The Universe Has Spoken… More Like Screamed

The Universe Has Spoken…

I believe the universe provides. The question is “What exactly will the universe provide?”. There are times when you just know you’re in a great groove; everything moves forward and relatively as anticipated, if not better. And then, there are other times when you just shake your head in disbelief. This post follows more in the latter vein. You know, if someone presaged this, I wouldn’t have believed it. I mean who can make this sh^t up? When I last posted, I was merrily en route to Vermont to re-start my trek. The “plan” was for me to hike solo for a spell and have Tink catch up to me on the trail. It all felt “right”. The universe seemed to concur. I’m not sure whether to bother with details or just cut to the chase …



… and the fat lady sings

So the weather in Vermont sucked, and the Ver-mud nickname seemed to fit the conditions: no views since I was either in the clouds or experiencing rain. Surfaces were slick but I loved the terrain. It was either rocks or roots but, unlike Maine, rarely the combination of both and most of the trail was easy, great underfoot and charming. As much as any trail is charming in the rain. And then it happened … going vertical downhill, it wasn’t a challenging or technical rock scramble section, but it was slick when traction failed. I went down hard catching myself instinctively and then I heard the crunch. Yeah, that stomach churning sound where you just know the fat lady is singing … and not just a Humpty Dumpty nursery tune but a full Aria!!! Amidst the stars piercing in my vision, I imagined the soprano in full viking regalia braving gale force winds and lightning strikes with braids flying under her horned headgear, breasts likewise in pointed harness belting out a signature anguished mortal finale … Ver-mud became my “Ve-r-Dun” …

Enter Sir Brian A.K.A. Briface …

Following the sickening crunch, and by the shape of my lower arm, and after a slew of expletives, I launched into triage mode. Off came the pack and out came my first aid stuff. Taking 3 twigs, forcing my broken bone from its new soup spoon shape into a straight-ish line, I lashed them with KT Tape segments – who knew they would serve this noble purpose. As I was completing this effort, two hikers came upon the scene. Yep, Ribs interrupted another hike. After a few minutes of wrapping up the arm, Briface offered to get me to a hospital. Christine and Brian A.K.A. Briface mentioned they had just started their hike and their car was parked merely a half mile away. Christine hiked on, and Brian hoisted my pack along with his and we made tracks for his car and the local hospital.

That’s All Folks …

… isn’t just for Looney Toons … As I type this, left handed with right arm in a cast in a lovely shade of blue, I still can’t believe it. No really. I’ve been around long enough to know and deeply respect and listen when the universe speaks. One could point out, it spoke once before ahem but I truly didn’t recognize the blisters and previous fall as a warning of substance. I was ready, prepared, fit, healthy and really excited about rejoining my daughter on the trail. We were going to celebrate my birthday together and share 1600+ miles of adventure! Alas … my SOBO AT adventure is no more and Tink is fully, totally solo. She’s a few days from finishing Vermont, her third state. In fact she was just pampered by her first scheduled trail angel, Sara, in Manchester. Thank you Sara and Ted for all your TLC! Please join me in wishing her and all the AT Hikers good fortune, GREATLY improved weather conditions, good health and may all their sure footed experiences be all they could have dreamed or wanted while on this epic adventure. Please follow her progress on Instagram: @HikingForNonprofits.

Thank you Goateye & Briface


You are officially my heroes. The universe provided you both at important times for which I am grateful. I never needed help in earlier hiking experiences, and I hope to never need assistance again. Amen to that! That said, y’all are probably praying I stay off trails permanently or at least until this streak runs its course … or should I say hikes its course. Maybe I’ll go take a hike out West where they don’t know me “yet” … I’ll never tell … my lips are sealed and I’ll bring bubble wrap … keep on trekking and may all your adventures be happy ones!

Thank you Zach and Maggie for this incredible opportunity to blog. I profoundly wish I had more time on the trail!

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