15 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Adventurer

New Year, New Resolutions, New Mountain.

Now that we’ve rung in the New Year, it’s time to get to work on our New Years resolutions. There’s no time to waste, because it’s 2018! Things are going to be DIFFERENT this year! You have the power to make 2018 the best year it can possibly be.

Feeling like you don’t have any resolutions?

Are you thinking about doing something new, fresh and exciting? Thinking about going on a crazy hike? Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out. Let’s be honest, we have all fallen off the horse before.

But now, look no further, friend! Here’s some inspiration from my and my friend’s recent Appalachian Trail hike that is bound to inspire a fire of newness and hope inside you. Repeat after me:

“This year I resolve to…

  1. Never leave any leftovers.
    • There are children starving in Africa. 
    • Mount Washington Munchies
  2. Stay positive, and never be discouraged.
    • Because sometimes rivers overflow, and you slip and fall into their rage. And your boots are wet for the rest of the day. But it’s ok, because there’s a town with a burger joint 3 miles away.
    • Wayne Fords a River
  3. Really put myself out there.
    • You won’t get noticed by just sitting on the sidelines. 
    • Rocket Tries To Hitchhike
  4. Go on a diet.
    • …of massive proportions and little consequence.
    • Shutterbug and her Bottomless Pit of a Stomach
  5. Be a little more spiritual.
    • A strong support group changes everything.
  6. Cliiiiiimb eeeeevery mountain!
    • Foooord every stream! Even if it’s not on the traaaaiiilll! Because when you’re in the Whites you fiiiiind your dreaaaaam!
  7. Finally get a tattoo.
    • Extra points if they’re matching!
  8. Stay to watch the sun set.
    • Even if that means running down the mountain to camp in the dark.
  9. Always ride in style.
    • Now’s the time to update your whip, even if that means taking someone else’s.
  10. Wake up for the sunrise.
    • It’s cold, it’s early, you didn’t sleep well because someone was snoring all night, but the view is ALWAYS WORTH IT.
  11. Conquer my fear of heights.
    • It’s not THAT far of a fall…
  12. Be more inclusive.
    • There’s always room for one more.
  13. Go down Knife Edge in Baxter State Park.
    • Don’t you DARE skip it. 
  14. Learn to play an instrument.
    • And listen to the sound of all the panties as they drop and hit the ground.

But out of all the things you could do to better yourself, there’s one that is the most important.

15. Keep moving forward, and never give up.”

No matter what gale force winds may come at you, how much your knees hurt, how little money you have, the amount of rain that may be pouring from the heavens –

No matter what you may say to yourself to convince yourself to turn back,

Don’t. Don’t ever give up on this dream you’ve concocted. Finish what you started. You are never alone. And you are a goddamn force of nature, and nothing can stop you now.

Happy New Year, and as always,

Fly on. 

Lil Wayne

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  • Mark Stanavage : Jan 8th

    Here is a resolution I have kept for the last couple years and it has really helped. Go and hike at least once a month, every month. Doesn’t matter if it’s a day hike, a weekender, or a LASH. Just get out. What it does for the mind is wonderful.


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