Backpacker Radio #214 | Tisha McCombs, Executive Director at the Colorado Trail Foundation

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek we are joined by new Executive Director at the Colorado Trail Foundation, Tisha McCombs. Tisha gives us a rundown on her journey to becoming the head at the CTF, what her vision is for the Colorado Trail moving forward, all that goes into maintaining the CT and where help is most needed, and much more. We also chat a bit about the role mountain biking plays into sustaining many trails throughout Colorado, what her top advice is to aspiring adventurers – coming from the perspective of an adventure and life coach, and a fuck marry kill of the sections of the Colorado Trail.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of ways to insult thru-hikers, a review of the updated version of the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite from a former guest of the show, and a new segment, plug me.  

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Interview with Tisha McCombs

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:02 – Reminders: Find us on YouTube and Patreon 

00:06:03 – Introducing Tisha McCombs 

00:06:24 – Does Tisha give us Mims vibes? 

00:07:22 – Packing resupply boxes 

00:13:16 – Walk us through your previous work prior to your new role with the CT

00:15:45 – Check out the CTF store

00:16:45 – Should we treat this as trading cards? 

00:17:37 – Between CA and CO, what are some National Park recommendations you’d give? 

00:19:20 – Tell us about your other non-profit experience 

00:20:04 – Were you responsible for the Palisade Plunge? 

00:20:50 – Were you primarily managing people at COPMOBA? 

00:21:37 – What are some of the challenges with volunteer work? 

00:23:36 – Have there been any oopsies with volunteers? 

00:25:08 – Are the trails for hikers as well, or only mountain bikers? 

00:25:46 – Is there any tension between mountain bikers and hikers? 

00:29:24 – Do mountain bikers think e-bikers are lazy? 

00:29:46 – How much do e-bikes and dirt bikes impact trails compared to mountain biking? 

00:33:36 – What are the rebates that CO is giving on e-bikes? 

00:36:30 – If you could only bike or hike the rest of your life, what would you pick? 

00:37:15 – How does the spine injury impact wearing a backpack? 

00:38:35 – Do you have a favorite pack that helps? 

00:39:41 – The CT is a multi-purpose trail. How do you make decisions that benefit all uses? 

00:43:34 – Do you get funds from dirt bike tags? 

00:45:19 – How does trail maintenance differ between mountain biking and hiking? 

00:46:33 – What would you like to do differently as the new Executive Director of the CTF? 

00:51:53 – What type of money does it take to maintain trails? 

00:59:15 – Why do you think there is so much interest in making the CT the best maintained trail in the US? 

01:02:18 – How do you increase volunteer interest? 

01:06:26 – Did you go through similar feelings with your son? 

01:08:09 – Did you ever get resistance from your son when trying to bring him to your activities? 

01:11:17 – What are some specific needs of the CTF?

01:15:17 – What’s one of the best trail crew meals you’ve had? 

01:16:22 – If options were endless, what would you do for the CT?

01:17:40 – What logistics would go into removing road walks? 

01:18:55 – What are your two other wishes for the CTF? 

01:21:59 – Are there any transportation recommendations? 

01:22:58 – What about park & ride options? 

01:24:01 – Are there apps for private parking spaces? 

01:26:16 – What are top business ideas for someone who wants to offer value to the trail? 

01:29:18 – Is there anywhere along the trail to do mail drops? 

01:31:39 – Is there a shuttle into Lake City? 

01:33:59 – Tell us about your work as a life coach 

01:37:33 – Is there one element that merges adventure, career, and trauma? 

01:40:23 – Are there any go-to fly fishing spots along the CT? 

01:41:51 – Is it catch-and-release along the trail? 

01:42:20 – FMK for Colorado Trail Segments 

01:45:15 – Thank you, Tisha! 

01:45:43 – Visit



QOTD: How old are you in your mind? 

Trek Propaganda: Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite NXT Sleeping Pad Review

Thing of the Week

QOTD 2: What’s the most unethical thing you’d do to save money? 

Triple Crown of ways to insult thru-hikers 

Mail Bag/Plug Me: The Unseen by Mike Clelland

5 Star Review 

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