Feminine hygiene?

Let’s talk dirty. I have gotten this question asked multiple times. So I thought I would do a short blog on how I will deal with my period on the Appalachian Trail!

Diva cup or tampons?

If you don’t know what a diva cup is I’ll tell you. It’s a cup, silicone flexi material like, that you stick up in your woohaa. They last about 12 hours. I have used it a couple times paired with a panty liner. I think they are comfortable, more so than tampons. So I will be using my diva cup. I will have a couple tampons just in case. What ultimately made me make this decision is a really funny and embarrassing story. I will share my horror with you!

Not too long ago I was up at shuckstack before the nobo bubble, just on a day hike. Well I had a tampon in, and that morning I was like Sammi put the cup in! Did I? NO. So I’m hiking around other people, and thought damn it’s time for a change like right now lol.. But where?? There was NO place for me to get off and do my business. It was miserable, and I said if I had my diva cup this would not be happening. So finally, after about another MILE, I told Layover, (if anyone knows him tell him I said hi!) that I had to change it right now. And the trail was pretty busy so I went up the path to the fire tower and layover was watching out for me! But by that time it was just a little too late if you get my drift. Ugggh.

How embarrassing right. Well that’s not the worst of it. I come back down and feeling better, and Layover and I both walk to the tower. I’m leading, well all of a sudden I see a red thing out of the corner of my eye. Uggh I accidentally left it near the trail. OMG I’m big on leave no trace, and I couldn’t believe I didn’t put it in my bag. I’ll always double check and make sure from here on out. So I’m like oh no layover don’t look! That’s my tampon! ??? He was cool with it though, and not judgy at all! I picked it up and put it in my bag lol! Mistakes were made and I have learned from them lol!!

Bidet or no bidet?

Yes, they have back country bidets. And let me tell you they rock! I’ve never felt as clean as I have using one of those. The only problem is ?? it’s cold. The first time I used it, it made me jump a little, I was not expecting that. It is something that will definitely wake you up in the morning! How you use the bidet is it just fits on any water bottles, and there is a stream like hole. So you just aim where you want to squirt and water will clean you right up! It is super light weight also. Maybe if you boil some water then put it in your bottle, might feel better. Honestly though I’m not going to take the time to do that.

Pee rags!

I have a Kula cloth I’ll be using to wipe number 1 with instead of TP. These little cloths, and the bidet combination are AWESOME! And they are easy to wash also just with some bronners and water and a ziplock bag! Feeling clean makes me feel good hahah!

If you are still reading this, hope it wasn’t too much of an overshare lol! But hey I’m sure other people have an embarrassing period story on trail.

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  • Kelli Ramey : Apr 13th

    Thank you for helping others with your willingness to share your experiences.


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