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Math Story Problem

Ok. I fretted.

It reminded me of a middle school math story problem: “Knowing Naomi can only carry a total of 10,00 grams (somewhere over 20 lbs), how much gear can she carry?”

Back Fractures

As previously shared, due to compression fractures and physical limitations, I can carry about 20 lbs total.

I have been training by gradually adding pounds to my pack and using poles.  Despite daily lifting, I’m still lame, and worry about the AT in September of 2023. I can’t carry too much.


Mass is kinda the same thing as weight. I KNEW carrying light was the only way I could manage. So me and mutts massed existing items. I used grams because not only was it scientific, and to me exotic, but much more precise.

I opted for a one-person “heavy” item, thus saving a few grams.

I picked up El Cheap-o scale at Target and frankly, do not know if it’s accurate.

Gear Massed

Pack: Osprey brand with internal stays, belt and side, zippered pockets massed with rain thing 55 L= 330 g (but pack is not big enough, thinking about a 55 L)

Tent Nemo one person with stakes: 595

Umbrella: 5 g

Rain pants: .5

Footprint .5

Cook (cup, spork,  tripod, fuel canister) 2.0

Sleeping bag. 3.0 g

Stuff sacks: .71

So far: 933 grams or about 2 lbs.  I have not yet added food or water.

Not yet massed; rain jacket, dry change, several stuff sacks, first aid, or food. Plan to wear the most heavy stuff.

Any advise?

Please be specific and factual – brands, grams.


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Comments 5

  • Harry Poppins : Dec 10th

    I think something is off in either your math or your scale. As an old SASH (Short Ass Section Hiker) I would love to have gear that light. I would offer more advise but I am really bad at math.

  • Emma : Dec 11th

    Sounds like you’re off to a great start with your prep and I’m looking forward to following along your hike!
    Fellow gram user here. Not being exotic just British.
    I think you have put some decimal points in the wrong place and maybe mixed grams (g) with kilograms (kg).
    There are 1000g in 1kg. For example your sleeping bag: 3g (would weigh the same as an ant – which if it does please let me know what brand!).
    When working out weight, it might help to stick to either all grams or all kilograms.
    Happy hiking.

  • Naomi Brown : Dec 11th

    I have to be more precise. Sorry, decimal error.

    Gonna borrow super accurate gram scale from Chem. dept. at local university and re-mass items.

  • Jayna : Dec 18th

    Water is not a negotional item. Maybe you should start with water and add gear since gear has options.

    • Naomi Brown : Dec 21st

      Good idea.


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