The Storm before The Storm

Pre-Trail Update

Am I Sick!?

April 17th, 2023 (Monday) – Three Days until the start of the PCTI woke up around 7:15 a.m. with the bed and blankets very damp. I had been sweating during the night in my sleep. I noticed my throat was a little sore, so now I am very concerned if I am coming down with something. Is it possible that I may be sick at the start of the PCT? It could be the lack of sleep I have had. I think I’ve had four hours of sleep consistently for the last three days. I set up a Virtual Teladoc appointment to use my benefits before they expire on my last day of work. Now is the time to check all the boxes off before starting this journey. 

A New Tattoo!?

April 18th, 2023 (Tuesday) – Two Days until the start of the PCTI woke up at 6:00 a.m. with the blankets moist from me sweating throughout the night. I was cold when I went to bed but must have been running a temperature. The bed was nearly soaked. My virtual appointment was at 6:20 a.m. with a Nurse Practitioner. I had a sore throat, so the NP asked me to show her my throat while shining a light into my mouth. She asked me to move the light around until she could see what she needed to see. She informed me that my throat looked fine and I had a viral infection, or a cold, and it would need to run its course. That was it. I have to let this take its course and today is my tattoo appointment. I wonder if the tattoo is going to make it worse, but either way, it was happening.

I was late to my tattoo appointment. I made it to the shop at 4:15 p.m. and there were people screaming at the liquor store in the same shopping center. I met Kevin (@DaKine702Tattoo) who I know from Tribe Vegas and is my tattoo artist in Las Vegas. This tattoo was going to be a cover up that I have wanted for a long time. I showed him the Ouroboros design to cover up the letters on my right forearm. I have had this tattoo since I was 17 and it is time, just like everything else, to shed this part of my old life. I chose the Nordic style Ouroboros tattoo that would wrap around my arm as an armband. He started the tattoo and there was not much pain, unlike the chest tattoo he had done on me before. This tattoo means the concept of eternity and endless return. It is time to shed off some old layers of myself and I was very happy I did this before starting the PCT.

Last Day of Work

April 19th, 2023 (Wednesday) – One Day until the start of the PCT I only had about four hours of sleep until I woke up around 7:00 a.m. It is my last day at work and in Las Vegas. I talked to my supervisor one last time and told him the real story of how I got hired. I was a felon at the time and could not get a good job. I was recruited for management but was denied due to my background. At the time, there was a background check officer and he had a typo on the paperwork that they sent me stating they declined my application. The background check officer called me directly to rectify the issue but I pleaded my case to him. After submitting some paperwork about my probation and the charge being reduced to a misdemeanor, they hired me. When this company gave me the opportunity, I said I would give them my all, and I did that. I liked who I worked with. My supervisors were very good with corporate presence, yet still slightly gangster on the inside. I liked that about them and placed my loyalty with these people over the company because people work for people. Now, it is time to go. This place serves no purpose anymore and after having a personal record performing year, the company was having its worst year as a whole. I am leaving behind a great year to achieve a personal accomplishment and my supervisor was not mad at that. I am very happy that I resigned as one of the top performers for last year and will take that with me on the PCT.

Now it was time to drive from Las Vegas to Campo, CA. I was being driven in my SUV so I could get some sleep on the way. Everything was packed up and loaded into the vehicle. As we drove to California, I drifted away to slumber-land. I woke up in a daze and started to panic about my hiking shoes. I crawled in the back seat and they weren’t there. I checked frantically as hiking shoes are one of the most essential items needed to hike the PCT. I had the vehicle turn around to head back home. After exiting the highway and making my way back to Las Vegas, I realized I was wearing them. What a bone head moment. I could tell I was stressing out about the start of the PCT but managed to exit again and make the U-turn back towards Campo.


Eventually we got food at a Carl’s Jr and arrived at the Back Country Inn Motel. It was right off the freeway in a remote area that had serial killer vibes. I jumped out the SUV and heard a lady from the second floor asking if I was checking in. Yes I was. I went to the front office and they had a room ready for me. I bought some cold meds for $3 and went to room 104. In the room, I started to condense my pack but it still comes out to 75lbs, WTF! I decided that will be my starting weight and will have to figure it out as I go. It is a seven day supply of food, so it will be the heaviest pack I will have. Once I was done with my pack, I took some nighttime cold meds then went to sleep. I am starting the PCT tomorrow and will need to get up around 6:00 a.m. This is it.

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