Bailey “PseudoSloth” Bremner on the Columbine Route, Creating Her Own Routes, and Backpacking with Dogs (#239)

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Bailey “PseudoSloth” Bremner. In addition to hikes of the CDT, Great Divide Trail, Pinhoti, and Benton Mackaye, we do a deep dive on a pair of custom routes that Bailey mapped out herself. The Columbine Route, which crosses the full length of Colorado, and another custom route extending all the way from Canada to Mexico, both of which she completed with her two dogs by her side. We learn all about the specifics of these routes, the tools and strategies she used to design them, the various geographical high and lowlights, her favorite stories from these hikes, and how she manages this unconventional style of trekking alongside her pair of pups.

We wrap the show with a follow-up on the technical glitches iPhone users experienced with FarOut’s app this year, the number of owls we’d have to see in a day before we knew something was wrong, and the triple crown of words we will never be able to spell correctly.

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Interview with Bailey “PseudoSloth” Bremner

Time stamps & Questions

00:03:50 – Reminders: Apply to be a BPR intern or a Trek blogger!

00:06:40 – Introducing Bailey

00:09:20 – What’s your background?

00:10:42 – Tell us about your dogs!

00:12:11 – How important is cleaning their teeth?

00:13:07 – How do you accommodate your hiking for your smaller dog?

00:15:05 – What does your daily mileage look like?

00:17:40 – What do you do for their feet during your hikes?

00:19:14 – What changes did you make to your dogs’ gear and food?

00:23:05 – How much weight are you typically carrying?

00:25:43 – What type of treats and toys do you bring for the dogs?

00:28:00 – Tell us your trail resume

00:29:22 – How did you decide to hike the Great Divide Trail after the Colorado Trail?

00:31:27 – Can you give us a brief overview of the Great Divide Trail?

00:33:18 – Did you have any points where you felt in over your head?

00:36:15 – What do you like about less conventional hikes?

00:39:04 – What advice does an orienteering class include?

00:41:52 – Discussion about creating routes using Gaia

00:42:52 – Tell us about hiking your custom 750-mile loop

00:48:15 – How did you come up with the Columbine Route’s name?

00:49:08 – What takeaways from your first custom route did you bring to the Columbine Route?

00:50:20 – How do your dogs handle blowdowns?

00:51:16 – Give us an overview of the Columbine Route

00:57:30 – How much of the trail is trail, roads, or bushwacking?

01:00:41 – Have you thought about tweaking the route at all?

01:02:24 – Do the dogs get any special town treats?

01:03:08 – Any parting thoughts about the Columbine Route and general route finding?

01:05:00 – What section of the Columbine Route would you want to relive?

01:08:12 – Discussion about pace and timing

01:11:54 – Tell us about the inspiration and planning for your custom Mexico to Canada route

01:17:22 – What percent of the route was on road?

01:19:25 – Do you have any scary road stories?

01:20:35 – Did you do the Arizona Trail besides the Grand Canyon section?

01:23:39 – Do you have any good wildlife or spooky stories?

01:27:35 – Tell us the bat story!

01:33:04 – Any other standout stories?


Trek Propaganda

QOTD: How many owls would you have to see in a singular day before you knew something was wrong?

Triple Crown of words you will never be able to spell correctly

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