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Hello everyone! For those who may read this and do not know me, my name is Jenny Bush and I am 23 years old. I am from the great state of Maine which ultimately led me on the path to learning about the Appalachian Trail. This 2,000+ mile walk is one of the biggest undertakings someone can attempt. I was lucky enough to be selected by The Trek to blog my experience on the Appalachian Trail. So I have made the decision to do two things I have never done before, walking over 2,000 miles and writing a blog while I do it.

Why am I voluntarily walking for 5 months straight?

There are several reasons for hiking the AT and my goal is to slowly share those reasons over the course of my hike. My goal is to shed some light on my mental health and how even before starting the trail it has made a significant impact on my life. Deciding to hike the trail has created a snowball effect for me in the best way possible. I have been able to make decisions about my future based on what I want to do and not based on what people think I should be doing. The trail has given me a new sense of freedom.

I was lucky enough to attend the Appalachian Trail Institute in early October run by Warren Doyle, the king of all things appalachian trail. Also the same institute that the famous Jennifer Pharr Davis attended so one may see why I wanted to make the trip down to Tennessee. This experience was more than anything I thought I would get from it. For those of you that know Warren, he is very straight forward about what the trail has to offer. He does not paint a pretty picture of it and is more than honest about the pain we are about to incur. This for some reason made me even more excited.

As I get into writing more blogs and into my hike, I would love to share more stories and knowledge that I received from Warren at the ATI. It is an experience that I would recommend to anyone considering attempting a thru hike.

That’s enough from me

For those of you that read my very first blog, thank you. I hope to share as much as I can during my thru-hike because I know my family and friends would like some insight on what the heck I am doing for five months.

Happy Trails,




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  • Mike Spath : Dec 2nd

    Dear Jenny,
    You never consulted your adopted Dad, me, on this huge decision ….. I’m so jealous that you are thru hiking! You seem to be on the right track in terms of preparation, I’m sure you have a garmin inReach and you wont be solo. I will see you in January and you can run me through the detz.

    “You can do anything you set your mind to man”
    – eminem


  • pearwood : Dec 2nd

    Hi, Jenny!
    I’m figuring on six months, or about 90 miles per week. These old legs don’t cover the ground as quickly as they used to. On the other hand, I have never been a particularly strong or fast hiker, which is probably why I prefer walking solo instead of in a group. At the tender age of 70 I’ve impressed everyone I care to impress. I will keep moving for sure, but I won’t be setting any records. I’m doing this one for me.
    Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you on the trail.
    Steve / pearwood

    • Wes Laudeman : Dec 2nd

      Great post! If you’re interested in mental health and hiking, check out Hike for Mental Health! They’re a great organization!

      • Leo Walker : Dec 4th

        Thanks for shout out, Wes. Our recent Director of Hiker Registration is also from the great State of Maine, as is my alma mater! Have a wonderful adventure, Jenny!!

  • Colleen : Dec 3rd

    Good luck! I will be walking a section or two of AT this year. I’d love to follow your blog. All the best!

    • Brian sisco : Dec 3rd

      I am going to attempt this endeavor as well in 2021 – barring this covid thing – I’m 62 an well I wanted to do this when I was younger – but I find myself with some time – now – I am both excited and apprehensive – and haven’t taken the course – yet – anyway – hope to see u on the trail

  • Russ1663 : Dec 3rd

    Good luck with your journey Jenny Bush. I believe you will find peace and illumination on the Trail. I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

  • Boujee Bigfoot : Dec 3rd

    Through hiked the CDT last year which i labeled snowmageddon. My first long trail. I was able to complete it and loved it. Hopefully there will be fewer humans on the AT so you can enjoy nature more, if it’s too crowded, try the CDT.

  • The Fam Damily : Dec 3rd

    So fun! You will love every minute of it! It’s really not as hard as most people make it out to be. It’s not about the miles. It’s about the moments. Your experiences will be wide and varied but it’s what you make of these that will shape your hike. Stop and smell the flowers. Don’t breeze through a summit or by that lake just to make your mileage for that day. Remember, this is a walk, not a marathon, and you will crush it!

  • Jason Walker : Dec 3rd

    I want to thru hike trail 2021 but shit not enough funds. Have a post on my Facebook and Instagram accounts for thru hike the AT 2021 for suicide awareness and depression. gf .me/u/y9u2wx

  • Casey Claus : Dec 3rd

    This is wonderful! I am so very jealous of you. I love that you expressed that the trail is giving you the opportunity to do what you want to do instead of what people expect you to do. It is your life, wander where you want. Embrace it all and when it gets tough, think to yourself, I could be miserable in this “moment” on this beautiful, epic journey, or I could be miserable all the time in a cubicle looking at a spreadsheet. 🙂 Go get em!

  • Ernest : Dec 3rd

    Jenny buy only quality equipment and ensure it is light and it fits your needs. Ensure you have a satellite system to get help if you need it. Have a well broke in good hiking boots. Carry enough food for a week high calories. Carry enough water for two days. Dress light but ensure you have plenty of socks. Take a First aid course and have a good aid kit. Break your self in to your hike so if you plan to hike 15 miles a day carry your eq. And walk ,20 miles every other day. Get in shape stay in shape. Have a great hike. The warrior.

    • Jeremy : Dec 3rd

      Disagree with just about everything here. You dont need a locater for the AT unless you have absolutely no sense of direction. Dont wear boots. You dont need a weeks worth of food for any stretch. You certainly dont need 2 days worth of water. 3 pairs of socks at most. Getting in shape prior to hiking can help but isnt necessary.

  • Robert Strootman : Dec 3rd

    I thru-hiked over 20 years ago. I’m glad I did it then, no electronics a true get-away-from-society.

    I hope it ends up taking you more then five months. There are those who race to be the fastest but for the rest of us…. nearly ever one I’ve ever talked to has said next time I’d go slower. I hope you can allow serendipity guide you versus a hard, must push big miles everyday. Realize that town days are not off days, that by the time you’ve picked up and repackaged mail drops, done laundry, cleaned and repaired gear ect. That you could benefit from a zero mile day just to chill out.

    Best wishes on your adventure

  • Randy Smith : Dec 4th

    Very encouraging.
    Researched every aspect, from gear to terrain. Going to embark on the AT , March 2021.
    Just registered. It will be my very 1st thru hike .
    Did a section of the AZT, a solo shakedown.
    I’m 60 y.o and soo geeked. Hope to see ya’all out there…blessings from ” wingertops”….

    • Sunny : Dec 4th

      Best of luck to you.
      I’m a 72 year old lady who always dreamed of hiking the AT.
      Unfortunately, that dream never came true for me.
      I hope it does for you. I still love to read about the AT.
      God bless your cotton socks. Have fun and be safe.

  • Sunny : Dec 4th

    Best of luck to you.
    I’m a 72 year old lady who always dreamed of hiking the AT.
    Unfortunately that dream never came true for me.
    I hope it does for you. I still love to read about the AT.
    Have fun and be safe. God bless your cotton socks.


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