Pre-Trail Holiday Dangers

 So, we are up here in New Hampshire for the holidays! We are lucky enough to have some amazing weather(which will be great for getting some hiking in), as well as some amazing family who has let us crash at their place with our two dogs for the entire two weeks. We began making our rounds last night to see the family at a holiday party down the street. That’s when the questions about my trip began! The usual questions were first, you know the questions… “Not the whole Appalachian right?” Then the good ole “Alone!?! You are crazy!” So I have decided to make a list of why life on the trail is safer than my normal life this time of year. Just in case they happen to see this, or maybe someone else may be able to use this to ward off those pesky negative feelings that come shortly after you are caught off guard by an off the wall question this holiday season thanks to your crazy aunt that you may or may not remember. 

Hiking is SO much safer than everyday life.(and especially safe when compared to the holiday way of life)

  • There are no SALE bins on the trail. This is very reassuring. Have you ever watched a Black Friday YouTube video? 
  • There’s little to no driving needed for the entire trip. If you are anything like me you must be absolutely horrified driving this time of year. I’m a self diagnosed grandma driver.(I can’t drive.. let’s just clear that up. I’m not sure how I got my license, but the Oregon DOT may need to be investigated)
  • Stranger danger! In everyday life, as well as holiday life, a majority of people you come into contact with are strangers. I see maybe 1,500 strangers in everyday life. On the trail that will be reduced substantially, meaning that I will eventually know a majority of the thru hikers with a similar pace to mine. The result, less strangers!
  • Home free not homeless! When we are going about our lives we usually try to avoid hanging around homeless people because they are seen as scary or murderers, maybe drunks. However, on the trail we will all be somewhat homeless or better yet home free!(and a few will be drunk I’m sure) So I say that’s just one less thing you have to be scared of during trail life! 

I’m definitely not going to try and convince anyone that I won’t come across a few dangers throughout my time on the Appalachian. I will however choose dealing with those sort of dangers over the possibility of getting mulled over by some discount crazed mother of six in a mini van! 

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