Stretch—Days 45 to 50

Starting May 29

Day 45: 18 mi (641.8)

I had a wonderful breakfast at Wood’s Hole and hiked my way into Pearisburg. Thanks to Kyley I was already overloaded with food (thanks!) but still needed a few items. It’s hard shopping, needing so few items when you have to buy a whole box. I would say my food bag weighs 15+ lbs. I weighed myself at the hostel and I’ve lost 10 lbs since the start and will try to eat down my food bag to gain it back. I also ripped my shoe almost completely across the front. They just have to make it to Daleville where my new shoes are waiting.
$9.75 Dairy Queen $35.50 resupply

Day 46: 13.8 mi (655.6)

Another short day. This time because of the party at the Captian’s (Thanks, it was really fun!). I wasn’t going to spend the night but events like that are really fun and certainly vortex you in. I got to talk to some good people and eat some great food. I won the most blisters contest and then broke my spork in my ice cream prize. Another item that needs to be replaced in Daleville.

Day 47: 23.7 mi (679.3)

I wanted to catch up on some miles since I have a friend visiting in a few days and don’t want to lose a ton of progress. I made it to Sarver Shelter and immediately regretted it. The book didn’t mention that the .4 was steeply downhill, the water source was poor and I spent the night completely alone listening to the mice.

Day 48: 16.1 + 6.5 mi (695.4)

Everything is going to shit today. I realized I left my guidebook with all my notes and my book at the shelter after hiking 4 miles. I broke down and slackpacked back (without water because I thought it was close back). I probably made it 3 miles toward before I gave in to it being a lost cause and turned around l to salvage my health. But not before slipping in my over worn ripped apart shoes, landing on my back atop my poles with no pack to break the fall. I later proceeded to ironically run out of water just before ripping my poncho in a rainstorm. Luckily, I had a beer for the 5 miles walk to the water source to keep me hydrated. While getting water I threw out my back, probably from the fall earlier, and had to lay by the water for a while. I was a mile from the shelter and I walked the slowest mile there. Vitamin I will be necessary for the next few days at least. New shoes, new spork, new guidebook, new book, new poncho and a hotel room waiting for me in Daleville. I just have to make it to Daleville.

Day 49: 17 mi (712.4)

Felt better today. Pushed hard to McAfee’s Knob. I met fun eccentric (even for thru hiker standards) people up top. I got the classic hanging picture and moved on to the shelter. Ten of us squeezed into a shelter that looked as if it will only comfortably fit four and we all had to spoon all night, but we were dry.

Day 50: 15.4 mi (727.8)

Pushed to Daleville on very little food and water since I needed to get there. The mythical town that would solve all my current problems. I got a room to myself because I needed that goddamn luxury and immediately took a shower and ate lots of food. I picked up my package and now my pack is heavier.

$50 resupply $14 lunch $6 fuel $7 titanium spork $16 new guidebook $56 room $4 laundry


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