My Indoorsy Friends Reactions To Thru Hiking

The reactions I’ve received from loved ones regarding thru hiking the Appalachian Trail have been quite hilarious. Their thoughts and concerns are not taken lightly, but I can’t help but laugh at some of the things they say. Maybe my love for the outdoors really has caused tunnel vision, but I’m not complaining. I couldn’t be more excited for the adventure that lies ahead. I know my friends and family do support me 100%, and I am incredibly thankful for that. But on the other hand, their indoorsy-ness makes me giggle. And I hope it makes you giggle too..

  • “You’re not going to shower for a week straight???????” “You’re going to smell terrible.” “When I meet you in town, I’m going to bring plenty of deodorant and spray you down.” “I’m going to send you bath supplies so when you go into town you can bathe properly.” “You’re going to end up with dreads in your hair…” “I can’t wait to greet you when you finish at Springer! But actually don’t get near me cause I don’t want to smell you.” My friends are quite concerned with how I will smell… They have no idea what kind of hiker trash I am about to become *insert evil laugh*.


  • “You’re going into the bear’s house… so basically he’s going to eat you.” This ones makes me laugh every time. I seriously better not get attacked by a bear just so I don’t have to hear it from my friends. (Totally hope you can sense the sarcasm).

    What my friends think will happen when I do see a bear

    What my friends think will happen when I do see a bear

  • “Aren’t you going to get bored?” “Hiking for 5 months does not sound fun at all.” Okay maybe I am a little crazy for thinking that hiking 2,190 miles will be fun.
  • “If I don’t hear from you a few times a week, I’m sending search and rescue.” Heaven forbid my phone loses all charge or I don’t have service for a week along the trail. Because I seriously know that my phone is going to turn on and receive 50 texts from my best friend alone. Side note- it’s comforting to know I have friends that are truly concerned with my well being- just the way they portray it makes me giggle.
  • “You’re going to sleep on the ground for that long??” Yes. Yes, I am.
  • “You’re going to be eating a lot of ramen.” Yes. Yes, I am.
  • “You’re really doing this, aren’t you?” You guessed it- yes, yes I am.

I have my fair share of indoorsy friends who don’t really understand my logic for thru hiking, but they still support me (even though I’m going to smell terrible) and that’s all that matters. I can’t wait to become true hiker trash. I also look forward to waking up daily to the smell of fresh air and a beautiful view like the one in my ‘featured image’. Cheers to life and happy trails!


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