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Five Words or Less

Back in high school, one of my favorite classes was a film class. One common assignment was to review films that we had watched and to analyze them. However, one of my favorite assignments was when our teacher told us about the five word movie review; she challenged us to sum up our favorite movies in only five words or less. We were only required to write ten, but I enjoyed the challenge so much that I churned out a good 25 different reviews.

I was thinking about this and thought that it would be an appropriate task for the states on the Appalachian Trail. Hikers are so often asked what they think about their experience so far, but we don’t usually have time to sum up everything we’ve been through. That, or we just don’t feel like going into the nitty-gritty details. So I’ve decided to help thru-hikers out, and strip every state experience down to their bare bones. I apologize to any South Bounders, because these reviews are based solely on my North Bound experience. Some, have more than one summary only because, to be honest, these were just too fun to limit myself to one each.



  • I’m going all the way.
  • Don’t know what I’m doing.
  • This has to get easier.
  • People just… give you food?

North Carolina


The first of many state lines

  • I really can do this!
  • Where all the balds are.
  • Good old Southern hospitality state.



For the Record, I DID NOT go to Galinburg

  • You’re making me shit…. where?!
  • Famous last words: “Gatlinburg stop.”
  • I will never be full again.



  • Things are getting serious now.
  • I don’t see any flat.
  • The Shenandoah’s aren’t too bad.
  • I’m starting to get tired.
  • The emotional half way point


ATC signWest Virginia

  • Hello new state! Oh. Goodbye!


  • The actual easy AT state.


Did I mention rocks?


  • It’s not so bad… wait.
  • Rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks.
  • It makes me miss Virginia.
  • I made it half way!

New Jersey


Oh, we still drank it

  • At least it’s not Pennsylvania.
  • This water is strangely yellow.
  • Man, it’s getting hot out.



New York


Poor sad bear at the public zoo

  • Curse all these day hikers!
  • Most depressing zoo ever created.
  • I’m still here, some aren’t.



  • Kind of hard to hitch.
  • I feel so under dressed.


  • Look at all the berries!
  • The states are flying by.VT


  • Starting to go up now.
  • I’m scared of the Whites.

New Hampshire


We were SO proud of this state line shot

  • Where’d all the miles go?
  • So close, yet so far.
  • Hey Hut, where’s my food?
  • Elevation gets pretty damn intense.
  • One more zero couldn’t hurt….



  • Things just got real again.
  • My body is so tired.
  • All I want is Katahdin.
  • Oh my god. I’m done.

And just for fun….


My shoes on top of Katahdin … They were White when I bought them

The Entire Appalachian Trail

  • Basically, I walked a lot.

Do you agree with these reviews? It can be hard to sum up such a huge experience in only five words, but it’s a fun exercise that forces yourself to pare down what you really remember about each leg of the Trail. If you don’t agree with any of my five word statements, I highly encourage you to come up with your own. Share them in the comment section and compare your reviews with other hikers!

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  • Athos2010Game/Doc2013MEGA : Oct 8th

    Have to add a few words to all of these “…..if you’re a NOBO”


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