How To Be Girly On The Trail

A few days ago my mom posed a question. “How will you be so girly in the woods?” My answer: “I won’t be.” “I can’t imagine!” She said, shaking her head & laughing.

It’s true. I am a wee bit “girly” but when it comes down to hiking & camping, the last thing I think about is wearing heels (I don’t wear them in my day to day life anyway – I was blessed with two left feet and a bit of a balance problem) or lip gloss. My first hiking trip I took along a tiny bit of makeup and what do you know? I never touched the stuff.

As I cleaned and rearranged my bathroom this morning, tucking everything into its bin or basket or drawer, I realized something: I have a LOT of junk. Some has been there, some recently acquired. And I will be leaving it all behind for the better part of a year.

Nearly every day I go through the metamorphosis from regular, to made up, to sprinting home to get the layers of products off my face. There are special products to take those layers off, even.

It’s time I admit that six months of walking through the woods may change how much I want, or care about, having any of those things when I come back. My “makeup” for the trail consists of:

  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • The tiniest container of lotion known to man

And you know what? That doesn’t bother me one bit.

So here’s my advice on how to be “girly” in the woods:

  1. Have girl parts
  2. Be awesome & kick ass
  3. Profit

There you go, mom!

*apologies for typos or crazy misspellings, giving this mobile updating thing a whirl 🙂 

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Comments 6

  • Sharon morris : Jan 23rd

    Thank you baby girl for clearing that up, now I’ll just be getting back to my girly stuff ,makeup ,heels, and purses all while I’m trying to camouflage my emotions about you hiking in the woods for 6 months.

    • Kimmy Morris : Jan 23rd

      If anyone wondered about the mom in question, here she is! lol

  • Dawn y : Jan 23rd

    We too are from Alabama! Our start date is February 29. We hope to see you on the trail.

  • Abby : Jan 24th

    I thru hiked in 2014 and I think there is something to be said for the value of looking and feeling your best. You can be a badass hiker and still enjoy being feminine and looking cute. I liked hiking in a skirt and bright colored tank tops because it made me feel good. Yes, you won’t need your make up, but don’t feel like you can’t be girly in the woods. Badasses still worry about tan lines!

  • Mischa Egolf : Jan 24th

    This is great advice! I’m very blonde and pale and am insecure about not wearing mascara, but I am hoping that I can put that aside on the trail and just focus on kicking ass 🙂

    • Kimmy Morris : Jan 24th

      Best of luck to you, Mischa!

      I’m definitely one of those that “fixes” what I don’t like with makeup. I’ll be putting on a brave face (ha! See what I did there!) & not worrying about it for the duration of my hike.


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