The Year Of The Pancake

This is the title my friend gave to this year on the PCT and the class of 2023. Lots of flipping and readjusting plans regarding the weather conditions.

This is my favorite food if you couldn’t tell…

There are already SOBOS I have encountered, NOBOS continuing up, flipping, skipping, paranoia, fear, unrealistic optimism, leaving the trail for other trails, quitting the trail, and endless plans. This year is wild to say the least. There are many plans that are developing regarding the Sierras and the snow continuing on the trail this year.

Between the snow, high water crossings, long food carries, and other weather related concerns- it’s certainly not the year to be unprepared.

With that being said, there is only so much any of us can do to prepare. No one out here knows what the future holds for this year, and there is a beauty and excitement in that unknown. It is certainly a legendary year on the PCT.

Is this post just an excuse to post pretty pictures of pancakes I have eaten? Yes. Yes it is.

This was an incredible homemade pancake.

Things I Have Learned This Hike

I, along with many others I have spoken to, have had to drop my plans and expectations. It’s freeing and terrifying all at once. I am at the mercy of nature out here and no one can predict what is to come. It has been a wonderful opportunity to learn.

It is an extremely exiting time to be hiking the PCT- what a year 2023 will be in the history of the PCT! It is fun being an early season hiker attempting to get through this year and figure out the logistics of all of it.

Plans change and they change FAST. I have learned to be more flexible and open minded towards situations than I have ever been in my whole life.

We are truly all in this together this year. We are all gathering info and experience from each other CONSTANTLY. The teamwork I have seen out here has been absolutely incredible and I am proud of this class.

Glorious. Are you hungry yet?

My only encouragement for this class is to let go of those expectations.

Let go of others opinions. People will always have opinions; You have to do what is best for your skill level, plan, and your purpose.

Know your purpose in hiking the PCT this year. If it’s to finish it start to end- great! If not- also great! You need to do whatever you set out to do. If you don’t know what your purpose is yet, I encourage you to do some soul searching to figure out your purpose out here.

Don’t let the fear get the best of you. I am trying, it’s so difficult, but it’s worth it. Being out here is a blessing, and we are all so lucky to be here. Let’s get it done this year, safely and while having fun out here!!!

Made by a trail angel who hosted our tramily!!

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  • Charlene Whitfield-Elliott : May 1st

    Love reading your articles. The pancake one is great regarding expectations and judgement of others. Keep it up girl, you are crushing it.


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