Backpacker Radio #223 | Snakes 101: Bites, Myths, and Antivenom with Dr. Nick Brandehoff and Dr. Bryan Wilson

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Dr. Nick Brandehoff and Dr. Bryan Wilson of The Asclepius Snakebite Foundation to of course talk all things snakes. We cover everything you could want to know about dealing with snakes and snake bites including what to do if bitten by a snake in the backcountry in a variety of circumstances, what to do if your kid or dog is bitten by a snake, common myths about snakes and snake bites, a fornicate marry kill of snake species, what resources people ought to be aware of in dealing with snake safety, and much more.

We wrap the show with the best excuses to get out of work, a triple crown of items over $1,000 that aren’t living, and are small enough to be manually lifted, a new segment, trigger warning, a horseback DUI, and more!

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Interview with Dr. Nick Brandehoff and Dr. Bryan Wilson

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:30 – Reminders: Check out our new merch, submit your poop story for a chance to win a BPR RTIC mug, and apply to be a blogger!

00:08:40 – Introducing Dr. Brandehoff and Dr. Wilson

00:10:00 – Tell us about your backgrounds and how you came to your current roles

00:13:27 – Why does Denver have a high concentration of toxicologists?

00:15:10 – How many snakes do each of you own?

00:15:55 – When you think of snake people, what is the stereotypical snake person?

00:17:15 – Have either of you been bitten by venomous snakes?

00:18:07 – What makes a snake venomous but not dangerous?

00:27:35 – If you get bit by a snake while out hiking, how do you get it to let go of you?

00:29:15 – How far do snakes lunge?

00:31:50 – Have snakes evolved not to rattle?

00:32:12 – If you get bit while hiking, what should you do?

00:35:00 – Discussion about the myth of using electricity to denature venom

00:36:55 – First aid tips

00:38:43 – Is it okay to move to get to medical care?

00:40:20 – Does it make more sense to hike or run?

00:41:48 – Is it a bad idea to try to slow the circulation or elevate the area?

00:42:54 – How does your knowledge impact your outdoor experience?

00:47:11 – Myth busting: are baby rattlesnakes more venomous than adults?

00:50:27 – What kind of venomous snakes are most prevalent in the United States?

00:52:00 – Can you rank the 4 snakes according to how bad it is to get bitten by them?

00:54:05 – Which of the 4 snakes would you most want to get bitten by?

00:57:05 – After you’re bit, how long do you have before a snakebite becomes lethal?

00:59:40 – Tell us about the Appalachian snake people

01:02:00 – Discussion about the long term impacts of snake bites

01:04:40 – Is antivenom the same for all snakes?

01:07:02 – How is antivenom made?

01:09:07 – Why do the antibodies have to be taken from other animals?

01:11:45 – Are you optimistic about the technology of antivenom evolving?

01:12:08 – Is it true that not all hospitals have antivenom?

01:13:50 – Discussion about poison centers (800-222-1222)

01:16:20 – What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen with the poison center?

01:20:57 – What should you do if a child or dog gets bit by a snake?

01:24:56 – Do you have any snake jokes?

01:25:30 – Fuck Marry Kill: water moccasins, rattlesnakes, copperheads

01:26:45 – If you could see any snake in the wild, what would you pick?

01:28:25 – What snake would come out the victor in a bracket?

01:29:55 – What are some rapid fire snake facts?

01:32:30 – Have you ever done any snake pranks?

01:33:35 – Why are people so afraid of snakes?

01:35:00 – Where can people learn more about you and your organization?


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QOTD:  What’s your go-to excuse for getting out of work?

Triple Crown of non-living, liftable items you’d want over $1,000

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