PCT Update #3

Days: 21-37

Miles: 266.1-566.5

Current Location: Tehachapi, CA

Hi all!
For this post, I’m really not feeling doing a blow-by-blow of the days since I last wrote, so just a few update-y highlights below:

  • We’ve hiked another 300 miles since Big Bear and are now in Tehachapi, CA
  • Pretty consistently doing 20-mile+ days now
  • Was very excited to pick up a new pair of shoes here in town for the next stretch! I put 566 miles on my first pair and that was about 150 miles too many for them (and me)
  • Oh, crossed the 500-mile marker
  • Almost through the first section of the trail (The Desert – the first 700/750 miles) and I can’t say I’m sad about it. I miss trees! Next up: The Sierra (or at least the small amount of it I’m willing to tackle at this time with the snow conditions this year (more on that later).
  • Passed through Wrightwood and Hikertown, the best and most eclectic “town” stops so far, respectively
  • Still hiking with my friends from days 1/2!

What has been on my mind is reflecting on my first month+ on-trail and how it compares to my experience on the AT. I thought I’d share what’s in and what’s out (or what’s hot and what’s not) on my PCT hike:


In (on the PCT):

  • bread and cheese
  • peanut butter in ramen
  • Liquid I.V.
  • Noka fruit smoothies for breakfast
  • snack mix made of original Chex Mix, Dot’s honey mustard pretzels and honey-roasted peanuts (or cashews)
  • packing out avocado, spinach
  • salty snacks
  • staying veggie/pescatarian on trail
  • cooking lunch (sometimes)
  • paying attention to eating enough

Out (from the AT):

  • tortillas
  • instant potatoes in ramen
  • MiO
  • Bevita or bars for breakfast
  • Uncrustables (reserving the right to put these back IN at any time because they’re delicious!)
  • trail mix (to be fair I hated trail mix very early into the AT too)
  • packing out Cuties, bananas
  • bars, bars, bars
  • eating meat on trail for the convenience
  • not really counting calorie intake


  • carrying a mac’n’cheese for hard days
  • gummy candy > chocolate
  • Little Debbies
  • Welch’s fruit snacks
  • prepping tomorrow’s snacks the night before

Clothes / Gear / Misc.


  • wool everything
  • ultralight tent
  • staying at AirBnbs
  • no extra clothing
  • sunscreen and floss
  • yoga, stretching, rolling out my feet
  • Rab
  • using a Kula Kloth
  • InReach


  • synthetics
  • ultralight quilt
  • staying at hostels
  • all the layers
  • thinking I don’t need sunscreen and floss
  • hiker hobble
  • Patagonia (reserving the right to put my Nano Puff back IN at any time)
  • using a non-antimicrobial bandana, and then nothing
  • no PLB


  • homemade pot koozie
  • using Guthook/FarOut
  • full-body wet wipe showers every night
  • 4x pairs of underwear
  • Darn Tough / Brooks combo
  • Ursack and Katadyn



  • (slightly) more chill
  • big tramily
  • less desperation for town, shower, clean clothes, etc.
  • more confidence to do my own thing
  • pigtail braids
  • limited phone/FarOut time; airplane mode all day
  • listening to nothing (this is weird to me but I’m going with my lack of desire for now)
  • hot girl sh*t w/ Cassie
  • solo town mornings to myself
  • putting my gear down in poison oak
  • visiting Urgent Care for Rx steroids after above


  • (slightly) less chill
  • smaller tramily, hiking solo
  • more concerned with town, shower, etc.
  • less HYOH
  • side braid
  • being on my phone
  • seeking distraction
  • FOMO for home things
  • putting my gear down in poison ivy
  • visiting Urgent Care for Rx prophylactic doxycycline after a tick bite


  • having a planning spreadsheet and being overly organized
  • peeing 10,000x/day
  • up and hiking early
  • ridiculous tan lines
  • blogging and pics

-snap (oh they call me Martha Stewart now too)


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  • Jeff Greene : Jun 11th

    Great stuff! Love the pics!

  • Dane V Olson : Jun 11th

    Poison oak is the worst!!

  • Richard Russell : Jun 26th

    This is a great blog. Interesting writing and great photos. I hope you keep it going, blogging is a dying art form. In/Out format is In!


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