Under the pink moon: My first week on the PCT


So this is my first mobile. Giving it to you fast and dirty.

I flew in to San Diego on April 11th and got into a white van that promised me happiness and adventure. Bob was driving he’s a San Diego Trail host and he’s been doing it for several years.I spent the night at his place along with Simon a man from Switzerland and Caleb from Alaska that night we went out to Lolita’s a Mexican fast food joint.  Bob said it was going to be the best Mexican food I had ever eaten. I told him he needs to try my mom’s cooking.

The food was great,they had homemade tortillas, but honestly I was to nervous to enjoy. Back at his place we packed or bags checked out weight and watched old pct videos befor bed.

Campo day 1 April 12 mile 020170412_062438

We arrived at Campo at 6:30 signed the logbook and started walking. Everything was so green, there was creek after creek. I was still carting 4 leters of water but I wasn’t drinking enough. The train started to chang it got more rockey, a little  steeper.

There was border patrol planes flying around and  they were also out on four wheelers. They paid no attetion to pct hikers, they were looking for border croseres. I had not thought about it till then, but we share the same trails as border-crossers,people who are coming to America for a better life. Yet I am out here walking for fun. My mom crossed over along with my brother and I many years ago. No gear, little  water, and two kids. The first few miles all thought about was how bad ass my mom is.

That day I hiked 11.4 miles. By the time I got to camp I felt like death. I was dehydrated, cranky and my feet hurt. Simon and Caleb hiked on but couldn’t. I ended up camping with Mark and Helan, a German couple. Shortly  after Phil  and Martin joined us. I wad not very social thst night . I managed to make dinner then I pasded out.

Day 2: Lake Morena mile 20

I hiked 8.6 miles on day two and hit 20 miles! I rewarded myself with a cheeseburger and fry’s. Phil, Martin  and I decided to camp at the lake. 5$ for the camp and 2$ for a shower and i was a happy girl. I made more frinds that night had a few beers and called it a night.


Day 3. mile 31.2

My ankle started to hurt on this day. I was feeling kinda down and it was verry hot! Thankfuly I met a man and he told me about a waterfall. This perked me up, I left my bag near the trail and hiked down the canyon for a quick dip

Day 4 Mt. Laguna mile 41.7

10 mile day today, I started to get down today. So on the down hill I  started pretending I was on my mountain bike. I half jogged half ran. Next thing i knew i was in a forest! This was my first resupply stop and wholy fuck it was expensive. Three bucks for idaho potatos. I baught hot chettos, tortillas,cheese, and a michelada total cost 30$.

 Day 5. Mile 46

Several of my friends chose to stay at Mt laguna for a zero, but my leg was feeling better so I chose to hike on. A few miles in i regreated that decision, my left angle was hurting so much! I think its the ackleys tendo. Every time I stepped down I would feel a sharp and painful pull starting on the inside of my ankle up half way up my calf. It did not feel nice.

I decided to walk to the nearest camp only 5 miles awsy. Unfortunately when I got there it was still hot, verry windy, and it was exposed. So I kept on walking. 2 miles after that I saw ricky and patrick, two very cool dudes that I already camped with, so I spent another night with them. Magaiver and Mugzy joined us later.

Day 6. mile 59

The trail is so simple. All i have to worry  about is eating sleeping and pooping. Im making friends along the way. I havent found some one that hikes at my pace and thats ok. I love hiking alone I’ll sing and dance and theres no one around to judge me for it.

Camp tonight is with magaiver, mugzy ,martin, calvin, and two other girls. Trish a german and the other girl was Canadian. I dont remember her name because she was kinda antisocial that night, but im sure she was a nice lady.

A few intresting things happened that night. First a saw the nastiest blister on Trishes foot. Second  Calvin puls out a whole onion,noodles, spam, peanut butter and wips up a padti. That boy was fancy! I was envious of his food but im not willing to cary the extra weight. Lastly, Mugzy  said he was going to make me his trail wife.

I laughed at him.

Day 6 mile 68.8


To day was ruff. It was steep, it was windy, it was a painful day. When I got to camp I cried a little.  Magavier gave me a hug and I had some  food and went to bed.

Day 7. Mile 77.3


I hustled today. Made it to scissors crossing by 11. Then got my first hitch. The couple that picked me up was supper sweet!  I was lucky to have a cuple with me as well. Its always better to hitch hike in a group!

Once in Julian i heard about Carmens garden. This is a place where you can go to get a free beer! She also lets hikeres do laundry and sleep on the patio. Her love for hikers is amazing! And i appreciate every thing she dose. Also her food is incredible! Gosh I love this woman. Ohh she also provided hot foot baths.


Things I’ve learned

Sometimes you have to force yourself to eat

Im not sure why but I dont get hungry when im hiking. Gone are the days where I could eat a pizza by my self, at least for now, because I have hiked 10 miles on just a granola bar. And yes I know thats not ok.

Stay hydrated

This should be simple but i actually have to think about how much water I need to drink and what I need to carry.

Take  care of your feet

Change your socks because feet sweat.


Guys I’ve  hiked 77 miles of the pct! How crazy is that. I cant belive this is my life right now, and i hope to share more with you later !





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  • Adriana : Apr 20th

    This sounds like an adventure straight out of a book! You are amazing and I’m glad you are making friends and learning new things along the way! Stay hydrated and keep eating! I love you

  • Leo Yermo Adan : Apr 20th

    Thank you for this blog . Can I subscribe. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures and advice.
    Ten Cuidado!

  • Barry Hudson : Apr 20th

    Great read! You got this! One step at a time! Enjoy your journey!

  • Ana : Apr 22nd

    I loved this,
    but when you get back am going to correct all your spelling errors. love you


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