Two Weeks on the Appalachian Trail

135 miles on the Appalachian Trail

There have been trials and a lot of misdirection. Even though there are blazes all over the place I still sometimes get confused. The most dreaded thing in the world is having to backtrack after realizing a mile in you’re going the wrong direction. I met a couple who actually had to do the same thing. They were coming down from the Wesser Bald fire tower as I was coming up. Having already gone the wrong way a couple times before, I thought I was the one who did it again! But this time they were! I could tell the all-knowing look of frustration on the man’s face.

Passionate Water Filtration

He and his wife were doing a section hike, I’m not sure if they’re still on the trail. The husband spent MANY minutes telling me about the wonders of the Sawyer water filter and although I do see the benefits of having a Sawyer filter, I continue to enjoy the old-fashioned iodine method. It keeps me in a closer connection with my father and how we used to go hiking. We used to do things the old-fashioned way every trip. Everyone I’ve spoken to has the Sawyer water filter and they will ask me if the taste of iodine bothers me. Honestly, I can’t even tell, but apparently, there is supposed to be an odd taste.

Hiking Buddies

This past week I hiked three days with two really great guys, Kyle and John. Each day I got to learn a little bit more about them and they taught me more about my equipment. I didn’t know my tent had vents on the top that I could open and close to allow fresh air in, causing my tent to not be stuffy at night. John also taught me how I could keep my backpack and shoes outside of my tent.

One Mouse Is Cute

After a mouse crawled on my backpack while it was outside I decided I would keep my backpack inside my tent. One mouse is cute enough, but multiple mice can get a little bit sketchy. I don’t like the idea of my backpack being carried off by a pack of hungry little critters.

Audible to the Rescue

At night I still get a little scared about the idea of a bear coming into our Tent City. But that fear only lasts about 30 minutes of intense heart beating. So, instead of struggling to listen to any scruffles outside, I’ll put my airplane mode on and an audible book. It helps me go quickly back to sleep.



Tell Me a Story

Does anyone have any suggestions for an audiobook to listen to on a hike? Most times when I hike, I listen to the sounds of nature. It’s usually at night when I’ll listen to a story. I’ve already gone through three of my books, and to be honest, I only really remember one of them: GRANDMA GATEWOOD’S WALK by Ben Montgomery. She truly inspires.

Family Moments

When I make phone calls home I listen to my kiddos on the other end many miles away. They’re always laughing and having a very good time. It makes me miss them. But to hear my dad speak of how proud he is of me is such an awesome moment. In the past, it was usually disappointment in his voice when we talked. I am always happy to share my videos and pictures with my family back in Texas. When I talk to them, I love to hear more about what they have done during their week rather than explain what I’ve been doing. I especially enjoy hearing what foods they’ve eaten!

I’m Famous

A quick side note. People have been talking about me. At the beginning of the trail, I left a few items for other hikers that I just couldn’t carry and didn’t really need anyway, I guess it was trail magic. I met these people in the laundry room at the NOC General Store. It was a bit embarrassing, but I was glad to have been of assistance.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope to see you guys out there!

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  • "Chappy Jack" Layfield : Jun 16th

    I, too, was frustrated with going the wrong direction when turning back to the trail. A hiker have me a little hint…If you turn left to go off trail (fire tower, blue blaze, to poop) turn left as you reenter the trail. Of course, turn right to re-enter after turning right to go off trail.
    Enjoying your post!
    Chappy Jack
    AT 2019

    • Britt : Jun 30th

      Thank you for the advice!

  • Amy : Jun 16th

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only one still doing the old school iodine method!

    • Britt : Jun 30th

      It really isn’t that bad ?

  • Sharon C. : Jun 17th

    You are living my dream. Good audio books “Just Passin’ Thur” by Winton Porter, and AWOL On The Application Trail” by David Miller. Have a ball out there.

    • Brit : Jun 30th

      I read most of those before I started hiking I loved them!


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