Harpers Ferry, WV to Boiling Springs, PA

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Day 60

Zero day in DC. Of course it would be national donut day and I would be within walking distance to a Krispy Kream. They were sorry. 


bike sharing is king in DC


my place getting into Harpers Ferry


Lots of motivational posters around the Appalachian Trail Conservancy                

jefferson rock

   Day 61

Another zero day here in DC and took the train back to harpers ferry in the afternoon. Just more eating and staying off my feet. More donuts and such. The train was dead on time leaving Union station and I made a reservation at the Teahorse hostel. Such a great clean place to stay. I got the last spot, but turns out there was not a bunk for me, so I am sleeping out in the common room on the floor. This is going to be a much better arrangement than a bunk. Having 11 other people in the room is not conducive to sleep. 

Day 63

A big 24 mile day to the falls creek campsite. Made a major milestone and passed into Pennsylvania. Having never traveled much in the northeast, it feels like I actually am going somewhere. 


mason dixon line

 I still don’t understand why people said Virginia was quite flat. The past few days in WV and Maryland were flatter than all of that. The AT community needs to shift their descriptions north. 
Met a guy on the trail who really put any kind of “tiredness” I am feeling in perspective. His trail name is Ranger and he was 75 years old. Ranger comes from his days as a ranger paratrooper in the army. His exposure to agent orange he told me left his voice gravely and distinctive. This man is determined to finish after having to skip Virginia entirely after a knee injury. But damn it he got back on at harpers ferry and wants to finish. 

Day 64

Made it a 24 mile day to the milesburn cabin. Woke up with my tendon behind my knee just aching ferociously. Luckily my supply of ibuprofen has not dwindled and it seems to quell the flare up for a few hours. Today was a pretty flat day. I actually accomplished 11 miles before noon, which rarely happens on a non-town day. Passed through caledonia state park which was full of families playing in the creek and pool just enjoying the summer. Coming out of the park was a pretty massive climb that just completely soaked my clothes in sweat. At the top of the hill though, I was greeted with the most well kept and beautiful shelter I have come across. Quarry Gap shelter was clean, and even had fresh flowers in pots hanging from the roof. The few Pennsylvania shelters I have passed so far have been exceptional. Especially the ones just after and before road crossings. Multiple shelters and group tent spots are something I only have seen here. Debating on wether to do the half-gallon challenge tomorrow. Supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow and getting sick from so much dairy could be a possibility. I shall see what my body feels like and decide whether it needs some sugar punishment. 


quarry gap shelter with fresh flowers

 Day 65

Another 24 mile day to the campsite at mile 1113.2

Today was a bit of a scorcher. With it staying above 90 for most of the day, the misery level was high. You are just wet all day from sweat. Your pack rubs you raw from being so damp. Right now sitting in my tent at 8:15pm and it is still 88 degrees. Sweating trying to sleep is quite unpleasant. Embrace the suck is a mantra I have had to follow for a lot of these difficult parts. Some hikers Darwin and Snuggles coined the term second hand fun for me. This is something where, a lot of it is fun afterwards, but during the experience you don’t see it that way. 

Came to the pine furnace state park and completed the half gallon challenge. Best food I have had on he trail so far. Please stop at the general store and have a burger or sandwich. Cheaper than average and the portions are hiker friendly. Fresh avocado graced my BLT. So damn good.

Finished my rocky road 1.5 quart and vanilla pint in 35 minutes and 35 seconds. Got to sign my name in the book and got the coveted “spoon.” Which is more like a paddle. Either way, since there is a chance of never being back there, may as well have gone for it. Didn’t eat much in the way for dinner. Just a handful of smokehouse almonds and a salmon bagel. Boiling springs tomorrow!


completed the half gallon challenge

 Day 66

The Allenberry. Stay here. By far the most interesting place I have stayed so far. Coming into boiling springs was a trip. The rock maze where some serious scrambling needed to be done. At one point, having to chuck your trekking poles up onto a rock and climb was not fun in this humidity. I left

camp at 6 AM and it was already in the 70s. I woke up every 2 hours last night and didn’t get any sleep. Hopefully this is not signs of things to come. Had breakfast at the great Cafe 101 and made my way to the hotel. Being there early allowed me to get on the short list for a hiker rate room and call someone for a shuttle to town. Only downside of this place is not shuttling hikers to Walmart. Would make it perfect if they did. Loaner bathing suits for the pool and just little things like that is what makes

A hotel experience memorable. The complimentary snacks at the bar that included summer sausage and some of the best cheese and beer this hiker could dream of. My food bag seems to be extra gargantuan this time. Lots of dried meats, tortillas and marshmallow fluff will get me 90+ miles to Hamburg. 

Cannot recommend the Allenberry enough so far. 


walked through miles of budding corn fields


beauitiful home in boiling springs


the lake in town


this monster was as big as a 5th grader


the great bar at the Allenberry


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Comments 2

  • Bob Rogers : Jun 25th

    Class of ’16 here (hopefully). I searched rain pants and saw that on your Day 23 post you had left yours behind and went 4 miles round trip to get them. That being said and now that you are 2 months into the hike, do you recommend getting rain pants? I have a rain jacket that is actually kinda of heavy (i.e. VERY warm) but I don’t own any rain pants at all. I’m thinking that in the start and finish when the temps are cold they would be good to have. During the summer months, I’m going to be soaked 24/7 whether it’s raining or not (I sweat a lot).

    • Oliver Hudgins : Sep 15th

      Those pants saved my ass from Hypothermia in the Roan Highlands. They were basically just used as wind pants. Once I got moving, they had to come off. I sent them home as soon as they warmed up.
      I wore them a total of 5 times or so. They were worth it those 5 times though.


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