Gear List Before : Part 2 (Clothing)

Last week I posted my gear list, and I got a lot of great feedback. I do have some luxury items, and I’m sure that the longer I carry them, the less I’ll find they are necessary. I’m really looking forward to seeing what stays and what goes as I hike.

And without further ado, here is my clothing list! I’ve split it into two sections, hiking clothes and camp clothes.



MEC Uplink Jacket

This is a great lightweight layering piece, providing insulation and protection in light wind. For higher velocity winds and rain, I have my Teton Sports Tarp Poncho, pictured with my gear in my last post.

Paradox Base Layer Top (Costco)

This will be my go-to top, for as long as it is cold out during the day. I’ll add other layers, but anticipate wearing this until it wears out or gets warmer, whichever comes first.

Mondetta Spectrum Leggings (Costco)

These are my primary bottom layer, which I will wear alone in good weather (until it gets warmer), and I will wear rain pants on top in windy or wet weather. Also not pictured is a basic pair of gaiters, for warmth and weather protection.

Hoka One One Mafate Speed Trail Runners

The biggest selling point for this choice was the price, because they were last year’s model, so I got them for 70% off. But I love how light they are, and they’re really comfortable (though it’s hard to break in shoes that are too big… anybody finding that?).

MEC Valhalla Glove Liners & Fleece Mittens

This glove/mitten combo may be excessive, but I would rather carry the mittens for a week, and leave them in a hiker box if I don’t end up using them, than not bring them and wish I had. I may end up just wearing the mittens for sleeping, or not at all, we’ll see.

Fleece-Lined Hat with Earflaps

It may be bulkier than some options, but at a fraction of the cost, it was worth the weight.


Just a cheap pair of sunglasses, because I know that I am most likely going to break them, and need to buy new ones. Most likely several times.

Basic Cotton Underwear

I know this is a no-no, but I’ve tried any number of other pairs of underwear, and cotton is the only material that is remotely comfortable for me. So I’ve resigned myself to replacing my underwear regularly, because cotton will definitely wear out and get gross faster. I have two pairs to hike in and one to sleep in.

Under Armour Sports Bra

Two of these to start, I may end up going down to one, we’ll see.

Wigwam Gobi Liner Socks, Poly Dress Socks & Fuzzy Socks

I am bringing a lot of socks. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but on any camping trip, I always say that if there’s too much of something it should be socks. I really want to take care of my feet, and that includes cleaning my socks, so I’ve got two sets of three pairs each. I will likely get rid of the fuzzy socks fairly early on, but while it is still cold I like having the option.

Hair Elastics

I’m bringing a bunch of these, I break them like it’s my job.

CAMP CLOTHES:campclothes

For my camp clothes, I’m not so worried about wicking sweat and combating weather as I am about just staying warm. So my choices here are mostly based on their layering ability.

North Face Tank Top

The main feature is a decent built-in bra, so I’ll be comfortable wearing this around camp and airing out the bra I hiked in all day

MEC Long Sleeved Hooded Tee

This is a really comfy top for sleeping in, with an antimicrobial finish so it’ll go the distance between washes.

Basic Hooded Fleece

…to keep me warm. haha. It’s old, and I’ve removed all the tags at some point, so I’m not sure what brand it is.

2 Pairs of Synthetic Leggings

I can wear either or both pairs, depending on how cold it is. One pair has a brushed finish on the inside for warmth, so between the two of them I should be warm enough, and if I need extra warmth, I have my fleece liner I can wrap myself in as well.

2 Pairs of Socks

One pair of fuzzy polyester socks, and an old pair of wool socks – I don’t even remember what brand they are, but they’re very warm.

Camp Sandals

These are a much cheaper and less well made version of Crocs. But they’re just to wear so my shoes can air out, not for any hiking, so I figure they’ll do.

The black tee is my town shirt, it’s got North Face’s Flash Dry technology, which is actually magical. So even carrying my pack around, I won’t look like such a sweaty mess in it.

I also have a few other clothing items that I’ll be getting in the mail once the weather is warmer, like a pair of shorts, a t-shirt for hiking in once I don’t want long sleeves anymore, things like that. So I know for sure that I will be finishing the hike with different clothing than I started with.

And that is all of my clothing! It was a bit of a surprise to me how much space in my pack was clothes. I don’t think that I’ve packed much that is unnecessary (except maybe too many pairs of socks), so I guess that’s just what is going to fill my pack up.

More than my gear list, I’m pretty confident in these clothing choices. But if you’ve got any helpful feedback, I’m open to last minute tweaks!


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  • Bruce Dunning : Feb 17th

    I think you’ve done a great job at preparing. One thing I didn’t notice was what you are taking for navigation and communication. Are taking anything like maps, gps, cell phone or are you going to go the bare minimalist approach? Also, are you taking a journal or any reading materials or are you just going to journal when you get to an internet cafe?

    I’m so excited for you and Lisa as you undertake this incredible journey. My prayers will be with you and I will be living vicariously through your experiences.

    • Victoria Ketteringham : Mar 16th

      Hi Bruce! Sorry, I don’t get notifications when there’s a comment. I have an app on my phone that functions as a guidebook and GPS. And Lisa has a hard copy of a guidebook. I do have a small notebook for journaling, and I write in point form, one page a day. I also have a Kindle for reading, and some audio books on my phone for slow hiking days.


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