My Bipolar Journey

The number one question: WHY?

On every blog, on every Facebook or Instagram or Twitter account, the number one question that potential thru-hikers are asked… “Why?”

Everyone has different reasons for attempting this journey of mind, body, and spirit. Most of us have multiple reasons. For me, each day that passes I manage to find a whole new reason to do what so few have accomplished. 

This week I had what I can only call a “good” bad date. He was handsome, funny, and a gentleman. But, his general outlook on life varies so greatly from my own.

It began with videos of his custom Jeep. Nice car! I enjoyed the ride, and I could clearly see that he was proud of it! But I’m not into cars really. My last vehicle was a new Beetle and I loved it! (Sweet little hippie ride!) He spent the whole drive talking about his Jeep and his BMW and some other car I don’t remember. 

We talked about alcohol and he went over an inventory of his liquor cabinet at home and going on about the expensive bottles he has.

He asked about my sneakers. They happened to be my work shoes, which are Sketchers. I’ve been wearing Sketchers for a very very long time. So he bragged about his $400 sneakers with some famous person’s name on them. I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on shoes. Hell, I’m having trouble with the costs of my gear! I spent $125 on a down coat for my hike today (my first purchase for the AT!) it was half off and it killed me!! 

I’m sorry guys. I have condensed my belongings over the last two years down to one carload and it will get smaller before my journey. I hate money and the concept of working just for possessions.  I’m really happy that you have things in your life that give you joy, but they are just things. The joy you feel from material items doesn’t sustain me. I’d rather have experiences, do things with my life, see the world! I yearn for freedom from the material world that we have created. The “weight” of all of this stuff that everyone insists you must have is too heavy to bear. It keeps you stuck in one place doing the same thing and following the same routine every day just to get more stuff. I can’t do it anymore! FREEDOM!!

**Bonus red flag from the date: He says, “I can’t believe they let dogs in this bar!” Not an animal lover? I spent 30 minutes walking around playing with the doggies and giving them treats  from the jars on the bar for revenge and then went home to my handsome kitty Panther!


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