I Quit!!!

Pre-Trail Update

Resigning on Top

April 4th, 2023 (Tuesday) – This morning was the day I am resigning from the rat race. As a former Store Manager of a popular outdoor retail brand of 17 years and newly appointed District Service Advocate for 2023, I am done. The feeling of working a dead-end job has never been this clear to me since I decided to attempt the PCT. The daily meltdowns over how clean a counter is or why this light bulb is burnt out will change into just three simple things, water, food, and shelter. I sent the email to my supervisor to contact me and he responded immediately. When I told him that I was resigning to attempt the Pacific Crest Trail, he wasn’t upset as if I had been cheating on him behind his back with another brand, but actually happy that I was choosing a life goal to accomplish. I plugged a possible sponsorship opportunity but since I have not mentioned their name in this blog, you can see how that went. My supervisor asked me to try for a leave of absence instead of resigning so that way I could have my job when I returned. More importantly to me was keeping the health insurance benefits. So I decided to try for a leave of absence and sent in my information to corporate to see what happens.

Got into a Fight before the PCT


April 6th, 2023 (Thursday) – This weekend at Tribe Fitness & Martial Arts (Tribe Vegas) they are hosting exhibition fight matches in Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. I recently quit my coaching job there but was still attending the weekend exhibition matches to support the students, the gym, and my own son who was competing. I got a call from the owner and my good friend, Casey, who informed me that the heavyweight opponent backed out for our own seven foot tall, 260lb student who wanted a match. So, I was asked to step in and replace the opponent. F— it! I accepted the match even though I am leaving for the PCT in two weeks. I decided that I will still live in the present and do all the things I love to do before I leave on this journey. I know this may be a stupid thing to do since I could get injured, but I rather live life in the fast lane so let’s f—ng go.


April 7th, 2023 (Friday) – My leave of absence was denied at work so I will be officially resigning from my position with no formal plan of a j-o-b when I return. I was happy that my supervisor appreciated me that much to try and find a way to keep me with the company but apparently I cannot take a personal leave of absence to go hiking for five months. *insert tear emoji* As these days have gone on, the plan has started to reveal itself. The idea of having the insurance and benefits of being employed was no longer an option. You know what? I was fine with that. Just knowing that I am moving towards my goal of hiking the PCT, and how I was going to do it, was taking shape after exhausting different options. This has not stopped my desire to do the trail but without a LOA, I am at the point of no return. I will look like a fool if I do not start this trail after resigning from a job of over 17 years, so I am all in at this point. Again, lets f—ng go.

Fight Party

April 8th, 2023 (Saturday) – It is fight day and from the picture you can guess who my seven foot tall opponent is. The man towering over everyone would be the correct answer. If you read my bio, I am 6’2″ tall and weigh slightly over 200lbs in this picture. The exhibition matches had no winners or losers just a safe environment to test your skills for free. When I was called to get on the mats, I was very excited as I haven’t felt this alive since I actually competed with a crowd. The crowd does make a difference with all eyes watching your every move. I wasn’t so much worried about how the match would go versus trying not to get injured but hey, it is a fight. We exchanged punches and kicks for the duration of the two rounds and you can view it on my Instagram if you really want to. It was a very fun day participating in an exhibition match myself to coaching my own son in his who is standing directly next to me in the picture. That night, my Tribe Vegas gym family hosted a UFC fight party to bring everyone together. We were drinking, smoking, barbequing, and enjoying the UFC fights for the middleweight title rematch. It was going to be my last get together with my gym family before leaving for the PCT. I love all of you and keep training because when I get back, I will have some serious legs to kick your a– with!


Roller Skating = Dancing

April 9th, 2023 (Sunday) – As if yesterday wasn’t enough, tonight was my resignation work party with my team. Since some of them like roller skating, and might have recently bought some new roller skates, we decided to go to Skate Rock City. We skated to the music, which they play the best roller-skating music in all of Las Vegas, while trying to do our best moves without falling on our a**. This was a sendoff to bigger and better things rather than being a pity party over my resignation. So, I roller skated all night while other, more advanced skaters were performing some amazing dance skills on skates. What a fun night!

I Can’t Help It!

With the PCT coming into the last week of preparations, you would think I would be hunched over a computer desk madly planning out the mileage each day and where to resupply. I am doing that to be honest and it is actually an excel spreadsheet that is color coded, but I can only plan so much and for so far. A good friend of mine who did this hike said to not plan anything because it will change. I decided that I will plan but not at the expense of all my family & friends. These people helped and supported me to make the pre-trail journey to start the PCT because there is a lot more to just getting a permit and leaving everything behind. I love these people and want to cherish this time spent before I don’t have that time anymore. The start of the PCT is approaching in one week. Time is ticking.

*Tick *Tock *Tick *Tock

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