Pooping in the Woods; A Regular Guy’s Story

OK, I promise to regress and add a modicum of dignity to my cathole tales. I’ll use BM for number two. I actually had a trail plan for my BMs and it may work for you. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’ll try to keep it short and not have a long circuitous story. Before hiking any long trail, it is always best to see your doctor and get a checkup, explain to them what you’re planning to do, if anything at least the humor factor of watching their facial gestures. My doc ordered blood work and gave me a physical. Everything seemed great, but he was concerned with my cholesterol level; hmmm, never had a problem before. I eat healthy, no fast food, plenty of vegetables and organic sustainable meat, plenty of exercise. Perhaps… the butter, eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, ice cream, etc… ? No, can’t be.

Enter my neighbor, retired nurse Ray Butler ( trail name Ravioli). Ray read my numbers, shook his head, and said doc is being too strict, my numbers are great, but he had an idea. Ray hikes with me so all he’s heard is the AT this, the AT that, etc. Ray recommends I take daily fiber for a couple of reasons. I don’t think because I’m 55 was one reason, but it will lower my cholesterol number. The fiber is psyllium derived from the husk. The beauty of the psyllium fiber is that when you have a BM, it’s over fast and cleanup is a snap. What? So I don’t have to bend over a log for an indeterminate amount of time trying to hit a cathole. It’s quick and clean as in two sheets of TP? Hard to believe. So I tried it. I am on my first roll of TP still 30 days in on the trail.

Like I said, it may work for you, it’s been amazing for me plus it’s healthy. The only downside is no more time for reading. ( I shit you not) and forget churning butter with a clean bum.

Just a regular hiker, Catmando

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  • Bruce Hall : Mar 18th

    Thanks for the info on psyllium. How are you ingesting it? Mixing it in water, mixing it in food, swallowing a capsule? Have you been able to get it at resupply stops?
    I eat muesli in cottage cheese every morning and that works well for me. I am planning my AT thru-hike for 2020, and eating muesli and cottage cheese are not likely. The whole pooping in the woods thing has always been a challenge. I cannot squat (knee issues) for very long, so the psyllium sounds like the answer.
    Bruce (until I get a trail name)

    • Jc Van Etten : Mar 18th

      I mix it with water and drink in the am. Sometimes I’ll also add Emergance C. Oi use either Metamucil or the Walmart genetic.

  • Judy Moore : Mar 18th


    You slay me!
    Stay safe and glad you’re regular!


  • Mike : Mar 19th

    Not gonna lie. That fiber advice is getting added to my FAK supply list. 🙂

  • Pony : Mar 23rd

    Poop talk. It’s what’s for dinner … on the AT.

    I drank senna tea most nights on the trail, which worked to, uh, limit my time hanging over a cathole.

    Psyllium is good, too, though….



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