie’s natural fruit snacks (or any fruit snacks without food dye, corn syrup)

Paleo Crunch Granola and Food Bars at Kroger

Vermont Smoke & Cure Meat Sticks – BBQ and Pepperoni Jerky flavored – or any paleo/jerky you find without soy, gluten, or dairy

Pressed by Kind Bars – I love the apple/mango and pineapple/banana ones

Go Macro Bars



Amazing Grass or other Micro Greens packets cuz my meals are a leeetle low on fruit and veggie

Magnesium Calm Drink

(more suggestions to come here)



A razor – yo’ gurl not ready to go completely wild

A gallon size Ziploc bag (trash bag or storage bag)

A trash compactor bag (to keep my pack dry)

Mini Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap with your favorite scent

Toilet paper

In general I have a serious kombucha obsession but I don’t see this as a send-able item on the trail unless you come to visit. I love GT’s Brand which thank god they’ve started selling almost everywhere. If I find this in town you can bet I’ll be buying one. It’s my equivalent to soda.

If you’re not sure of ingredients, the label underneath the nutrition facts usually list the top allergens. Basically at this point if it’s gluten free, dairy free, and soy free with minimal corn, no artificial dyes, and doesn’t weigh 10000 pounds send it to me and I’ll eat it and probably cry with joy.

If you’re not sure of whether to send it, if I for some reason can’t consume it I’ll be sure to pass it along to a friend who can enjoy it.

While I hope to avoid being in a space where I need to ask for monetary support, I am always willing to accept gifts of abundance. If none of these items above resonate with you but you’d like to give, a night in a cheap motel where I can shower, clean up, and feel a bit more human after a rainy or challenging week is always a welcomed surprise.

Thank you all for being amazing.


Love and snap peas,


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  • Deborah Paulim : Jun 13th

    Hi Emily Elizabeth,

    I’d like to be your trail angel when you get to the Smokies. By then i will have relocated to Cosby, TN, very near the Northeastern rim of the GSMNP. My first hike in that area was from Newfound Gap to Charlie’s Bunion (off AT) then on to Ice Springs shelter. My sister and I have been hiking in the Smokies since the early 90’s. We planned a NOBO, but…

    She (Bunny) moved to Cosby 10 years ago.

    I subscribed to your blog and look forward to following your hike. I have to say, I am impressed with your gear list and the research you did to get there!

    You mentioned sending stuff to your Mom to include in her mailings to you. I like that idea so if you are providing contact info, that would be good. She can contact me and get to know me some, if she prefers. I am at [email protected]. My phone is 904 557 4547. I am retired from Univ of Florida where I directed science research programs for gifted/high achieving high school kids.

    I’ve also hiked in the White Mountains in NH, and the Rockies and Sierra Madre out West.

    You HAVE to do the hot springs hot tub when you get to Hot Springs, NC. Private gazebos, tub full of hot mineral water, and even a fountain right there, as you sit, so you can drink it too. Amazing experience. I think it’s only like 20 bucks. I want to treat you to that, so I’ll send the $$ to your Mom, or however you wish. Cheers and best wishes for a great hike. I think you’re gonna do just fine.

    Deborah Paulin


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