Yo yo yiggity yo! Most of the time I go by Kira, but on trail and in the woods I’m known as Foxfeet. A Pennsylvania native with a desire to explore and uproot, 2015 saw me attempting a NOBO thru-hike of the AT, which did not go quite as planned. That thru-hike turned flip-flop turned long-ass section hike was my first experience with solo camping and backpacking, and though I left the trail, it never left me. Since moving to Maine in the fall of 2015, I’ve remained close to the AT, living and working in the trail towns of Rangeley and Stratton, as well as in Carrabassett Valley at Sugarloaf (ski mountain and resort). Having found an avid backpacker, gear junkie, and lover of the outdoors in my boyfriend, Garrett, we’ve decided that 2019 is the year for us to attempt a thru-hike together. As we also share an obsessive love of mac n’ cheese, I’m sure we’ll be fine. Follow us on our non-traditional SOBO-NOBO flip-flop of the AT, coming to readers like you mid-April 2019!


Becoming Dirty Hiker Trash 2.0

Becoming Dirty Hiker Trash 2.0

Who's getting back in the long-distance hiking saddle after four years of dreaming, planning, working, and saving?  This girl! Let's Throwback to

Feb 28, 2019 : Kira